This will probably be the last food post I do for New York. I would talk about The Halal Guys, but there’s only so much I can write about them. Basically, it’s chicken over rice and a helluva lot of special sauce. It’s soo good and so cheap, and it will fill you up!

Anyway, the last place I’ll be writing about is Dallas BBQ. They have several branches, but I visited the one in Brooklyn and can I just say it was the bomb diggity.

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Finally, after 3 months, we have come to the end of my New York travel series. Looking back on my previous posts make me very nostalgic, and I can’t wait to visit New York again!

My last few days in New York were very lowkey and mostly spent with family. Mutay flew back home on the Sunday, and after my cousin and I dropped her off at the airport we drove back home and I chilled for a bit. It felt a bit weird to not have Mutay around anymore, but I guess it would because we were in such close proximity for a while. Haha.

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