When your friend relies on you to take them to the best food places, you kind of have to pull out all the stops. Aside from myself and Mutay’s monthly dinner, I also meet up regularly with one of my friends and take her to what I believe to be the best places to eat in London.

There have been some places which have been completely new to me, as well, however, my gut is always right and the places we’ve visited have been amazing.

Last month, I decided on Flesh & Buns for our meet up as I had been before and was absolutely floored by how good the food was. 

Flesh & Buns is an Izakaya pub-style venue located in Covent Garden. The restaurant is underground, and the decor and lighting are really nice. I found the service really good and all the waiters that served us were very friendly (and cute, but that point is irrelevant).

There are so many things to choose from on the menu – you can choose from sushi to rice bowls or if you fancy noodles or chicken wings, it is all there. They also have some delicious cocktails!

It took me ages to decide what I wanted for my main, but for my starter, I immediately knew that I wanted the prawn tempura roll and Korean fried wings. As I don’t get many opportunities to eat good sushi due to my allergies to fish, I always try and grab one when it’s presented to me. 

The rolls were absolutely delicious! Especially with the wasabi. It had yuzu mayo, avocado and tobiko.  Also, the more wasabi, the better – you gotta feel that burn in your nose! Also, I really love pickled ginger. My eyes bugged out of my head when they brought out the Korean fried wings as I wasn’t expecting them to be so big! Covered in this beautiful spicy sour sauce and sesame seeds, I would say that if you’re on a first date, maybe don’t order the wings because they are very sticky, very messy but oh so yummy. They were perfectly done with just the right amount of spice.

For my main, we decided to go for the restaurant’s namesake which is their flesh and buns. You have the option of what “flesh” you want, so, for example, you can get steak, chicken or duck. I went for the crispy piglet belly. We also went for their offer of 2 buns for £2. The crispy piglet belly which comes with a salad alongside mustard miso. It was SO delicious. The pork was really tender with the skin being nice and crispy! The buns are steamed so are super soft – you basically make a sandwich and go to town!

I left that restaurant feeling pregnant but with no regrets.

Overall, I had a fantastic time on my second visit to Flesh & Buns. The atmosphere in the restaurant is really good, the food is (of course) amazing and I loved the service. I will definitely be visiting and I would definitely recommend this place if you live in or are visiting London.

41 Earlham St

T: 020 7632 9500