No, see – it doesn’t work like that.

Is it impossible for a girl and a guy to be friends without people questioning whether they ‘like like’ each other? I am fucking sick of the shit that is going down within the group and I so badly want to go home. I’ve pretty much ‘done’ China now – I’ve been to Shanghai, I’ve been to Beijing, I’ve learn the basics of Mandarin – SO, SOMEBODY TAKE ME THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE DAMN PLACE NOW.

You’re probably thinking, “Chynna, take a chill pill! The last post I read, you sounded quite alright,” that was until all the shit started going down and I found out there are some real bitches in the group. It makes me laugh because the majority of the group comprises of guys. They are actually bitches. Especially this one guy who I’ll call P. That’s not the initial of his first name, by the way. Anyway, P is an absolute prick and a half. He constantly goes on about sex, shagging one of the other guy’s in the group’s wife, and just general stuff that would make you really uncomfortable. My roommate reckons he fancies me because there was one night where we all got drunk and we may have nearly got it on (regrettably) and since then my roommate has noticed little things he’s said that makes it seem like he likes me.

Please, God. No. I don’t want this attention – he’s a dickhead. Maybe if I didn’t know him, I would – because, he’s not that badlooking but after being in close proximity with this guy for nearly 4 months – no fucking way.

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Him and this other guy (we’ll call him D) constantly tease me as well. CONSTANTLY. They make comments about how I’m short, when was the last time you went down, you’re from Brazil, making fun of the way I talk and P is always going on about how I want to get with D. I FUCKING WELL DO NOT. He’s recently switched to making comments about me and this other guy, M. M is like a big brother or a gay best friend and he has a girlfriend; as if I would put myself through that. Fuck your life. Go find your dick and suck it.

Even roommate was like, “Oh, I can see why they think you like him,” Erm, no. I hate it! Why can’t two people just be friends even if they are guy and girl? It’s fucking stupid.

Also, recent revelations and revealed that D and P apparently bitch about my roommate and I. I cannot take this anymore. I can’t be dealing with their shit and there’s some shit that Rob has started and I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. I just really want to go home. Now. Please?



  1. December 30, 2011 / 2:45 pm

    I know how you feel. I have been in a similar position. Now that I look back at it, I just think they were immature. I hate the feeling people think you like them and they tease you about it. And it’s hard for other people to understand you’re just friends with a guy and that you don’t like like him. All we can do is ignore it because if we play a part in it, people would think you like like that person or drama starts happenin’. All I can say is ignore it and you’re way more mature then they are. : Sorry I am of no help.

  2. January 2, 2012 / 2:28 pm

    WTF that is horrible. I hate those kinds of drama and girl and guy can be friends (best friends is another matter) but ugh, they sound like jerks. I do hope that you get better company when you get back! GO GOOO!! >:D< Happy 2012 though!!

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