What did the Easter bunny get you?

Hello, my pretties.

It’s been a while since I did a post, right? You’ll be pleased to know that I am officially starting my work experience tomorrow! I managed to get some at a publishing house in London called Random House. I’ll be working in the publicity area – so, I could be overseeing book signings, calling up journalists but also doing menial tasks like photocopying, etc. I’m actually quite excited to start but a little nervous because it’s been so long since I’ve been in a work environment. Fingers crossed, eh?

I am now on my Easter break! (Happy Belated Easter to y’all. Hope you got lots of Easter eggs and stuffed your face!) I won’t be going back to university until May 14th which is a long-arse break, indeed. I think I deserve it, though and besides I prefer London to Coventry ANY day.

I finally got an email back from Sky. The guy I was in contact with was off sick and they were doing updates to the department, etc., so there’s still a chance I could do work experience there! Also, two other websites called Skintnation.com and SecretTV.co.uk emailed me as well – still waiting to hear back but if I do then I can fully complete my work experience and not have to worry anymore. Woop!

Once I’ve completed my work experience, I still need to find a job. I’ve already started looking because I preferably want to start working in the summer because that’s when I finish second year but it’s so hard to find one and when you do apply you have to wait ages for a callback and sometimes you don’t even get that. Frustration. Wish me luck, though, guys!

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Anyways, I probably won’t be blogging much once I start my work experience but I’ll try and get a post up in a couple of days to tell you how I’m doing! You can follow me on Twitter, to get 24/7 meaningless tweets about my life.

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  1. April 14, 2012 / 11:55 pm

    Congratulations on getting that work experience you wanted, Chynna! :)! This seems like some interesting task you’re taking on. You’ll do great and have fun along the way. Wow, your Easter break is pretty long compared to our one week break. A month is a pretty long time, but it’s much deserved.

    You have a long way to go with the things you gotta do to set yourself up for the real world. You can do it, I believe in you ;D! Just don’t overstress yourself, because breaking points really suck.

    GradNite is when upcoming highschool graduates have fun at a themepark from 6Pm~6am. It’s an all nighter basically. Knowing how I can’t trust PC’s, I’m getting myself a macbook pro :X.

    I haven’t gotten any replies from any universities yet :/…

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