I Had A Date With Destiny

Excuse the title. I re-watched Toy Story 3 for about the millionth time, last night.

I have become highly aware that I haven’t written an OkCupid post in a while. This isn’t for lack of not trying but rather I’ve been extremely busy with work. This is a quick update to say that yes, I am still am on OkCupid, and no, I don’t know if I’ll be leaving any time soon despite finding some very nice people on there.

I went on a date to Portsmouth the other week. There was a winter sale on, so it was only £10 return anytime, which is pretty good. I’m one of those girls that has hardly been out of London except for when I went off to university. So, Portsmouth was a welcome retreat from the busyness of the city.

Portsmouth is on the south coast of England and is also the world’s oldest dry dock and home to some famous ships including the HMS Victory and HMS Warrior.

We actually got to tour the HMS Warrior. We really wanted to tour the HMS Victory but you have to book in advance and the tours were fully booked up for the days we went. Nevertheless, it was pretty fun exploring the ship. It was larger than I expected and I actually felt like a dwarf whilst I was on it. Cheesy fact of the day: we recreated the Rose & Jack “I’m flying” scene.

We also went up the Spinnaker Tower, which is a landmark tower in Portsmouth. It is 170m above sea level and there’s actually a section of the floor where you can “walk on air”. It was scarier than I thought it would be – my heart was racing whilst I was standing on the glass section. We stopped in the little café on one of the floors and I had some chamomile tea, which was really nice.

After Spinnaker Tower we wandered around for a bit, and checked out the stores. It’s mostly outlet stores and honestly, I wasn’t interested in doing any shopping. We did find a Cadbury store, however, which smelt delicious.

Toward the end, we hung out in a little pub near to the train station and played some pool. I’ve never played pool properly before but by the second game I nearly beat him. Nearly.

It was a pretty good date, I must say. But lets not get carried away and put all our eggs in one basket, now.


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