This has been Chynna with the Olympic updates for Team GB.

Things I’ve learnt since my last blog post:

  • K-Town seems like a fun place
  • The Olympics are making me want to take up sport
  • Usain Bolt doesn’t even have to try to win first place
  • I am never too old to watch a kids film (I watched Spy Kids 4 and thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculousness of it)
  • Jamaicans rule da woooooorld

Today I discovered this reality TV show on YouTube called K-Town. It’s basically a Jersey Shore for Asians. In particular, Koreans. If you want to start watching it, I’d advise that you do not take it seriously whatsoever otherwise, if you’re from Korea, you’re probably gonna get hella offended. It is pretty fun to watch though. There are only 4 episodes, so far but man! They are full of so much drama.

I’m not really into reality shows. I used to watch Big Brother religiously for a while but then I thought to myself, why the hell am I watching this? Now, I don’t watch any reality TV. I’ll just stick with my dramas, thank you. I don’t know about this show, though – I can see myself getting very invested in it. I get like that with YouTube webseries. Look at Awkward Black Girl. *Side note: where is the new episode at?*

The Olympics made me very proud to be British today. Jessica Ennis won gold in heptathlon, Greg Rutherford won god in Men’s Long Jump and Mo Farah won gold in Men’s 10,000m. We also won two gold medals in men’s four and the women’s Lightweight Double Scull (rowing, in case you didn’t know). Hold on a second, let me just get out my party poppers and my flag, and have a little party on my couch. If you ever saw the tension in the room when the final lap for Farah’s race came – wooooow.

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The men’s 100m Round 1 was today and of course, I was cheering for Usain Bolt. He came first in his heat, as was expected. My Twitter blew up with people complaining how he pretty much jogged to the finishing line. Ehmmmmmm, last time I checked it was just the qualifiers. He doesn’t need to make that much of an effort. He still came first without effort. He’s obviously saving the best for the semifinals/final tomorrow, for which I’m super excited. Let’s see what Yohan Blake is saying…

Indeed, Jamaicans rule the world because Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce won the women’s 100m sprint. BOOM. I’m so proud of my heritage. (Just to clear it up, I’m half Filipino half Jamaican. Peace)

*This has been a very Olympic-esque post*

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  1. August 5, 2012 / 3:42 pm

    I’m going to check out K-Town… sounds like it’d be fun to watch 😀 ha ha.
    I have not watched a lot of the Olympics coverage (even though it has taken over 8 channels – funnily enough, it has not been aired on any of the BBC channels we have here :/), but what I have watching, I have enjoyed. 🙂
    And yep, you’re never too old to watch kids movies :p 😀

  2. August 5, 2012 / 8:58 pm

    i ACTUALLY know what you’re talking about with regards to the Olympics! yeah the Jamaican women are BEASTLY! (in a good way!) their legs kinda blur into the background! SOOO fAST!!!

    and Jessica Ennis is pretty amazing indeed!! lol @ wanting to pick up a sport from watching it…me too! but then again , i think about how hard they train for the events and i return to my lump of jelly as a body, hahaa

    LOL K-town! i actually only watched a bit of it…someone posted the link on facebook and i thought it was about something else and i was like, wtheck am i watching?! XDDD

  3. August 6, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    I’m gonna check that K-town tomorrow 🙂

    And Ooohh! I love watching kid films. Call me weird but I still watch home alone and cartoons. haha! Disney princesses, sherk, incredibles and a lot more. I am such a kid. lol

    Congrats on the medals, though i’m not sure if Philippines has finally got any. lol

  4. August 6, 2012 / 11:45 pm

    I’m not so interested in the Olympics to the point that I watch it often. Sometimes I’ll walk downstairs to get something and end up watching it for about 20 minutes with my dad just because I’m curious. I never even saw the opening ceremony. XD

    I wonder what the table tennis is like though. One of my friends was watching it, and apparently it was really intense.

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