How did we get here?

Mojo is a funny thing. Sometimes I have so much of it overspills out of my pores. Sometimes I have none at all and all I want to do is lay in my room in the dark and not do anything. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, mainly due to external forces but partly my own doing, as well. 

But here I am, writing a post after what seems like a lifetime. How is everyone? What have I missed? I’ll be attempting to catch up with the blogosphere once this is posted. It’s not that I haven’t missed the blogosphere, it’s just that I got to a point where I couldn’t bear to do anything. All I wanted to do was watch TV (mostly Steven Universe) and eat a lot of crap.

My writing has suffered so badly because of this. I haven’t written properly in months; not even a smidgen. Camp NaNoWriMo is next month, so I will be attempting that in order to get my creative juices flowing.

It’s been hard, people. I cannot lie. Even writing this now requires a lot of effort from me but the thing is I do want to do it – I just have no energy. I have been drained. It’s so weird. I’m slowly getting back to my old self, though. It had gotten to a point where people at work were starting to notice that I wasn’t myself but slowly but surely. I’ll be fine. Self-care is so important.

So, where do we go from here?

Blog Revamp ✨

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I have a new blog layout! It’s nothing fancy and if you’ve followed me for a long time, then I’m sure you know I love a minimal design. But seeing as I’m trying to creep back into the blogosphere, I thought I might as well come back with a new look. 

Writing 🖊️

As I mentioned, I’ll be attempting Camp NaNoWriMo next month. I really want to make some headway on my book. I have 50k+ words down already, for God’s sake. I hate myself for being such a procrastinator and I know the book will not be written by itself. I’m doing some brainstorming and coming up with some new ideas. I’m refusing to go back and touch what’s already been written because I know I’ll get sucked into a black hole and never come out to actually continue the story.

I’ll also be making a conscious effort to post more on the blog and my portfolio. There was once a time that I could churn out 3 blog posts in a day and nowadays it takes me a whole day just to think of half a post. That needs to change. Writing has always been my first love, and need to keep nurturing that if I want to get anywhere in life.

Reading 📚

I’m the sort of person who reads about 50 gagillion books at the same time. At the moment I’m reading:

  • This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz
  • Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge
  • The Waste Lands by Stephen King
  • How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life by Lilly Singh
  • Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan

I also still have a summer reading list from like 2015 that I have yet to complete. To be a bookworm. If you have any other suggestions for new reads, though, my inbox is always open. 😬

Fitness Journey ⛹🏽

I attempt one every year and it always fizzles out, but I’m trying really hard this year guys. I’ve been to the gym more frequently with Mutay and it’s been amazing. I’ve found I don’t have to post every time I go to the gym just to hold myself accountable. Not everyday social media. Do the #gainz for yourself, right? Been busting that 4.4L of water every day – my skin is a lot clearer than it used to be, although not the best. I think it’s because I love alcohol too much, but irrelevant.

Self Care 💆

I’ve realised that self-care doesn’t mean locking yourself in your room and wallowing in self-pity. Actually, I knew that already and I’ve written before about what to do to cultivate positivity. I must confess that I sometimes don’t listen to my own advice. Have you ever found that it’s so much easier to give other people advice, but when it comes to listening to yourself it is so much harder? Television is so cathartic for me. It is my greatest escape tool and I will always default to it when nothing else works. I’ve been listening to podcasts and music. Simple pamper sessions: sheet mask, painting my nails, bubble bath, Netflix – they do wonders for me. Little, little things to try and get me back on track.

Clear Out 🗑️

The thing I’ve been attempting to do since last year is clear out my wardrobe. There are so many clothes that I own that I know I will never, ever wear again but for some reason, I’m still hanging onto them. I keep telling myself that on my days off, I’ll start my clear out but I never do. I have no idea how I’m going to get around to it, I just know that I need to. Especially as I basically just wear the same clothes everyday, anyway. It’ll be so refreshing, as well.

That’s where I’m going from now on. You know that song by Miley Cyrus? The Climb.

There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

Hot damn. Deuces, for now. ✌️


I used to blog a lot about television. I remember when I used to get really excited about a new Doctor Who series coming out (I mean I still do) and would immediately have to tell everyone that reads my blog that they need to watch it when it comes out. I used to write listicles of TV shows I was currently watching. I would gush about Firefly and lament because it got cancelled after only one season (I am still devastated about that).

