My last post of 2017 mainly focused on what had happened in the year and ended with a couple of questions about what I’ll be doing in terms of self-improvement/self-love/self-care. I really enjoyed answering those questions and it felt good to write everything down. I feel like with writing those answers and publishing them on my blog for everyone to see, I must now be held accountable. 

This post will focus on my actual goals for 2018. I FaceTimed my cousin last night, and she really inspired me with her own goals for the year. She said that she feels like this year is going to be her year and I feel the same way. I can feel it in my bones (and not just because it’s cold)!

I recently tweeted a few things I’m looking to do this year, and I’m looking forward to taking steps to achieve these things:

✨ Speak things into existence
✨ Remove negativity in my life
✨ Get a jar and when something good happens, write it down and put it in
✨ Make a vision board
✨ Buy a new planner

I am a bit late in getting my planner for this year, but I finally ordered one after researching for about 2 hours for one that I think will help me with my journey. I found Trigg Life Mapper, which seems promising. 

“Each week you write down your goals – categorised into “self”, “work”, “passion”, “relationships”  – and the action you will take. You get a day-to-a-page format with space at the top to prioritise that day’s tasks, with bullet points for appointments underneath. On a Sunday, it asks you to reflect back on the week and note what you’re grateful for. There’s a six-month review in June then at the end of the year, you are encouraged to take stock of what you have achieved.” – Independent, 10 best 2018 planners

I feel like it echoes the Happiness Planner I have, but at half the price. Whilst I really enjoyed the Happiness Planner, I think it is time for me to try something new. I will most likely post my first impressions on Instagram, so keep an eye out on that. 

My goals for this year are probably similar to many others because they mostly include health, fitness, personal growth. The strides I took in 2017 definitely laid the foundations for helping me with my goals and I am super excited!

Finish my first draft

This is different to finishing my book because it is a long process to get to the final product. I want to at least have a first draft completed by the end of February, which I think is definitely possible. There’s also the fact that I have 50k+ words already written of my story, so that’s a nice little headstart. I’ve already made progress with writing up character backstories and timelines, and I plan to keep track of all this via a thread I started last year:

This is the first time in a long time I’ve been excited about one of my plots. I have (or had) this habit of starting stories and never getting around to finishing them. I know exactly how I want this story to end, so let’s see what happens!

Dress more like a grown up

I was having this conversation with Mutay last night, and this goal may sound a bit funny but honestly, it is something that needs to be done. Whenever I go to work I genuinely feel/look like one of the college kids that I see roaming around outside Sainsbury’s. I don’t much care for clothes, I’ll be honest, but I feel like I need to start dressing my age. Ready for my glow up, 2k18.

Somebody just needs to buy me a whole wardrobe, though.

Maintain relationships 

I have pretty strong relationships with the people in my life and I just want to keep that going, really. This means making time for people. I know this can be difficult with school or work or other social commitments, but if those people are important to you then you will make the time. 

I am hoping to get out a bit more this year and whether this will garner new, lasting connections, we’ll have to see, but it would be nice. There are so many interesting people in this world and I love hearing other people’s perspectives, as well.

Implement healthy habits

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. I started off really well with exercising and healthy eating last year and then I fell off the bandwagon several times, and then it got to October, I want to say, and bam. I was just straight sitting on the road going nowhere.

I stopped making my own healthy lunches and would either grab a meal deal from Sainsbury’s or bring in last night’s leftovers which usually consisted of a lot of rice. I haven’t been to the gym in months. I’ve only recently started drinking water diligently, again.

My skin has suffered because of my laziness, and it’s gotten to a point where I know that I need to do better. Not just because I want a hot bod but because if I don’t actually look after my body then my eczema flares up and it just makes life really hard. So, I’m writing it down now – I WILL MAKE BETTER HEALTH DECISIONS IN 2018.

Work on my portfolio

I have had for how many years now, and aside from posting a bit on there, I’ve largely left it abandoned. I want to revamp it, add new content, all sorts – I know I want this domain to be a portfolio, but I don’t know what direction I want it to take. Keep an eye out for updates!

Get into a strong blogging habit

Again, last year I started off really strong, had a bit of a wobble mid-year and then sort of got back on it towards the end. I definitely want to put more time and effort on my blog this year, as I do feel like it has been neglected a bit. Also, actually catch up on the blogosphere because I’m really behind on posts/comments. 

I have many goals I want to achieve this year including more travelling, but I feel like that one’s a given. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel like this is the year to achieve everything! I know I can achieve these goals if I put my mind to it, and as above, I’m going to be doing more speaking things into existence. 🗣️

We’re 7 days into the new year and I’ve already found my theme tune of 2018.

I feel like I should be playing End of the Road – Boyz II Men whilst you guys read this post. You know what? Here, have the video.

So, it’s finally the end of February and looking back I can’t believe what a roller coaster it has been! I have done so many exciting things in just one month and I’m glad you guys were there whilst I documented it.

