“Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity”. ~ Louise Fresco

It has been a hot minute since I last posted an entry to The Food Diaries!

Last November, I was invited to Lotus Bar to try out their new Christmas canapés. I also had the opportunity to try out one of their Christmas cocktails, as well! 

Located on Clapham High Street, Lotus Bar specialises in Italian food making an emphasis on unique flavours. Their recipes come from family secret ingredients and I could definitely tell this when I got to try their food!

Lotus Bar is a great place to hang out with friends, if you’re on a date or if you’re looking for a new place to try out solo.

My companion and I arrived at Lotus Bar and were immediately given a seat by the window. I had already emailed over my preferences for which canapés we would try and so I was excited to get going. Our waiter kindly explained what cocktails they had on offer and I decided to go for the Christmas Tease. This contained rum, dark rum and Wray & Nephew – it was like a party in my mouth. 😍 Rum is sometimes too overpowering for some, especially if there are more than one in the drink, but this was surprisingly sweet and not too strong.

It didn’t take too long for the canapés to come out and we feasted on the following:

▫️ King prawn skewers with strawberry and balsamic vinegar
▫️ Deep fried croquettes with parma ham and cheese
▫️ Bruschetta with pan-fried aubergine, fresh chopped tomato, basil and ricotta cheese
▫️ Creamed dried cod served with warm bread
▫️ Warm chocolate brownie with custard

Everything was so delicious. My favourite canapé had to be the king prawn skewers! The sourness of the vinegar was offset by the sweetness of the strawberry, making it even tastier. I really liked the croquettes, as well, although I do feel there should have been a little more ham in them. 

When the dessert came out after we finished out canapés, my eyes lit up. I love brownies and I love custard – put them together and you’ve got gold. Heartwarming, delicious and filling; I definitely could have eaten another helping!

The presentation of the canapés was really beautiful, so not only is your stomach feasting but so are your eyes. I didn’t even know where to begin when the food came out!

The service was really good and our waiter was patient in explaining everything on the menu. This is something I always look for when I go out to eat. If your waiter is rude and not willing to be accommodating, then what is the point? 

Will I be visiting Lotus Bar again? Yes! I also love that it is so local to me. If you love Italian food, then you should definitely check this place out.

76 Clapham High St

T: 020 7720 2516

I was provided with free food and drinks in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and are not influenced by Lotus Bar in any way.

My blogger meet up list is becoming extensive and I am LOVING it. This is what I love about the blogosphere – the opportunity to meet up with people you’d probably never meet in your day-to-day life.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to meet up with Amy and it was definitely a long time coming. She messaged me to say that she’d be in London and I just knew we HAD to meet up. Gotta take every opportunity you can, especially as she lives all the way in Leeds!

I decided that we should go to Carluccio’s, as you can’t go wrong with some good ol’ Italian. We met outside this massive statue of a man and woman kissing in London’s St. Pancras International. I don’t get as nervous when meeting new people, anymore, but there’s still a moment of, “Omg, dude. What if they’re not real and I’m just being catfished” (Which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts about meeting other bloggers, haha). Thankfully, I wasn’t being catfished and was greeted with a massive hug from Amy!

I also got to meet her boyfriend as well, who was really cool and super funny.

We basically spoke about everything from what’s it like living in Leeds (apparently there’s not much to do there, haha) to blogging to dating – it was so much fun. Also, yes, the food was amazing. I love Carlucci’s – I ordered the garlic focaccia with provolone cheese and the beef ragu linguine.

Amy nearly gave me a heart attack when she told me she likes her steak well done, though. 😭

Because there’s needs to be evidence that I’m real and she’s real and that together we’re both real, we HAD to take some photos in front of the massive statue. I have no idea what was going on but we just found everything so funny – doing funny poses and all sorts. Amy’s bf did manage to get some photos of us that weren’t us moving around like mad men, though!

Afterwards, we wandered around the station and stumbled across a mini Hamleys where they were playing some old skool *NSYNC. We literally just walked around still chatting before ending up out side Kings Cross station and trying to have an impromptu photo shoot outside Pret A Manger – except it smelt so bad that we had to evacuate immediately.

