seriously, don’t even go there.

*EDIT: LINK TO POST WITH STORY ASSOCIATED WITH THIS POST IS HERE (if i didn’t give you the password, you may feel free to ask me what it is and i’ll give it to you. ask nicely, though)*

After a lot of dodging and avoiding replying back to comments (I am really sorry but you know how lazy I am), I’ve finally grabbed some time out of thin air to write a new post. I can tell you one thing… I feel like I’ve been in uni for way longer than I actually have been. SO much has happened in such a short amount of time – some uni related, some personal related. Everything is just cray and moving so fast.

(Just found out I’m going Manchester to get wasted for a friend’s 21st. HELLO.)

I seriously want to write all that has happened since I last blogged but I think that it’s going to take more than one blog post or I just might make a page and write down the shenanigans that have occurred.

Of course, a guy is involved. This is me we are talking about and anything dramatic that happens in my life always involved a guy. But my friend is also involved, so it’s hitting a little closer to home than usual. Sigh. My life is an actual shambles. The thing is this wouldn’t be a situation if she had just told me what we aaallllll know she wanted to say but because we’re girls, she didn’t. Side eye.

I think I’ll just write all this out in a private blog post for you all to read and give out the password to certain people. I know out of my friends, only Mutay knows my URL but you never know. People are sneaky fucks – which I learnt the hard way.

SEE ALSO:  I always seem to say sorry, nowadays.

Anyways, once you read the blog post you’ll be pleased to know that I have washed myself off the situation. Obviously, I can’t completely remove myself but I’m so far on the edge I might as well not be included. It’s ridiculous how detached guys can be from things. I also wish I wasn’t so emotional. Especially when drunk. Ugh. I think me and relationships are obviously not meant to be. I mean there’s the guy who had a girlfriend, then there was the guy who I actually thought liked me but then turned around and had some thing with this girl who lives in Canada, and now this.

It’s not that I want a boyfriend, I just want someone to talk to. You know what I mean? Like, yeah sure I can talk to Mutay and my close friends but I just want that connection, you know? I’m only human. We all have needs. Haha.

Anyway, let me keep this short and sweet and stop lamenting as usual. Hopefully a new blog next week. Till then.


  1. October 27, 2012 / 12:17 pm

    Hi! Just saw your comment in one of my blog posts 😀

    I believe you are a KathNiel fan. 🙂

    Let me translate to you what he said:

    Daniel: I’m so happy because I’m so blessed. I’m so thankful for all the support I’m receiving from fans and also for future supporters *chuckles*

    Q: So, what’s the real score between you and Kathryn?

    Daniel: Steady. Steady lang (doesn’t mean they are ‘going steady’) That’s all I can say. Chill lang.

  2. November 1, 2012 / 4:32 am

    Hmm..your site looks different. lol 🙂 Hello! Sorry to hear about all the problems you’re having… I’ve never dealt with the same problems I can’t offer any help 🙁

  3. November 2, 2012 / 3:06 am

    It sucks that you’re going through a rough time. Obviously I don’ know exactly what is going on, but I’m sure it’s hard nonetheless.

    I’m sure things will work out in the end!

  4. November 3, 2012 / 6:17 pm

    When you’re busy with stuff, you’re bound to be lazy with other things.. I’m in the same boat with school so I’m trying to catch up to comments the best way possible. Hope you will have fun going to Manchester for your friend’s 21st! 🙂

    I hope things are going to work out for you. People are sneaky people! That’s why I don’t really blog about everything that happened! Plus, I don’t really want to blog about some really private things so I suppose that’s a said thing for me.

    Things happen for a reason; which some ends up to be life lessons. When the real opportunity comes for you to meet a man that will stay forever and ever, you can apply what you learned and be an awesomest girlfriend there is to existence! 🙂 So basically… You want a guy friend who you’re going to treat as a brother? I have some of those, and I can’t really talk to them about certain topics :/.

    I always study but I end up getting bad grades!!! It sucks so much D’:!

    I was about to ask you for the password before. But thank you for the password c:. I edited your comment to remove the password just in case some sneaky people try to access that private post and stuff.

    Good luck and take care 🙂

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