[copied and pasted from old freewebs blog] So, I might be moving to 110mb.com.
I’m not sure, though.
Anyway, I done nothing all day. Except go on the computer.. boring much. I swear, I was all excited for half-term but now I’ve done all my shopping I’m B-O-R-E-D.
On the other hand I’m doing some filming for my trailer for Media Studies tomorrow. Woot, it should be fun (:
I get to use bloooood.. haha. Okay, fake blood – I’m using red acrylic paint mixed with water, it totally looks more effective.
Oh yes, I’m having trouble putting my freewebs blog in my iframe. Any help?
Gah, I hate coding so much. -stabs coding-
Take that! (:
I got my subscription from Doctor Who DVD files today – and I got three action figures! Yaaaaaay, I was so excited – I can’t wait for the next issue, I get my own mini David Tenannt. -squeal-!!
Speaking of David Tennant, he’s hosting Red Nose Day next month. Wheeeeeeeee, yaay! Oh for those who don’t know what Red Nose Day is, click here for more information. It is a really fun day and all the money we raise goes towards schools, offices etc. And the whole shebang accumulates to a fun night infront of the TV on Friday, March the 13th. -giggle- I love Red Nose Day.
Ah yes, onto the layout issue. I’ve made the new layout and it’s coded and everything I’m just going to wait to see if the host I’m thinking of using is good. I’ll let you guys know soon (:
This will be a long one like I promised last time, well longer than usual (:
I’m eating misua (google it!).. yum, but my mum put cabbage in mine because I’m allergic to eggs. >.<
There are so many food programs on TV at the moment, watching Masterchef.. I think one of the judges is gay because he keeps leering at one of the contests. XD
Hmm, I was quite annoyed last night because they didn’t show Gossip Girl because of the Brits. ¬¬” Toot, Chuck is by far the best character there (:
I have no screenies for you today, guys. Sorry.. however. I have this, “I’ll tell you how to look good naked! Shave it and tuck it between your legs.”
I laughed so much when I heard this on the Brits last night. -giggle,snort-

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What subjects do/did you do at school?
Do you like cooking programs?
If your house was burning down, what would be the first thing you would grab?

Chynna x


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