That’s the presents unwrapped, the turkey eaten, the pigs in blankets devoured, all of the films watched. That’s Christmas done for another year! Can’t lie, I’ve definitely eaten enough to feed a small army today, not mention drank so much Moscato that it’s practically pouring out of my ears.

I hope you all had a magical Christmas, wherever you are in the world ~ 2018 is around the corner, so let us all wish for the best in the upcoming New Year.

PS. Doctor Who was pretty good this year. Scream for Lethbridge-Stewart. Scream because we have finally got rid of Steven Moffatt. Scream because of the new Doctor’s Yorkshire accent.

PPS. That’s Weekmas done and dusted! I hope you all enjoyed. I will be back New Year’s Eve with my year round up post πŸ’•

Merry Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow is officially Christmas — are you ready?! I literally just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Since finishing work up for the holidays, I have eaten a ridiculous amount that it’s no wonder that I don’t look like a small whale, right now. I mean as I am typing this, I am eating πŸ˜‚ That’s my favourite part of Christmas, not that I need an excuse, but the amount of food consumption. To be fair, I should be careful though because I have definitely started to feel the effects of eating too much… At the moment, though, can’t stop, won’t stop!

This week, I’ve had three Friendsmas gatherings and they have been so wonderful. On Thursday, a few work colleagues gathered at our friend’s house and we cooked, drank and ate and it was so nice. We had a whole feast going on including: roast beef, potato bake, mac and cheese, honey roasted parsnips, brussel sprouts, pigs in blankets, quiche, fried chicken and lumpia. We also had sticky toffee pudding and custard for dessert, which was so so yummy. 

My Secret Santa at work got me a framed picture of Rick from Rick & Morty with Szechuan sauce and some drawing pens. πŸ˜­πŸ’•

On Friday, I went down to Dirty South in Lewisham for me and my friends’ annual Secret Santa dinner. We originally wanted to go to a place for actualy Christmas dinner, but most places wanted you to put down 50% deposit and yadda yadda. I suggested we go to Dirty South instead where they do Other Side Fried burgers. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen me posting quite a bit about these burgers. They are soooo delicious. I went for the Honey Butter burger (fried chicken, smoked honey butter, bacon, pickles, lettuce) and Dirty Fries (bacon, parmesan, hot sauce, ranch sauce). Nom, nom, nom. 

My Secret Santa got me Harry Potter socks, a Harry Potter mug and a Doctor Who mini calendar which I will definitely be using at work. Thank you, πŸŽ…πŸΎ πŸ’•

Last night, a few uni friends and I gathered and again we cooked, drank, ate and played Cards Against Humanity to show everyone just how depraved we are. Our feast included: turkey with stuffing, pigs in blankets, yorkshire puddings with gravy, sweet potato hash, mac and cheese, vegetables and lumpia. We also had gateau for dessert and there was plenty of wine and rose flowing, as well. It was such a lovely evening, and I was absolutely shattered by the time I got home.

Do you have any special gatherings with your friends during the Christmas period?

I wanted to go to several markets to write for this post, but I only managed to visit one with my mum the other day.

Nevertheless, I had fun wandering around Borough Market and looking at all the goodies the sellers had on display. I love grabbing a mulled wine from one of the stalls and browsing what’s for sale. With 14 different herbs and spices, the mulled wine I chose was so delicious. I also managed to pick up some fudge from Whirld and beer sticks from Canon & Canon. I also got to smell some truffles, whilst my mum was in the background telling me that they look like poop πŸ˜‚ We passed by a barbershop quartet who were singing Christmas songs, as well. So, so lovely. The market itself was decorated beautifully and I loved the Christmas trees they had up 😍 

There are still some markets running after Christmas, so I definitely want to hit those up. Took a few photos on my trip to Borough Market, so enjoy. Do you like going to markets? If so, what’s your favourite thing about them?

My mum is always in charge of the Christmas tree and I just realised that I haven’t posted any pictures of our tree anywhere on social media!

This year she went for a silver and red theme and as always it turned out amazing 😍

I also mentioned that I decorated a mini tree for my desk at work, and my mum picked up some mini decorations for me. I also managed to nab some fairy lights from Poundland and with the spare tinsel I wrapped some fairy lights around it and put it on my screen!

What does your Christmas tree look like? Do you go for real or fake?

I absolutely love Christmas films because they always get me in the spirit. I love tucking myself into bed in my onesie and surrounding myself with snacks whilst I watch one of my favourite films. I did this the other day when I watched Christmas Prince on Netflix and oh my gosh… what an absolute sh*te film, but yet I still watched it the whole way through πŸ˜‚ Anyway, here are my top 5 Christmas films (in no particular order (Okay, well if you read my posts in 2015 then you’ll know Love Actually is no. 1, but whatever whatever))

Elf (2003)

I remember watching this for the first time and thinking the spaghetti that Buddy made was absolutely amazing. Until I got older and realised it would give me a heart attack, diabetes and a stomach ulcer all at the same time. Nevertheless, I love this film and it never fails to make me laugh – especially the escalator scene. 

Bad Santa (2003)

Game for you, guys. Place a Santa hat on the corner of your TV screen when you watch this film (or any film in fact) and take a shot every time it looks like someone is wearing the hat. I promise you it’s a fun time. I actually only watched this film for the first time last year and I was left wondering why I hadn’t watched it sooner. Billy Bob Thornton is absolute class as Willie and I adore the little kid who is always fixing sandwiches. Me AF.

Nativity! (2009)

Honestly, it’s one of those crappy British films but it’s still one of my favourites mainly because of Martin Freeman. Also, it’s based in Coventry which is where I went to university — so maybe a touch of nostalgia? Haha. I love how out of control the film gets all for a primary school nativity play. I mean, really? A Hollywood producer is going to turn a primary school nativity play into a film? I’m screaming. It’s absolutely ludicrous, but would it be a Christmas film without some element of lunacy?

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

Seriously showing my age here, but I have this film on VHS. V-H-bloody-S. The film is actually as old as I am and it’s such a classic in my eyes. I’m sure we all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and this film is basically that story but with muppets! It’s such a heartwarming film (except for the sad parts like poor Tiny Tim 😒) and I love that it has a happy ending, as all Christmas films should. Also, yay for Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog having children. So freaking cute.

Love Actually (2003)

*makes weird strangled noises*

Okay, right. I’ve written about this before but Love Actually is actually my favourite Christmas film ever. Whenever it gets to around late November I start getting excited because it’s Love Actually Season πŸ˜ I don’t know what it is about this film but it just makes me so, so happy every time I watch it (except the part where Jamie basically loses most of his manuscript — that part gave me heart palpitations) and I love the ensemble cast and all of the plot lines within the film. You can read here my 5 reasons you should watch this film ASAP. Be it for Martin Freeman as a nude stand-in (yes, that is right) or Emma Thompson’s acting that will break your heart, find some time this Christmas to watch Love Actually and prepared to go on a rollercoaster of emotions. 😭

What are some of your favourite Christmas films?