The night ended with us just chilling and talking about some fucking hilarious things – shout out to Cedric 😉

SO GLAD I FINALLY GOT TO MEET YOU, AMY! You’re amazing, sweet and hella funny IRL and you definitely need to come back to London, soon 💕

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out Amy’s post about our meetup here.

PS. Here’s a bonus video of me dancing along to ‘Bye Bye Bye’.

Okay, so I didn’t have a planned date of when I’d be back hence why I took an indefinite hiatus. There were several times where I did open up a blank document but literally my mind was all over the place, so that didn’t work out.

In between more hair loss, heart break and just the overall stress of life I really haven’t had much time to think about blogging. I have missed it, though! A lot. I’ve been lurking, as I said I would, and I’ve been seeing everyone’s achievements and I am so proud ❤️ Y’all are bringing a tear to my eye.

You’re probably wondering what I’ve really been up to? If I’m honest… a whole lot of eating and a whole lot of nothing. So, really, nothing much has changed since I last blogged.

Have you ever had those blue days and therefore you really need to cheer yourself up and music nor television nor books are helping? Yeah, I had that 2 weeks ago and so I treated myself to a rose gold iPhone 7. I know I could have probably waited until September for the new iPhone to be released, but when I say I needed to treat myself… I needed to treat myself. #treatyourself2k17

I should write about the most important thing, right? The thing that I probably should have blogged about ages ago but coincidentally I took a break around the same time it happened. Better late than never, I say.

A friendship forged in 2NE1 and forever blubbing about boys finally went from URL to IRL when I met Pauline last June, and in turn, I finally got to meet Hamdah as well. How can I even get across how amazing these two women are? Pauline is kicking ass every single damn day and Hamdah too, interning in London this summer and just generally being a legend. I feel like a proud mama! (Even when I have to send out SOS alerts when Pauline goes AWOL 🙄)

Meeting Pauline and Hamdah for the first time was amazing, and it was literally the best day ever. We started off with brunch at M Raw located in Victoria where the food was so-so. However, I really must talk about the bottomless drinks because it’s safe to say that Mutay and I got turnt. Breakfast martinis? Yes, sir, right over here, thank you very much.

Being typical tourists (jk, lysm guys) Pauline and Hamdah wanted to visit Notting Hill so we headed in that direction with a stop to T2 on the way where we met the awesome Helen. I love that she genuinely thought we had been friends since like secondary school or something. Honestly, the energy all of us created bounced off everywhere and it definitely helped that the weather was beautiful.

I made a pit stop for some boba because boba is life, and we finally got to witness the behind the scenes of Pauline and Hamdah’s photoshoots. So much fun screaming “When will your boyfriend EVER” across the street as Pauline was posing. #honestlywhenwillyourbfwouldever

We then headed over to Richmond Park which I thought was only down the road, but I clearly underestimate my own city. It ended up being a bus ride and then a walk in which Pauline and Mutay raced up a hill and Hamdah and I struggled. Lol.

We didn’t explore much of the park, but the parts that we did were a bit disappointing, ngl.

Sadly, sadly, we had to start heading back at this point because Pauline and Hamdah had a silly train to catch. I know, right? So dumb! Should have just stayed… We obviously had to stop at Carluccio’s for some delicious Italian and to print off the photos we took because Hamdah is amazing and has a Polaroid printer. #sohitech

The most amazing thing is that even though that was the first time that we had all met, it felt so natural and not awkward at all. Honestly, we all clicked straight away. I think there’s always this fear that the friends we make online won’t be the same IRL, but I can safely say that of all the online friends I’ve met (Joy, Nancy, Pauline, Hamdah, Tiff) they’ve all been what I expected and much more!

It was also lovely to meet up with Pauline again when she was down in London for the Gymshark event and I’m excited to meet up with Hamdah more often now that she’s living in London (even though she’s on the other side of the river 😜)!

Ladies, all I shall say to end this post, is that I’m so glad that Mutay and I got to meet up with you both FINALLY and that you two are amazing, wonderful, intelligent, beautiful and all of the freaking adjectives really. ❤️