There have been 20 entries in The Food Diaries! People seem to enjoy them, which I’m glad to see and I enjoy writing them because what’s not to love about food? (Except when you’re dying from an allergic reaction, ahem)

These days I’ve been craving fried chicken like a pregnant lady, so it’s only right that I must write a post about fried chicken. More specifically fried chicken burgers.

Other Side Fried were promoting on Instagram free chicken burgers for the first 100 people that headed over to Dirty South in Lewisham. My fat ass obviously had to get in on the action. Unfortunately, I missed out on the free burger but still got 30% off my order.

What came next was an unbelievable amount of happiness because their burgers are out of this world. And I don’t put that lightly.

I ordered the O.S.F burger – fried chicken, brown butter mayo, parmesan, garlic, lettuce. Whoever came up with brown butter mayo deserves an award because what the hell? What is that sweet elixir? The fried chicken was the perfect amount of crispy and juicy. Have you ever bit into a burger and the juices come running down the side of your mouth and you look like a hot mess? But you’re okay with that because the food is so damn good

Alongside the burger, I also ordered the Dirty Fries – bacon, parmesan, hot sauce, ranch sauce. Aside from fried chicken, cheese is another one of my weaknesses. (Now that I write that I’m wary that people can actually exploit me because all they need to do is give me fried chicken and cheese and I will do anything for them).

Speaking of, potatoes are so versatile, don’t you think? I could probably write a whole post on the versatility of potatoes – boiled or baked, to steamed, roasted, microwaved or fried. EVEN ALCOHOL. But anyway…

The fries were so delicious, especially with all the toppings – such an explosion of flavour in my mouth. It was a religious experience. There was a feeling of complete satisfaction when I finished the meal ~ the kind where you have to lean back in your seat and pop the button on your jeans. (I usually wear stretchy pants on food trips, but I don’t know what happened on that day)

You’ll be pleased to hear that I did manage to get a free chicken burger in the end at the opening of Peckham Levels back in December. This time I went for the Honey Butter burger – fried chicken, smoked honey butter, bacon, pickles, lettuce. It’s not me that is crying. It’s you. When the honey butter drips onto your fingers, you got to lick that shit clean because YOU ARE NOT A WASTEFUL PERSON. 😍

Could I wax any more lyrical about Other Side Fried? Yes, most likely. But then you’d all be like, “Shut up, Chynna. We get it. You love fried chicken!” when really you should ultimately be planning your next trip to Other Side Fried. Okay? Okay.

It is now me that must go to every single spot that they serve their burgers. Obviously.

Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ

Dirty South, 162 Lee High Road, London, SE13 5PR

Peckham Levels, Peckham Town Centre Carpark, 95A Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST

Unit 62, The Loft, Camden Lock Market, London, NW1 8AF





September has been a bit hectic, ain’t it?

I didn’t expect my September to be so busy! I haven’t had a chance to sit down and plan posts, which is something that I usually do. Anyway, here’s a post now and a round up of my September.


September marked Alopecia Awareness Month and so I made a big decision to shave the remainder of my hair off! I didn’t have much left anyway, but there was always this feeling that that’s still my hair and shaving it is a big deal.

For once I can actually look in the mirror and not cringe anymore. It’s still a bit of a shock being completely bald, now, but I’m so glad I did and ultimately I’m just looking to raise awareness as well.

My plans next are to raise money for Alopecia UK by doing a skydive – so keep an eye out for that.


Have you ever met anyone who gets excited about E. coli? Well, meet Pauline. 😂

My sister had an open day in Sheffield (she’s grown now and actually looking at universities to attend and I’m really not ready) and I got to meet up with Pauline and Hamdah, who were gracious enough to be our tour guides 💕

Honestly had the best time exploring Sheffield and being at an open day gave me so many uni feels and made me miss it! Definitely need to keep my post-grad applications moving, otherwise, I’m not going to get anywhere 😭


British Style Society sent me to Fashions Finest’s London Fashion Week shows and I had the best time! The atmosphere was amazing and I really enjoyed capturing everything. There were so many amazing collections and talented designers! I’ll have a post up on the BSS site, so keep an eye out for that too.


I discovered Binging with Babish on Facebook who makes food from different films and TV shows and I’ve been obsessed ever since. HE MADE SZECHUAN SAUCE, GODDAMNIT. Following one of his recipes, I made this bomb ass fried chicken and I was so gassed I took so many pics of it – so here ya go 😉

For my sister’s birthday, we went to Lutong Pinoy where we had Kamayan. I most definitely had a food baby after I finished eating. With Kamayan you eat with your hands – you can choose what you want to have in yours with this restaurant, so my sister chose lechon kawaii, BBQ pork, chicken inasal and it also came with vegetables, rice, spring rolls and sinigang. YUMMMM.

My friend chose the restaurant for this month’s meetup and so the student becomes the master. We went to Belgo in Covent Garden with is is a Belgian restaurant and oh my god the food was amazing 😍 I went for the chicken with beer and beef dripping gravy and Stoemp mash (mashed potatoes with carrot, savoy cabbage and leek). DELICIOUS. Food Diaries entry soon come.

I hadn’t been to Wagamama in ages, and honestly I’m not that big of a fan of it HOWEVER I was pleased with the chilli ramen I ordered went with my friend the other day. They also do really tasty green juices as well!

Mukbang? YES. THAT HAPPENED WITH KAYELA AND YOU SHOULD GO WATCH IT NOW 😏 I ate too damn much, but that’s nothing new really.


