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hiee everybody, chynna has been haked by mutay *hacked*
bahahaha 🙂 im so cool, everybody rules


Excuse me whilst I berate myself, yet again, for being such a bad blogger. And will you look at that it’s already the 4th January 2010. It’s weird that it’s now 2010, end of the “Noughties” as they dubbed it in ’09. Although, I hadn’t heard of that term until last year, actually. People think they’re so funny, coming into the shop on New Year’s Eve and saying, “See you next year!” and then they’ll grin like idiots. Oh yeah, I’m laughing so hard my sides are splitting…

Oh, why hello there new layout for 2010. Excuse the soddy navigational system. I’ll fix it later.

Hello, new new layout for 2010. Credits: 1 2 3

I’ve gone into mourning. I mean in my head – and a little outwardly too. I know it sounds weird but you kind of get what I mean? I’m still getting over the fact that David Tennant is no longer the Doctor. Oh, you should have seen me on New Years Day. I was in floods of tears, tissues laying everywhere, the remainders of my popcorn left because I was too absorbed with Who to eat. David Tennant will always be my Doctor. Had a chat on Facebook with my friend today and we were both mourning over the loss of David Tennant. He doesn’t like the new guy, Matt Smith, but to be honest, I quite like him. Granted, not as much as David Tennant but for a person to play the Doctor I think they made the right decision.

My first reaction, however, when DT had regenerated in Matt Smith was, “Oh my Lord, he’s got a receding hairline,”. I mean, I’d seen it before in pictures but seeing as I was practically sitting on the TV, it was just a tad more prominent. His exclamation of, “I’m a GIRL!” made me laugh out loud but I think he over-exaggerated with the GERONIMO! Nevertheless, I’m willing to give him a chance and besides I’m going to be preordering Who specials and getting series 1- 4 boxset from Play.com. So, when I’m feeling for some of the Tennant, in pops the DVD. I’m especially excited for series 5 of Who, though – since I’ve watched the preview trailer. It looks so good.

He looks rather young though. Hmm, never mind. He is the youngest Doctor, at 27, so yeah.

Don’t even ask me about my coursework. This is not a good way to start 2010, with overdue coursework but me, being me – well, I guess that’s what I get for being a lazy arse and sitting around playing Sims 3 all day and eating too much for my own damn good. (Is it really my fault that I like palitaw, so much? Recalling a conversation with my mother: Mum: Chynnaaaaa, if you don’t control yourself you’ll get PAT Me: Yes, Ma *sulk* My mum then proceeds to go make fried chicken and lumpia. Right-o, and you don’t want me to get fat. Snort.).

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I have however managed to write the first chapter. I’m dabbling into the scifi genre, which I’ve never done before (surprisingly). I’m going to put the first chapter in this post before I post in the stories section. Just let me know what you think


1: Meet Ace

Ace felt to punch the guy that was currently standing in front of her. A few seconds ago, she had been all gung-ho about the situation feeling it necessary. But now she wasn’t so sure. Especially now that the skinny idiot had decided to go and get guns involved,

“You just had to get out the extrapolators, didn’t you?” she snarled, her eyes glazing over with a golden hue as she did so. To her tiniest satisfaction her partner shrank back a little and a little fear was portrayed in his dark brown eyes,

“Need I remind you, yet again, that the extrapolators are only used in the dire emergencies? I had it all under control, until you had to go barging in with those hefty metal contraptions acting like you own the place,” she took a step closer to him, and proceeded to prod him in the chest, “This is your fault. I will not be dealing with your mess. Now, fix it before I do something we’ll both regret,” And with that she stomped over to the other side of the room and started fiddling with a bunch of red and blue wires whilst muttering under her breath.

