… can be difficult especially in the age of social media. So often, I’ve scrolled through my Instagram feed or Twitter timeline and felt myself sinking into an abyss because I see that people are having a better run at life than I am. But then I remember that social media is a highlight reel, and unless they turn around and show it then I’m not going to see that person’s bad days. 

But how to cultivate positive thinking when my phone is an extension of my hand and I have no self-control to speak of yet, so can’t just switch off just like that? I try to use it to my advantage. I listen to podcasts that get me pumped throughout the week (The Receipts Podcast, Say Your Mind, 2 Dope Queens (as of recent)) and I try to focus on social media posts that talk about the person’s achievements or specifically positive thinking.

Outside of that, if I’m feeling down I resort to my go-to definitely going to put me in a positive mood – reading. My cousin recently gifted me Lilly Singh’s book ‘How To Be A Bawse’ (thank you so much, bby girl, I love you, you the best) and whilst the majority of it is stuff I already know, the way she writes make it so relatable and got me thinking, “Okay, Chynna. Don’t just soak up this advice. DO something with it.”

This past week has been so up and down internally for me. So despite getting good news during the middle of the week, I was still in a foul mood all day. It wasn’t until I listened to something that my mood immediately lifted. I ended the day laughing and smiling and feeling so inspired. It’s amazing how a little thing can immediately turn your mood around.

It’s not going to be easy to be in a positive mindset 24/7. Allowing yourself to have a ‘bad’ day, so to speak, is still good for you. Just to acknowledge that these are feelings you are allowed to have. 

Small ways to cultivate positive thinking:

  • Listen to a funny podcast like 2 Dope Queens
  • Read a book and get lost in a new world
  • Write down what you’re grateful for
  • Crank up some happy music and have a boogie
  • Read more of my blog 😉


Funny thing, I have been racking my brain looking for content to post on my blog when suddenly about three things drop into my lap and I’m like, “Ermerhgerd, must tell blog peeps!” Coincidentally, Raisa’s post about nicheless blogging has been an eye-opener!

I still have to post about my New York travels!

Thanks to the power of Twitter (you know how I said fried chicken is my God, I may be second guessing that decision), I managed to win VIP tickets to see X-Men: Days of Future Past with blu eCigs at Everyman Screen on the Green. Curated by Oxford University professor, author, and neurogastronomist Dr. Charles Spence, we were able to enjoy watching the film in a very different way.

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Good morning, friends! It’s currently 8 in the morning over here, raining and I think I’m getting a cold due to the amount of times I’ve sneezed in the past 10 minutes. I also have to make a 67 minute journey to Kingston (no, not in Jamaica) because I’m shadowing a lady their at a PR agency. Trés exciting.

I’m pleased to announce that I am co-hosting with Toni @ One Chocolate Box for her very first Grow Your Blog Link Up!

Welcome to the very first Grow Your Blog Link Up!

It’s a link up specifically for new bloggers (those with less than 500 followers per social medium are welcome too). It’s a chance to meet other new bloggers, and hopefully build networks and friendships.

There are no fees for co-hosting. Just email Toni at onechocolatebox@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Link ups start every Wednesday at 3pm NZDT (that’s Tuesday 6pm PST and Wednesday 1pm AEDT if that helps).

Each week, one participant will be randomly selected, and gets featured on the following week’s blog hop. More free exposure!

There’ll also be a giveaway from time to time, so make sure to check back each week.

1. You don’t have to, but I’d appreciate it if you could follow One Chocolate Box.

2. Follow the co-hosts! Let them know you’re following from the Link Up, so they can follow you back.

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6. It would be super if you shared the Link Up via Facebook or Twitter. The more people join up, the more potential followers you can get.

7. I’d love you forever if you grabbed the button below and place it on your sidebar!

A big welcome to my lovely co-hosts this week:

Kate at Odd One Out
Jennifer at Magic Cat Jenny
Chynna at The Invisible Child
Bri at Deliciously Active

Thanks so much for co-hosting ladies!

1. New brogues from Schuh – £60; 2. Wireless Festival – 7th July; 3. Went to see Avengers Assemble
with Mutay on 28th April; 4. Got a haircut!; 5. Gushed over this polaroid spotted in Urban Outfitters
6. Going Avengers mad! Captain America, ftw!
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I have even more good news! If you follow me on Twitter, then you would have already found out that I got work experience at Sky! For those of you that don’t know what Sky is, Sky is a British satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephony services company. I’ll be doing office and television running whilst there and I am looking forward to it!

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