Television is a passion of mine. As much as I love books, I love watching television on an equal level. I turn into the biggest fangirl when it comes to my favourite tv shows and can spend hours on Tumblr just looking for GIFS/videos/fanart. I did have a page on the blog where I kept track of the shows I’m watching but then I lost track because that’s how much tv I watch. 😂

But I’m babbling. This post is really about what I’m watching on Netflix at the moment/what I have watched/my favourites. I love that with my mobile phone network I get to watch as much Netflix as I want without worrying about my data running out. So on my way to work if I’m not reading then I’m definitely catching up on the latest episode of something.

Currently Watching

A Korean Odyssey

Ok –  I’m pretty sure that everyone and their mother and their dog is aware that I love Korean dramas. It’s all I ever tweet about these days and I’m pretty sure my followers are sick and tired of me fangirling, but can’t stop, won’t stop. I am so glad that they’ve made some dramas available on Netflix. I usually watch on Viki but not all of the ones on my list are available in my region but are available on Netflix. How do I sit there and watch 1hr20mins episodes? It takes a certain skillset. I’ve been perfecting it since I was 16 years old when I watched my ever kdrama, Full House. Ask me to sing the Three Bears Song. I dare you.

In 2017, Son Oh-Gong and King Wooma are in conflict with each other as they look for a true light in a dark world where evil thrives. Having made a contract with Seon-mi 25 years ago, entitling her to seek help from Son Oh-Gong whenever she calls him in exchange of letting him free, the two meet again in a fateful encounter. From there, Son Oh-Gong is bound to his protective role towards Seon-mi, the little girl he had met years ago.

The soundtrack to this drama is actually so lit. As soon as I hear the opening chords, ya girl is immediately like 💃. It’s currently airing, so only 6 episodes have been released but I am loving it, so far. I am a sucker for kdrama cliches. I know y’all are gonna do the piggyback eventually and the wrist grab and the awkward kiss, but I am all. the. way. here. for. it. 👏🏾


Based on the characters of the Archie comics, how do I even begin to describe Riverdale?

The series follows Archie Andrews’ life in the small town of Riverdale and explores the darkness hidden behind its seemingly perfect image.

I am not going to lie, this latest series is stressing me out and I swear the writer’s are playing games but I am obsessed and even if I miss out on an episode for like 3 weeks, I always go back. I need to see where Jughead and Betty aka Bughead are at. I need to see if Archie and Veronica are doing okay. Let me just check if Betty’s mum is still doing the most.

I can’t remember the last teen drama I watched – I’m thinking probably Gossip Girl – but it sucks you in. Their drama is your drama. Their stress is your stress. Their woes are your woes. This show actually makes me clap my hands in frustration at some of the character’s shenanigans.

Once Upon A Time

I actually didn’t start watching this on Netflix. I used to watch it religiously back when I discovered it in 2013, but then, as usual, I got distracted by other tv shows and the plotline started to get a bit samey. I recently started rewatching it and I have fallen in love with it all over again.

The show follows various fairy-tale characters who were transported to the real world and robbed of their original memories by a powerful curse.

I am a big fan of fairytales and I especially love when they put a twist on the story. In the latest series, Cinderella is Latina! Now that there’s been a time jump, it’s gotten a lot more interesting and there’s more of a focus on Alice from Alice in Wonderland, which I love as that’s one of my favourite books.

The Good Place

I think it was Mutay who told me to watch this and when someone suggests a tv show to me, it may take me a while to get round to start it but once I do I binge the eff out of it (examples: Rick and Morty, Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Archer).

The series focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop, a woman who wakes up in the afterlife and is introduced by Michael to “The Good Place”, a Heaven-like utopia he designed, in reward for her righteous life. She realizes that she was sent there by mistake and must hide her morally imperfect behavior and try to become a better person.

This show is so funny and my favourite character is definitely Jason. How can a person be so dumb yet endearing at the same time? Also, slightly biased because the actor is Filipino and I’m here rooting for more Filipino actors on tv (see: Grimm). I love the premise of the show as well – it has a nice set up for ideas about morality, personal ethics and loyalty without feeling like you’re in a classroom.


The Crown

Am I allowed to say that I don’t care for the monarchy? Will I get done for treason?

J O K I N G.

The Crown traces the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 to the present day. The first season depicts events up to 1955, with Claire Foy portraying the Queen in the early part of her reign.

