Dear Chynna,

I’ve always written letters to our past selves, but really what good will that do? We can’t go back and change the past, we can only learn from it. I thought that this time around, we’d have a go at writing to our future self.

I also didn’t want to write a generic letter that states the goals that I want to be achieved at this certain time, blah blah blah. I’m still at a stage in my life where I don’t know exactly where I want to be in say 5 years time. I just know that I want us to be happy, as cheesy as that sounds, and have a book published. Whether we’ll be in a long-term relationship or by ourselves, as long as we’re happy that is all that matters.

Ideally, we should be settled, living away from home and in a job that makes us financially stable. I think those are realistic expectations, so it’s all about taking the steps to achieve these goals. 

In the pursuit of happiness, things get difficult but it’s what we do that makes the difference. Do we just sit there and moan and complain that nothing is going right? Or do we stand up and do something about it? 

Life has its ups and downs but with a good support system then you know that things are going to be okay. Life is not perfect but that’s what makes it fascinating, exciting, amazing. If we let all the bad shit that happens to us get in the way then we would be worn down to a husk of a human being.

When we feel like crying, let it out. When we feel down, find someone to talk to. When you feel happy, share that with someone. When something good has happened in your life, shout it from the rooftops!

I am a firm believer in karma – put good into the universe, and you will be rewarded, no matter how small. No one needs negative vibes – we only subscribe to positive ones. 

Of course, not every day will be a good day – it’s unrealistic to expect that but if we go about life with a positive mindset and just keep doing us then it’s going to be alright. The goals we’ve set, we will have achieved by now because you know what? We. Got. This. 

Love and peace, baby girl. We the best.

Chynna x

A Letter to my 16-year old self | A Letter to my 18-year old self

My last post of 2017 mainly focused on what had happened in the year and ended with a couple of questions about what I’ll be doing in terms of self-improvement/self-love/self-care. I really enjoyed answering those questions and it felt good to write everything down. I feel like with writing those answers and publishing them on my blog for everyone to see, I must now be held accountable. 

This post will focus on my actual goals for 2018. I FaceTimed my cousin last night, and she really inspired me with her own goals for the year. She said that she feels like this year is going to be her year and I feel the same way. I can feel it in my bones (and not just because it’s cold)!

I recently tweeted a few things I’m looking to do this year, and I’m looking forward to taking steps to achieve these things:

✨ Speak things into existence
✨ Remove negativity in my life
✨ Get a jar and when something good happens, write it down and put it in
✨ Make a vision board
✨ Buy a new planner

I am a bit late in getting my planner for this year, but I finally ordered one after researching for about 2 hours for one that I think will help me with my journey. I found Trigg Life Mapper, which seems promising. 

“Each week you write down your goals – categorised into “self”, “work”, “passion”, “relationships”  – and the action you will take. You get a day-to-a-page format with space at the top to prioritise that day’s tasks, with bullet points for appointments underneath. On a Sunday, it asks you to reflect back on the week and note what you’re grateful for. There’s a six-month review in June then at the end of the year, you are encouraged to take stock of what you have achieved.” – Independent, 10 best 2018 planners

I feel like it echoes the Happiness Planner I have, but at half the price. Whilst I really enjoyed the Happiness Planner, I think it is time for me to try something new. I will most likely post my first impressions on Instagram, so keep an eye out on that. 

My goals for this year are probably similar to many others because they mostly include health, fitness, personal growth. The strides I took in 2017 definitely laid the foundations for helping me with my goals and I am super excited!

Finish my first draft

This is different to finishing my book because it is a long process to get to the final product. I want to at least have a first draft completed by the end of February, which I think is definitely possible. There’s also the fact that I have 50k+ words already written of my story, so that’s a nice little headstart. I’ve already made progress with writing up character backstories and timelines, and I plan to keep track of all this via a thread I started last year:

This is the first time in a long time I’ve been excited about one of my plots. I have (or had) this habit of starting stories and never getting around to finishing them. I know exactly how I want this story to end, so let’s see what happens!

Dress more like a grown up

I was having this conversation with Mutay last night, and this goal may sound a bit funny but honestly, it is something that needs to be done. Whenever I go to work I genuinely feel/look like one of the college kids that I see roaming around outside Sainsbury’s. I don’t much care for clothes, I’ll be honest, but I feel like I need to start dressing my age. Ready for my glow up, 2k18.

Somebody just needs to buy me a whole wardrobe, though.

Maintain relationships 

I have pretty strong relationships with the people in my life and I just want to keep that going, really. This means making time for people. I know this can be difficult with school or work or other social commitments, but if those people are important to you then you will make the time. 

I am hoping to get out a bit more this year and whether this will garner new, lasting connections, we’ll have to see, but it would be nice. There are so many interesting people in this world and I love hearing other people’s perspectives, as well.

Implement healthy habits

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. I started off really well with exercising and healthy eating last year and then I fell off the bandwagon several times, and then it got to October, I want to say, and bam. I was just straight sitting on the road going nowhere.

