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It’s nearly 4AM in the morning but I felt the need to blog, so I’m going to go ahead and blog. How’s China, you may ask? It’s FANTASTIC – I’ve made a great addition to the Chinese population with my crazy self. I’ve actually been pretty this past week because of classes and stuff, but we have a week off because of National Holiday, so I thought I’d take the time to blog.

Classes have been good, if you like the whole school thing. Ha, joking. We have a class called ‘Comparative Journalism’ which is really interesting, although I’ve noticed the teacher seems to wear the same tshirt every lesson, and we watched a documentary called ‘The War You Don’t See’ basically about the war in Iraq and such and about the media withholding certain information from the public because they want to show the army in a good light and make it seem as if they are doing this for their country, so more people will join. Propaganda, much? Ugh. It was pretty interesting – definitely suggest you watch it.

Ayo’s Chinese helper, Sapphire, took us to the market yesterday which was a whole new experience. When we thought market, we thought outdoors like back at home but this like in a building and has 3 floors. The third floor is the most expensive, hence why when we went up there, there was hardly anyone shopping on that floor. Anyway, I got a little way excited because things were quite cheap… and well, you know the story. There shoes are funny over here though because they have fake Converse and Nike – hilarious, because Converse has been renamed to Sheng Bu or something like that. Can’t even.

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When we were waiting outside the toilets (another story, we had to search for a toilet because the first one we went to REEKED. I think I nearly threw up in my mouth, it was that disgusting), two Chinese girls came up to me and started speaking to me. At first I was like, “What the hell is going on?” and then I realised that they wanted to practice their English on me. So sweet. One more girl came up to us and she was practicing her English as well, which was pretty good I might add, and I ended up exchanging numbers with two of them. Their English names were Apple and Snow. I wanted to cry because just because, who names themselves that? Ah, they are so endearing.

Yesterday, my loan came in – so I kind of went shopping again, this time going to the shops nearer the campus. Good or bad idea, I’m still figuring that out. I ended up with more clothes and a gilet, one I’ve been looking for for ages and oh my, it’s so nice and I have no regrets in spending 525 yuan on it. Ha.

The other week we got invited to play ping pong by our two friends in our CCS class, Rachel and Xie, which was actually so much fun. At first, I was crap. Now I’m definitely getting better and can actually hit the ball without looking like a moron. Ayo and I even have our own rackets now! We’ll definitely be playing more ping pong this holiday – we’ll hopefully going to Shanghai as well but I’m not sure what’s happening the planning on that. We’re still in the hotel as well…

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