London is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, and yet it still manages to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every year. But not all of these tourists and visitors are well-heeled travellers. So, there must be some ways you can visit London on a shoestring budget, right? There totally is, you just need to know where to look for some great deals and discounts. Here are my top tips, just for you!

Book In Advance

There are quite a few attractions that you have to pay to enter, such as Madame Tussauds, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey. Some are so expensive, you might think that you need a cash advance to pay for them all! But there is a way to get cheaper ticket prices – you just need to book in advance! If you book your tickets early through the attraction website, you’ll be able to get a percentage off the full price of a ticket.

Seek Out Free Attractions

But you don’t have to pay for every single attraction in London. There are some fab ones that are completely free and ideal for very limited budgets. The majority of galleries and museums in the city are free to enter, though they might have a special exhibition that you need to pay extra for. There are also lots of great outdoor spaces that don’t cost anything to check out, such as Hyde Park and Regent’s Park. You’ll also be able to watch the daily Changing of the Guards for free.


Eat Away From The Beaten Path

Dining out in London can end up being very expensive if you stick to the usual tourist hotspots. But, if you are up for exploring away from the beaten path, you will easily be able to find some more affordable eateries. It’s also a good idea to eat at street-food markets as well as these are considerably cheaper than eating in a proper restaurant. There are various street-food markets around London but one of the most famous has to be the one at Borough Market. Some other great ones include the one at the Southbank Centre and Leather Lane Street Market.

Get West End Tickets On The Cheap

Going to see a theatre show at the West End is a must-do when you are in London. Unfortunately, though, some of the ticket prices can be eye-watering! Even if you book well in advance, you might find that the price of tickets is a lot more than what you are willing to pay. But there is one way to get very cheap tickets – you need to buy them at the last minute from one of the booths on Leicester Square. Sellers sell any remaining tickets at super discounted prices. You might not be able to get a ticket for your preferred show, but at least you can see something!

As you can see, a trip to London doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and all budget travellers are made to feel welcome!

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Did anyone read An Inspector Calls when they were in school? I remember that play being one of my favourites in English, and we would have to read a page at a time in class but I skipped ahead because it was so intriguing.

An Inspector Calls is a play by J. B. Priestley which focuses on the upper-class Birling family. They are visited one evening by an Inspector Goole who is investigating the suicide of a young working-class woman, Eva Smith. I remember the twists and turns in the play that kept me gripped throughout and the ending had me shouting, “WHAT THE EFF?” 

Mutay and I went to see An Inspector Calls at Playhouse Theatre last March and it was AMAZING. 

I found out that this adaptation of An Inspector Calls is by Stephen Daldry who recently directed Netflix’s The Crown, which is fantastic, and that the production marks 25 years since it first opened at the National Theatre. 

We don’t live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.

I really enjoyed the actors’ performances especially Liam Brennan as Inspector Goole; he was unapologetically abrasive, projected barely suppressed rage, and was baffled by the Birling’s complacency. He had complete control of the play’s narrative, something which I noticed about the character when reading the play, and it was great to see that develop in front of my eyes. 

Every actor, however, seemed to fit their role perfectly. From Mr Birling’s pompous attitude because he may be getting a knighthood, Sheila’s childishness because Eva Smith happened to look better in a dress that she wanted, Eric’s drunkenness that is seemingly ignored until it all comes to a head and right down to Mrs Birling’s putting on airs and graces because she is the head of a women’s charity. Yet when a woman is in dire need of help, she rejects her.

I feel like this play is very relevant, especially now in today’s climate, and it can’t be a coincidence that this play opened soon after Donald Trump was elected as president. Despite being set in 1912, actually written in 1944, this play is timeless and can be interpreted as an attempt to align its morals and lessons to the politically turbulent ground we’ve currently been having.

Priestley’s play is a direct plea for all of us to remember that we should work together, not against each other.


Legend has it that if you stare at my blog for too long, a clown will appear and haunt you for the rest of your life.


I know Halloween is over, but who doesn’t love a little scare? I received an email from Joe Blogs Blogger Network about a Haunted Theatre Land Walking Tour with every hotels and I couldn’t say no. Honestly, I’m not that into scary films but I can’t resist a good ghost story. Hearing about the sightings people say they’ve had and all other ghoulish happenings makes me excited.

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