There are only 10 episodes in the first series, so please believe I binged that so quickly. I have yet to watch series 2 but soon come. I like when historical pieces are done in this fashion because it’s easier for me to take in rather than sitting around reading a bunch of dusty textbooks or falling asleep to the sound of my history teacher’s boring voice.

I like how in depth the series goes in on the royal family, sort of stripping away a mask and showing us that they are human too even if they are royal. Of course, even though you can pretty much get spoilers a click away (I mean it’s historical and happened ages ago) there are still a few plot twists that had my heart like, pow.

Big Mouth

A colleague at work mentioned that he saw a father and son watching this show together on the train and I was immediately like 😳. At the same time, though, this show is actually a really good way to inform your kids about the ways of life without being too cringe.

The series follows 7th grade best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman as they navigate their way through puberty, masturbation, and sexual arousal. Acting as sex-based shoulder angels are the hormone monsters Maurice, who pesters Andrew and occasionally Nick and Jay, and Connie, who pesters Jessi and occasionally Missy. Throughout the series, the kids interact with people and objects who are personified in one way or another and offer helpful, albeit confusing, advice in their puberty-filled lives including the ghost of Duke Ellington, a French accented Statue of Liberty, a pillow capable of getting pregnant, and even Jessi’s own vagina.

Even reading that synopsis probably has you like, wtf? I’m thinking where was this show when I was younger? It’s funny and informative at the same time and I can totally relate to the feelings the kids are having for the first time – like when Jessi gets her period for the first time. My absolute favourite character is Connie, the Hormone Monstress – she is everything I want to be in life and more. She smells so good because “I don’t use deodorant and I only take bubble baths.” screams


Once I started this show I couldn’t stop and at one point all I was watching was Archer. Even at work, I was watching it (nowadays I’m watching kdramas on my break/lunch).

It follows the exploits of a dysfunctional group of secret agents—Sterling Archer  and seven of his colleagues—Malory Archer, Lana Kane, Cheryl Tunt, Pam Poovey, Ray Gillette, Cyril Figgis, and Dr. Algernop Krieger.

This show is beyond ridiculous but so much fun. From Archer always shouting Lana’s name to ~danger zone~, there is always some kind of ridiculous shenanigans taking place in each episode. This freaking show has the International Secret Intelligence Service – ISIS. Hollering. Also, Jessica Walter voices Malory Archer and I absolutely loved her in Arrested Development.

Black Mirror

“Charlie Brooker is a genius.” I’ve been saying this at work every time someone mentions Black Mirror. I’ll just turn around and scream it in their face.

Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker, with Brooker and Annabel Jones serving as the programme showrunners. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. Episodes are standalone, usually set in an alternative present or the near future, often with a dark and satirical tone, though some are more experimental and lighter.

I am so glad that Netflix picked up this series because just wow. Literally, every single one of the episodes has me pausing and questioning my existence/life. Brooker skilfully brings to light how much technology can affect society, especially in the episode Nosedive where people are ranked on a five-star scale. Your ranking can severely affect your standing in society – it reminds me of Instagram and likes. I think what hits home with Black Mirror is how close we are to becoming that reality in some of the episodes. Y’all need to stop playing games with technology before it comes and kills you. 😳

Favourite episode of series 4 (latest series): Black Museum. HANDS. DOWN. DON’T @ ME.



Rick and Morty

Do I like this show because I am an intellectual? Do I like this show because it’s parody of Back to the Future? Do I like this show because I am trash?

I will never know.


The series follows the misadventures of cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his fretful, easily influenced grandson Morty Smith, who split their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures.

Created by Dan Harmon, creator of Community (another favourite tv show. I’m still annoyed they removed it off Netflix) and Justin Roiland, this show is deliciously creative, funny and clever. I am a sucker for science fiction, and this show feeds my love. I love going on Reddit and reading fan theories (I once stayed up until 2 am just reading these) about the show because there’s always something in each episode that makes you question something that happened previously. It’s crazy.

I have no idea when series 4 will be aired. Mr Poopybutthole told us we would have to wait a long time and this makes me sad. I guess the only thing that can be done is rewatch all of the series again and again.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

From the very first episode, I was hooked. I remember laughing so hard I actually couldn’t breathe. If you’re a sensitive person, I wouldn’t suggest watching this show because it’s so non-pc, it’s hilarious.

The series follows the exploits of “The Gang”, a group of debauched, self-centered friends who run the Irish bar Paddy’s Pub in South Philadelphia.

