I’ve come to the realisation of a few things these past few days,

  • How much I actually love Doctor Who. Yes, I love it but I’ve never realised how much I actually LOVE Doctor Who. That and David Tennant. That man can make me turn to jelly. Cor.
  • I’m actually starting to like Taylor Swift. I’ve always thought she was a good singer. But, I don’t know… I’m warming to her. She did donate £13,000 to Children In Need last night.
  • Snow Patrol has probably knocked off the Jonas Brothers in number one spot for my favourite band. Their music is just so inspiring. I’ve realised that I can write heaps with them playing the background. They are so thought provoking!
  • Cheryl Cole’s song, Fight for this Love, is very addictive. Especially if you’ve watched the video. That video just makes me want to dance despite me knowing that I can’t.
  • How very, very, very lazy I am. It’s despicable. It’s not even a funny matter anymore.

    Firstly, Doctor Who. That show has changed my life. No, seriously. Before I had even heard of Doctor Who I used to think science fiction was geeky. Of course when you’re younger you think you’re the bees knees (when really you’re not) and you think you know everything (actually, I still do – like the whole I’m right even though I’m wrong thing), and so of course I dismissed stuff I thought was uncool. Like science fiction and music that wasn’t R’N’B.

    Then one day my dad was getting very excited. And my dad doesn’t usually get all hyped up about things. He was all, “The show I used to watch when I was little is coming back!” and “It’s going to be so good! I heard the special effects are amazing!” He was like a little boy who had just woken up on Christmas morning. He is quite embarrassing. My dad is a persistent man. Honestly, once he bugs you he won’t stop. So, my dad made me sit down and watch Doctor Who with him. And when it finished I thought, “… WOW!”

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    No exaggeration. No nothing. And ironically, I’m the one getting all excited about Doctor Who nowadays and not my dad. I’m the one making him watch it now. He probably misses the old Doctor Who where it was all cardboard sets and the only special effects they could get were fireworks.

    I don’t just love Doctor Who because of David. Oh, no, no, no. Oh sure, he is one mighty fine specimen but I loved Doctor Who from when Christopher Eccleston was in it. Him and his big ears… HA. From the very first episode in 2005 with the Autons. Those dummies were rather scary. A bin eating Mickey. Turning him into rubber. Aaah, those were the days. David is an amazing actor though. AMAZING. Last Sunday’s Doctor Who special was INTENSE. The first 40 minutes were good, you know the usual Doctor Who but then POW, the last 20 minutes it was just crazy, dark, dangerous, and intense, not like Doctor Who at all…. and I LOVED it. I should stop myself now before I get carried away. Because honestly, once I start talking, all else flies out of the window and I want to talk about other stuff in this blog other than Doctor Who. I must admit, my inner child was VERY satisfied on Thursday though when I bought the Doctor Who Adventures magazine were I got 5 free gifts. Yes, FIVE! A very large poster of David is currently on my wall next to the relatively large one I have of him from HMV. Ahem…

    Okay, I’ll stop. Otherwise this blog will overrun. And I know some people have short attention spans. That kind of makes me sad because I want my readers to read every single word. Maybe I’m just greedy. Ha.

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    This laziness of mine is depressing. I’ve realised that I need to step up my game. MY PERSONAL STATEMENT ISN’T EVEN FINISHED. This is why I’ve drilled it into my head that after I finish this blog I have to finish it – get my friends to go over it, attach it to the application form and send it off. Then just wait for my reference to be completed by my tutor. It is nearly the end of November and I have done JACK SHIT. One of these days I will actually break down.

    I mean, I do work. But I don’t do work. Sure, I go home. I go over the notes I’ve written in class, I type up some stuff on my laptop. After that, I have no motivation. Like, I have the notes but I don’t want to do the essays. Or anything for that matter. For example, English. English is slightly awkward ever since I told that stupid dick my mind but I’ve noticed things now that I don’t actually talk to him or whatever. Like, he has no lesson plan when we get to class. He just expects us to get on with it. How are we supposed to get on with it, when we don’t know what it is? And then he doesn’t even teach us, he sits in the corner always on the damn computer doing God knows what. Yeah, it’s not all up to the teacher and that the student has to do things to but you kind of get why I don’t have any motivation. I don’t even know that fudge I’m doing in English anymore. I don’t even know why I go to the lessons when I know it’s the same every single time. BAH.

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    I don’t even want to talk about school anymore because it’s actually depressing. It’s an actually hell hole. I hate school. I don’t mean it as a sort of offhand comment you make when talking to your friends about school, no. I truly and genuinely hate school.

    I want Mutay back.

    Chynna x



    1. November 22, 2009 / 4:35 am

      I don’t really like Taylor Swift..but I don’t hate her. I just don’t feel her, and her music. Her songs can be addicting, but I never really liked them. Ehh.

      I don’t know who or what Doctor Who is but I know how it feels to be really, really hooked with a show..or a music group.. or a book.. Whatever. I know it feels that you can’t stop raving about something. 😀

    2. November 23, 2009 / 2:49 am

      Taylor Swift <3 but even better TAYLOR LAUTNER. Screw the gossip about them going out 😀

      I have a short attention-span I'm sorry to say. I read about half way and then started to skim because I .. yeah short attention span. I was writing a blog today and couldn't keep my ideas straight. 😛

      Doctor Who ^^ That's funny how it was your DAD who led you to it. 😀

      Yay, I mentioned you! … I forget where though. One downside to having so many blogs in one month :/

      Kuya is a dork 😀 that's how. xD

      PSHHH, no one would want to go with you?? Yeah right. And you.. you shy? You don't seem like it. That's a COMPLIMENT by the way 😀

      That's why I'd ask my friends who are guys. I wouldn't ask some random guy. Although there is one guy I would.. but he probably doesn't even know my name. HAHAAH, and no one knows of the small teeny tiny crush I have on him 😀

      Ooo, how did you make that musical note? ♫ Is there a key for that? 😀

      We age.. I don't like aging.

      We'll see about snails. Sometimes they cut them up and you don't know they're snails until AFTER you eat them. XP

      Robert Pattinson is a freak of nature. HAHA, the part where he comes out about to reveal himself… Addy (my friend) is like.. WHY DIDNT THEY PHOTOSHOP HIS NIPPLE? HAHAHAHAHAAHHAA. And I'm like.. you're right.. it's like lopsided. HAHAHAHAAHA. But you see.. with Taylor Lautner (Who is a total .. hottie) has.. a symmetrical body, perfectly toned in every way 😀

      Correction: Bestfriends ARE a lifeline.

    3. November 24, 2009 / 11:12 pm

      “stupid dick” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m sorry that school is going bad for you. 🙁
      Do you talk about Dr. Who contantly?
      Or do you just like to blog about him? 😀

    4. November 25, 2009 / 11:43 am

      aah fandom, i wish there was doctor who here. i don’t know him exactly, and i want to find out if it’s really that addicting, that you will write a foot-long post about him xD

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