I stopped making my own healthy lunches and would either grab a meal deal from Sainsbury’s or bring in last night’s leftovers which usually consisted of a lot of rice. I haven’t been to the gym in months. I’ve only recently started drinking water diligently, again.

My skin has suffered because of my laziness, and it’s gotten to a point where I know that I need to do better. Not just because I want a hot bod but because if I don’t actually look after my body then my eczema flares up and it just makes life really hard. So, I’m writing it down now – I WILL MAKE BETTER HEALTH DECISIONS IN 2018.

Work on my portfolio

I have had for how many years now, and aside from posting a bit on there, I’ve largely left it abandoned. I want to revamp it, add new content, all sorts – I know I want this domain to be a portfolio, but I don’t know what direction I want it to take. Keep an eye out for updates!

Get into a strong blogging habit

Again, last year I started off really strong, had a bit of a wobble mid-year and then sort of got back on it towards the end. I definitely want to put more time and effort on my blog this year, as I do feel like it has been neglected a bit. Also, actually catch up on the blogosphere because I’m really behind on posts/comments. 

I have many goals I want to achieve this year including more travelling, but I feel like that one’s a given. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel like this is the year to achieve everything! I know I can achieve these goals if I put my mind to it, and as above, I’m going to be doing more speaking things into existence. 🗣️

We’re 7 days into the new year and I’ve already found my theme tune of 2018.

In my Reflections post (which I am always referring to because I feel like it was the start of me getting back into my blogging mojo and not just because it was January 1st, FYI), I mentioned that I had bought a new planner. The 52-week Journal is about setting weekly goals, weekly overview, weekly reflection. It also comes in different colours 😍 It is honestly one of the best things I have invested in (aside from the two pillows I bought from Primark because I need elevation, you get me?).

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I sometimes wonder what life would be like if young people weren’t pressured into choosing what they want to do with their life, so early on. From the time they do their GCSEs, it’s kind of expected that they’re choosing subjects that will set them up at a good university and onto a good career path.

Question in point: Why do people need to desperately know what you want to do in life?

I wonder what would have happened had I not gone to university and instead just got a part time job and travelled the world. Would I be worldlier? Or would I just be stuck up and constantly going on about how spiritual my travels were?

Who knows, eh?

Lets not live in the ‘What if?’ but live in the NOW. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve set some goals for 2015. I am pleased to say they are going well. VERY well, in fact.

#1 Go to the gym more – check

3 times a week, baby! I’m already starting to feel a difference, and I’m only just going into week 3. It also helps that Mutay is my gym buddy.

#2 Eat clean – check

2 weeks ago, I did a food shop and bought loads of healthy stuff. I’ve swapped out white rice for brown rice, quinoa and couscous. I’m eating more greens and I’ve discovered how much I actually love avocado and eggs. Oh, and Ukrainian food. Big up.

This has become my new favourite website:

Peep these delicious recipes I’ve cooked for dinner these past two weeks (some improvised, some from Paleo Grubs and some from Kayla Itsine’s nutrition guide.)

I also ordered a steak salad for the first time when going out to eat, which was under 500 calories. Clap for me, pretties. I usually go for a burger. With lotsa cheese.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#3 Travelling – watch this space

There is nothing to report here, not without spoiling things. Excitement is on the horizon, though.

#4 Get organised – check

Actually remembering dates by writing them in my planner. It’s amazing. I’m being really good with saving my money and being more productive, as well.

I’m so damn proud of me.

Dear 2014,

I’m probably a bit late with this letter, as we are now obviously in 2015, but I thought I’d just write you one anyway.

We started off the year on a high, and successfully completed Blog Everyday In February. All was going great – fecking peachy, in fact. We finally wrote that post we wanted to for AGES about religion and felt a big weight come off our chest.

The importance of not giving a fuck was rife in 2014, and it served us well. Of course, you and I sometimes didn’t see eye to eye. It was to be expected. Despite a few hiccups toward the end of the year, we were given so many new opportunities – thanks to this blog.

The best thing was that we ended 2014 on a high. Here’s to us! At least we made it to 2015.

I prefer calling them goals rather than New Year’s resolutions, but here are few things I’m aiming to do this year:

#1 Go to the gym more

Last year I was actually a pretty avid gym go-er, but this was before I went on holiday to Barcelona, so you can see why. I went a couple of times toward the end of the year, but I actually want to get back to the gym and start looking after my body more.

#2 Eat clean

I’ve had this bikini body guide for a while now, but I have yet to start it. It has a pretty good sample menu for a weeks eating, and it actually looks delicious. As a person who loves their food, I’m a bit nervous about changing my diet. Of course it’s all about moderation, so I’m sure I got this.

I really want to start making smoothies and green juices again. I kind of miss them.

#3 Travelling

I mentioned in my previous post that I have some big travelling plans this year. The ball should get rolling next week, hopefully. Pretty exciting stuff.

#4 Get organised

I’d like to think I’m a pretty organised person, but as of late I’m a bit all over the place. I need to just sit down and starting planning for everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

What are some of your goals for 2015?