The Gang are a group of idiots that I have come to dearly love with all my heart. Charlie is my favourite character (there’s a recurring theme here of me loving dumb but endearing characters), but all of them are equally hilarious. Danny DeVito joining the cast was actually a really good move, because he is so funny and brings even more weirdness to the cast.

I’m just going to leave this video of The Nightman Cometh right here. (I am actually cracking up again watching it right now, I can’t breathe). FiGhtER oF tHE NiGht MaN AAAaAaaaAAAa.

Special mentions

Grimm – If you like fantasy, Grimms’ Fairy Tales and police procedural dramas then you need to watch this show. Now.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – TERRY LOVES YOGHURT. I actually have a huge crush on Andy Samberg. Bloody hell.

Arrested Development – You know when the Duke of Weselton does the chicken dance in Frozen and Ana and Hans sing about finishing each other’s sandwiches? THOSE ARE REFERENCES FROM THIS SHOW. You need to watch it, now. Honestly.

I hope you’ve found some new shows to add to your list! What are you watching on Netflix?

IMG_8136My flight was at 1 in the afternoon, but I left quite early to get to the airport as I had to take a bus and a train. Smooth journey to the airport, so not much to report there. Although, as a relatively small person, I did have a bit of trouble lugging around my suitcase (which was heavier than I thought it would be) and my backpack, which was loaded with God knows what.

I mentioned in the post announcing that I was going to New York that the flying part of travelling is exciting.

It was a bit weird for me because it was the first time I’d ever been to the airport by myself and travelled on a plane by myself, but once I dropped off my bags and everything, I got to relax and it wasn’t so bad. I decided to get a New York Hotdog from Shake-A-Hula, just to set the mood of my trip and watched the last episode of Gotham (no spoilers, but it was SO good). They also make a niiiice Oreo milkshake.

I flew with IcelandAir, whom I’ve never flown with before, but I quite like the fact that the plane I was on was named Krafla, after Iceland’s most active volcano. The flight was good, with a stopover in Reykjavik for just over an hour where I was delighted with the free wifi (Gatwick – you need to step up your game) and then straight on to JFK.

FYI, I discovered this show called Stalker, which I absolutely loved. It kind of scared the sh*t of me, but I really need to finish the series. Apparently there’s only one season because CBS cancelled it, and it ended on a cliffhanger. I must prepare myself emotionally for this.

JFK’s passport control scared me. They asked me so many questions like where I’m coming from, who I’m staying with, where I work, where the person I’m staying with works. Like for real, grill much? I know security has to be tight, but when you’re being faced with a stern faced man then interrogation can be a bit nerve wracking. Nevertheless, I got through with no problems and the US government now have my fingerprints on file. Lovely.

My cousin picked me up, and luckily my auntie doesn’t live too far from the airport in Brooklyn. Where I stayed was in the suburbs, so during my trip I had to take a bus and train to get into the city, so that was quite a journey. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to explore once I arrived because I had to be up early the next morning to catch my bus to Baltimore.


The morning of my bus journey, I got to drop my stuff off at my uncle’s office and go and explore Lower Manhattan for a bit. This included witnessing Empire State building for the first time (not that great, if I’m going to be honest), going through Times Square and being accosted by street performers and walking a helluva lot.


Note: There is a sign in Times Square that says tipping is optional for street performers. It isn’t. Well, I mean it is but it isn’t if you get what I mean. I got roped into it because I guess I was by myself (one Spiderman grabbed my hand to try and get me to take a picture with him), but I did get a good picture. However, you should avoid them because most of the characters look dodgy as hell.

I also got to walk around the Toys R Us in Times Square, which made me feel like a little kid again. Loved it in there!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have seen Mutay and I’s exchange about my journey to Baltimore. I won’t bore you with the whole palava, but after several hours on a MegaBus I finally made it to Mutay’s cousin’s apartment. Her apartment is somewhere I dream of renting when I have the money. We were only there for a bit, but it was long enough for Mutay and I to grab some soul food from Carolina Kitchen Bar & Grill. I enjoyed fried chicken, mashed potato and gravy, mac ‘n’ cheese and corn. Gorgeous. Absolutely delicious and I just. Ungh.

We then had the longest car journey ever to get to Brittland Manor where the wedding was to take place. Along the way we went over the Bay Bridge, which is a ridiculous bridge balanced on stilts. It went on forever, as well. 