I was up at 4 AM in the morning to make the long journey to Chiswick for my 8 AM start. I truly underestimated how tough this walk would be but the feeling I got when I finished (after I received my medal, collapsed to the ground and cried) was elation. Lil ol’ me managed to walk 26.2-miles and not die and also raise money for a charity close to my heart.

Several things happened – I developed two fat blisters on the soles of my feet, there was a point where I thought I wasn’t going to make it and my hands swelled up. It was a very emotional finish, ngl. I feel like this walk definitely tested out my fitness level and granted I’m not as fit as I’d like to be, but at least I know if I keep working on it then I can get swol 😂

The next day was a write-off but I still had to go to work. Thankfully, I sit down anyway but it genuinely took me 10 minutes to walk to the bus stop whereas usually, it would only take me 5 😭

Thank you SO much to everyone that donated – you are honestly all the best and it’s all for a good cause 💕

PS. I’ve also made the move to HTTPS, so if you have me on your blogroll please update my link to 🤗

I have so many entries for the Food Diaries, and it’s making me equally hungry and excited.

New York is chock full of amazing places to eat; from the streets of Brooklyn, all the way to Harlem you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

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In which I discuss how amazing fried chicken is and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Fried Chicken Heaven

Photo courtesy of Mutay

Happy June!

It has been a while since I posted, but between arriving back from New York, getting back to work and starting my new internship, I have had absolutely no time for this blog. This makes me sad, but it is what it is.

I’m really excited to write about my New York adventures avec Mutay, and since I was there for two weeks I’ll have to break it down into parts.

New York was amazing. It’s surreal that I’ve actually been now, because NY has been on my travel list for the longest time. Now I can cross it off! The thing is I’ll have to go back because there’s still many places I want to visit and explore, and you’d think 2 weeks would be enough, but it’s definitely not. NY is MASSIVE.

I managed to get most of what I wanted to do on my list, which you can read here. I was seriously happy when Joy introduced us to $1 pizza! Food in America is amazing. I have never eaten so much fried chicken in my life. Seriously.

I spent the weekend in DC, and the first meal I had was fried chicken. When we met up with Joy, we went to a place called Pies ‘n’ Thighs in the Lower East Side and I had fried chicken. I had some of Mutay’s fried chicken when we visited Harlem. Honestly, though, no regrets. Fried chicken is my god. 

There’s something about the crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the meat that gets me going. I could probably write a book about how good fried chicken is. I’m going to wake up one day and the only words I’m going to be able to say are “Fried chicken”.

All of the food I had in NY was heavenly, from the chicken over rice at The Halal Guys on W. 53rd St to the fried shrimp I had at Amy Ruth’s; I’m surprised I’m not the size of house, right now. I have so many entries for the Food Diaries!

Of course, I also took in the sights and not just ate food. Everything is insanely massive in NY, so it was a little overwhelming. Skyscraper, much? I did get to witness some amazing views of the Manhattan skyline and the boat rides I took were so nice.

Anyway, I thought I’d give a quick update to let you know I’m here and I’m raring to get back into blogging. Watch out for my upcoming travel/food posts. Lots of exciting stuff to come 🙂

I am always looking for new ways to spice up my blog. It’s kind of hard to blog when there’s nothing exciting going on in my life except for the increasing amounts of television I’m watching (although, I have yet to start Game of Thrones…)

One thing that is always exciting in my life, however, is all the new places to eat I get to discover. That’s why I’ve decided to start The Food Diaries, because what better way to document my love of food? (Other than on Instagram)

And so, to mark the first post of ’The Food Diaries’, my first entry will be about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant and Market.

“It’s all about the shrimp”

It really, really is. When I was younger I was actually allergic to shrimp, but I’ve now outgrown this allergy, and I am so glad because it made me appreciate Bubba even more. Not only that, but Bubba is inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump, which is one of my favourite films of all time.

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

When one of my friends suggested it as a place for our little catch ups we have in our group, I immediately said yes as soon as I browsed the website. Usually I can choose what I want before I go from looking at their menu, but let me tell you this… Bubba’s menu is extensive. And the pictures just make you want to drool all over the place.

One of the highlights of Bubba is the merchandise store. Downstairs they had merchandise for the restaurant including t-shirts, iPhone cases and stuffed animals. They even had a bench with a briefcase and a box of chocolates where you take pictures! What I really liked was that with the drink I ordered, I was able to go to the store and get a free glass to take home 🙂

The setup is cool, as well. Once your seated, your waiter will explain to you how everything works. They have a flip board that says ‘Run, Forrest, Run’ and ‘Stop, Forrest, Stop’. When you’re ready to order you flip the board to Stop and when you don’t need anything you flip it to Run. I loved it! Alongside the main menus, they have table tennis bats with the drinks menu.


After a lot of “hmm’ing” and “ahh’ing”, I opted for Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken with a skewer of shrimp. The menu describes it best: “Boneless Breast of Chicken, fresh golden Corn and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy…better than you can imagine!”


Food has made me happy a numerous amount of times, and let me tell you – I was so happy when the food arrived. Along with my Tennessee Iced Tea, I was in heaven. What was even better was when I moved aside a piece of chicken and revealed more mashed potato. Oh lawd. The chicken was the perfect amount of fried and crispy, the gravy was delicious and don’t even get me started on the mashed potato. I absolutely loved the skewer of shrimp, especially with the lemon squeezed on it.

Service was excellent, food and drinks were excellent and I can definitely say that I will be back to visit. I definitely would love to try the starters and their desserts. Also, they play Forrest Gump on their TVs on repeat. You can’t get any better than that.

Unit 75 Trocadero
13 Coventry Street

T: 0203 7635 288