Here are a few February highlights:

1. Got to see Childish Gambino in concert
2. Joined OkCupid
3. Went on a date with someone I met on OkCupid
4. Started a new internship
5. Started a new blog with my best friend
6. Had some crazy, fun times and met some awesome new people!

I’m looking forward to what next month brings me, even though it’ll be tight money-wise for me. I probably won’t be posting as much next month, as I feel that I need to take a break but it’s been fun getting back into the flow of blogging. Doing ‘Blog Everyday in February’ made me realise how much I missed blogging and made me remember how much I used to blog when I was younger. That makes me sound older than I actually am, but you know what I mean 🙂

I’m hoping to still do Wreck This Journal Wednesday but that depends on how busy I get. There’s one page where it tells you to hand the book in public and let people doodle on the page, so I definitely want to do that and possibly record it.

Anyways, until the next post, it was fun writing for you guys everyday this February. Hope you have a wonderful March!

Happy Sunday, everybody!

Deux Ville Filles may not be grammatically correct and I apologise if we have offended any French people but Deux Ville Filles is a new blog that my best friend, Mutay, and I have started.

It hasn’t officially opened yet but I’m very excited for it and wanted to blog about it. We’ll be blogging about anything and everything! It will be a log about our lives living in the city, but also keeping up with current events in the news, etc. I will post a link once we are up and running, but I hope my readers can support our endeavour.

Lots of love :*

I’ve always been a little superstitious. This is why I like to keep some things secret because I think that if everyone knows then they’ll jinx it. Despite this I think that that is a whole load of hooey, now.

I had an interview to be a digital content intern at a business media company called UBM a couple of weeks ago. The position was to be held for 6 months and paid. I told quite a few people about this interview. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it which, because of my superstitious self, I thought was because I told too many people. However, they did give me a link to a recruitment agency and a lady called me a couple of weeks ago offering a position as a PA (personal assistant) at the Shard.

For those that don’t know, the Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe. It’s literally going to be the highlight of London in a couple of years and so far, there are already office spaces, a high class restaurant and public viewing galleries offering a 360 degree view of London. In a couple of week two more restaurants are going to open and they’re going to have a five star Shangri-la hotel around July (the first in Europe) and really cool residences.

It’s all so exciting and I would LOVE to work there. When I went for my interview last week we were on the 23rd floor and the view was astonishing. I didn’t tell that many people about my interview, so I thought, “Okay, I’m totally going to get it!”. Silly superstitious Chynna. My employment advisor called me to say I didn’t get the position and I was so disheartened and also realised that my superstitions were very stupid. However, I got another call this afternoon that the director was still semi considering me and now I’ve got another interview for Wednesday!

I also have an interview tomorrow to be either a food runner (basically a waitress) at a restaurant called Aqua in the Shard or a receptionist for their branch in Regent Street. So many interviews and I am actually pissing it. I was so nervous for my one last week and I think it showed and now I have two this week. Fingers crossed I get something!

There’s also news of an opportunity to work at an architect firm doing admin work as well blogging for them and other social media management which is something that I’m really good at and done before but I’m not sure what is happening with that. My employment advisor said she’d let me know whatever happens with that but it sounds pretty good as well.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my writing which is something that I haven’t done in ages because I’ve been so busy with university. It feels good to be writing and blogging again. I’ve missed it a lot.

I’ve also been able to catch up on my TV shows – I finally caught up with Game of Thrones just in time to watch the new episode that came out yesterday. I am still in shock of what happened in that episode, though. I was fully not expecting it. At all. My friends and I are in deep mourning and I am not exaggerating in the slightest.  x_x I also started watching Hannibal which I LOVE, despite Hugh Dancy’s bizarre American accent. I’ll forgive him, though, because he is actually English. Hannibal is such a charismatic man, like I can’t even. Every time someone goes to his house, though, I find myself shouting at my screen that they’re about to be served human organs. Sigh. I am so glad that it’s been renewed for a second season.

Also, in the past two days I have whizzed through 2 seasons and a Christmas special of Downton Abbey. Initially when I first saw it being aired I didn’t think it would be my thing but I decided to take the plunge and Jesus, this show is amazing! It’s very character driven so you end up falling in love with most of the characters and when anything bad happens to them you feel so torn up. Or at least I have. I don’t think I’ve shouted more at my screen in these past two days. I started season 3 today and I’m already on episode 4. I’m not even ashamed.

I also started reading Fight Club the other day, which I’ve nearly finished. I’ve already watched the film, so I know the surprise at the end but the book is really well-written and I would definitely recommend it.

Other than those life updates, I haven’t much else to say! Wish me luck in my interviews, though  :heart:

Once again, I have dropped off the face of the blogosphere and for that I apologise. I don’t really have any excuses – I’m just really lazy. There have been times where I’ve wanted to blog but I was just like, “It’s cool, there’s always tomorrow.” So, what have I been up to since my last post?

I have officially finished my second year of university. Sh*t just got real, yo. I am going into my third and final year of university. Do you know how scary that is? VERY. Why? Because when I finish I won’t be a student anymore. I will just be unemployed. I will just be there. View Post