The manor itself is beautiful, and if it weren’t for the stupid amount of bugs and humidity, it would have been a contender for places to hold my future wedding. The room Mutay and I stayed was really nice, but there was the possibility that it was haunted, which didn’t help matters. It is a massive house and it creaked a lot. 

The next morning, the day of the wedding, everyone was running around preparing themselves for the wedding and taking pictures and such. Of course, Mutay and I being ourselves escaped and took a ride on a golf cart we found sitting outside the manor. We drove all the way down to the lake house, which was absolutely amazing. IMG_8156
Cue sexy photos in pyjamas and flower headbands, haha. I won’t post it here, but there is a hilarious video of Mutay driving the gold cart as well. Ah, fun times. We also feasted on Dunkin’ Donuts and copious amounts of coffee and orange juice. Everybody was looking to flush out their system to look good in their dress. #weddingproblems

The wedding itself was beautiful. I love weddings – seeing the look on the groom’s face when he saw his bride nearly made me break down. I can’t wait to see my future husband’s face when he sees me in my wedding dress for the first time.

I won’t go into too much details of the wedding, but I will say that despite the rain that graced us during the reception, it was so much fun. Also, with an open bar, I did get very drunk… Be warned, kids, if you think vodka shots are a good idea… they’re not. I was absolutely shattered when I finally crawled into bed.

The next day was spent tidying up and driving back and forth between Mutay’s cousin’s home and the manor. Extremely exhausting and it was extremely humid, but on the plus side we ordered Domino’s pizza and chicken wings in the evening.

The next morning was a nightmare because the cab that we ordered to take me to the station to get my bus back to NY never came and we had to rush to get my bus, which we unfortunately missed. Luckily, I managed to squeeze onto the next one because there were like 3 spaces left. Even though I had to pay $25 extra, I was glad that I was actually making it back to NY.

I think this post has been long enough, that I will save the rest for next time. I’ll be writing about Pies ‘n’ Thighs and meeting Joy for the first time! Until next time… x

Before you start with me, I don’t really have an excuse for not blogging. I mean, I have posts lined up (I got nominated for the Liebster award, again, so look out for that), I just haven’t posted them up…

I thought I’d take the time to blog about what I’ve been up to whilst I’ve been on this unexpected hiatus… television. If you look at my recent tweets, then you’ll see that all I ever tweet about these days is TV. It’s not an obsession, I promise. Here are my favourite picks for 2014, so far.

Most are on break, at the moment, so it’ll give you plenty of time to catch up. They’re in no particular order!

1. Arrow

One word (or hashtag, rather): #Olicity. Also, Stephen Amell is mega hot, so you can’t really go wrong there.

2. Castle

Because Beckett and Castle FINALLY got married! For real, they made us wait an age. Props to the side characters too, they’re never forgotten.

3. Sleepy Hollow

Orlando Jones thinks Destiel is cute and Joy and I want Abbie and Ichabod to have beautiful 300 year old caramel babies. I don’t like Katrina, though.

4. Gotham

Gotham’s child actors are the cutest. Kid!Bruce Wayne is just so sassy and I love Selina Kyle and also Ryan from the OC is on my TV again! Oh, bae.

5. How To Get Away With Murder

Shonda Rhimes is some kind of wizard. Her shows have got me hooked and now she got me waiting until January 29th until the next episode of HTGAWM and Scandal. Shonda – Y U DO DIS?! Also most of the scenes got me feeling some type of way – Annalise needs to stop it.

6. Jane the Virgin

This one took me by complete surprise. I never expected the show to be as good as it is, and I swear it just gets better each episode. Rogelio and his damn antics and Jane and Rafael giving me so many relationship goals that I know I will never accomplish. Goddamn feels!


Special episode mentions:

Supernatural’s 200th episode. How could I not mention it?! IT’S A FREAKING MUSICAL. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but MAN. MAN. That ending. MAN. Bye.

I recently started watching The Office (US version) and I’m already on season 5 and thinking, “Where has this been all my life?”. Here are some things that The Office has taught me, so far.

1. I’m never going to have a relationship as cute as Jim and Pam’s




2. How to be a sassy black man with a big butt and an even bigger heart

3. How to get my priorities in order

4. How to create a blog

5. How to smack talk like a pro

6. How to appropriately deal with situations that give me the grumpies

There’s no Wreck This Journal Wednesday this week because I’ve been too busy to even do any pages. Hopefully there’ll be one next week 🙂

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