West Lake? More like West Ocean..

I’m sitting here staring a breakfast voucher we received yesterday and really irate with the fact that we weren’t able to use it. Why? Because, breakfast was from 7 – 9AM and we woke up at 7, left at 8 and didn’t get back until around 10AM. Grr. To top it all off, we had our second lesson and we got completely and utterly lost looking for the damn classroom.

Basically, there are two buildings that our classes are held in: A and B. So, can someone explain to me why one building has the letter B on it but our class isn’t in that building but in A although on our schedule it says B505? We literally climbed up 15 flights of bloody stairs to look for the classroom. At least now, we’ll remember where the room is this time. To many stairs, though.

Lessons started on Tuesday, with the first being our very first Mandarin lesson. It was interesting to say the least. For me, Mandarin is quite a hard language to get a grasp of because of the tones that one has to use for each word, for example ‘ma’ means several things when said with different tones, so the fact that you could possibly mix up mother and horse is bit… bleurgh, to me.

It definitely feels more like a study trip rather than a holiday now, which I’m pleased about because otherwise I’d get too comfortable. I’d gladly stay in the hotel we are in now but apparently we’re getting moved into the student dorms, soon – we’ve been told there’s air-con and a washing machine which is alright but eh. Still a bit skeptical about moving into them though, because I’ve seen them from the outside and eh…

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It was The Mid-Autumn Festival, aka the Moon Festival recently which was pretty cool. One, because we didn’t have any classes on Monday, and two, we visited the West Lake over the weekend which was pretty damn amazing. It is NOT a lake, it’s a freaking ocean, I swear. We took a boat trip across it was really fun. It was kind of glum and rainy that day, so probably not a nice day to have visited but it was still pretty good. We spent literally 5 hours walking around, my feet nearly dropped off as soon as we arrived back at the hotel.

There’s was a recreation of the Song Dynasty near West Lake which was well good, and there were all sorts of little stores selling their wares. I got this really cute bracelet for about ¥1, roughly £1, which has a little charm with my name engraved on the back. I also went to a chopsticks shop, all the chopsticks looks so pretty. We went to eat at some restaurant, and I got beef with noodles and it’s not like a plate of it – it was some freaking HUGE bowl with soup and everything, and we had two types of dumplings: dabao, which a big buns filled with meat which we had as takeaway and xiaobao, which are mini versions of dabao and we ate those with the meal at the restaurant. Nom.

The food is seriously just amazing. Back home, if I ate one plate of food then I’d still probably be hungry afterward but over here because they literally load the plate with food, there’s no room to be hungry again afterward. I love the prawns here – noodles and rice are love, as well.

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In other news, Drunken To Love You (Taiwanese drama) is playing here in China – have no idea what they’re saying without subtitles, but I got well excited when it came onto the TV. I’ve been watching this Filipino drama called Maria La Del Barrio which has me hooked. New post, maybe Saturday/Sunday!

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  1. September 16, 2011 / 6:30 am

    Wow. It sucks that the location was written wrongly. Why didn’t the system give the correct address and make you all climb so many stairs? Do you have lifts in your school?

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