Being the youngest, at the age of 18, of the team, Ace was sometimes viewed as immature and too rash in her actions. Certainly, that was what Director Mason was thinking right now as she eyed Ace who was currently pacing up and down, ranting about how her latest mission had gone wrong due to her partner’s so-called stupidity. Mason had had enough,

“Ace! Sit down and shut up,” Mason said, raising her voice only slightly but with such authority it caused Ace to stop in her tracks and look at her superior officer sheepishly,

“Sorry, Director,” she muttered before taking a seat in front of her desk. Ace started biting the skin on the pad of her thumb, a sure sign that she was nervous. She didn’t know what was going to happen to her. Certainly she knew it was the wrong move to storm into the Director’s office and start mouthing off. She sighed inwardly; she sometimes wished she didn’t have such a big gob,

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“Ace,” the Director said, softly, “I know you feel the mission went… haywire because of your partner’s doing. You have to realise though that here every employee is taught how to use a gun as soon as they enter the Academy. I know you have an aversion to using guns but you have to keep in mind that your other colleagues have been taught to fight this way,” she paused to see the effect her words were having on Ace, and saw that she looked torn, “Now, I’m not going to punish you,” Ace’s shoulders sagged in relief, “But, we have a new guy who has recently joined our force. He needs a partner. I’m assigning you, seeing as you don’t have one anymore,”

Ace positively glowered,

“So, really you’re saying, “Ace, go babysit the new guy!”” she said, somewhat angrily. Why did she have to get stuck with these mundane jobs? Knowing her luck, this guy was probably thick and trigger happy with guns,

“No, you are going to show him the ropes. Not babysit him,” Mason said, patiently. She had a feeling that Ace wouldn’t be too happy with being dumped with the new guy but someone had to show him around and Ace seemed like the perfect candidate. A small smile tugged at her lips as she watched Ace stomp out of the room, muttering to herself,

“I should have gone freelance,”

“So, tell me about this guy,” Ace said, as she walked beside her best friend, Lawrence. Currently they were going to meet the new guy and Ace was dreading it. She didn’t need a partner! Why couldn’t these people just leave her to do missions on her own? They very well knew she was capable of it.

Lawrence flipped a sheet of paper over on his clipboard and scanned down the page,

“Goes by the name of Ark. He’s just turned 19 and apparently he was the top student in his class at the Academy,”

Ark? What kind of name was Ark? Ace voiced her opinion to her friend,

“Beats me. But if you ask me, it makes him seem more mysterious,” Lawrence waggled his eyebrows for effect and laughed as he dodged Ace’s punch in the arm, “I’m only saying. And besides, there’s no picture with his file. Wonder why that is?”

Ace only rolled her eyes and muttered, “Don’t care, just want to get this over with.” Lawrence chuckled and ruffled his best friend’s already messy hair. Both of them reached a sliding door and Lawrence pressed his hand on the panel to the right to gain them access,

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“Now, be nice. No swearing. And certainly, no fighting,” he whispered under his breath to Ace as they entered the room. Ace proceeded to glare at him before returning her eyes to the floor and stuffing her hands in her pocket. Lawrence rolled his eyes at her bratty ways. She was so stubborn sometimes.

Ace eyed the floor like it was the most interesting thing in the world. She didn’t want to see this new guy too soon. With any luck he was ugly too. Not that she cared but it had been such a long time since she looked at a guy in that way. She used to look at Lawrence in that way when they first met. Before he told her he was gay. That turned her chances to zero. Since then, she had been too busy to look at guys. She had better things to do with her life, if she was honest,

“Ace, meet Ark,” she heard Lawrence say. Slowly she lifted her head, already preparing the deathly glare she was going to throw at this guy but was rendered speechless with what she saw. And oh boy, there it was… that word vomit where she couldn’t control was she was saying,

“OH MY GOD. You’re GINGER!” she exclaimed, slapping a hand to her mouth mere seconds afterwards.


Humm, I like the last line. I chuckled when I wrote that – I’ve always wanted to include that in one of my stories somehow. And no, I have nothing against gingers. And besides, Ark’s ginger is like full blown ginger. Complete with freckles and pale skin. And then you have this mess of… ginger ontop. Well, that’s what I’m picturing. [“Rude, and not ginger“]. Haha. His ginger is so vivid you could spot it a mile away. Cough.

The Doctor and Rose Tyler in my Sims 3 are doing spectacularly, in case you were wondering and now have a baby boy named David Tyler. Mutay asked, why not David Doctor? But seriously. Ha.

Mutay came around today, hence the little message on top. She thought it would be fun to hack my Facebook and blog. M’eh. Twas fun today, we played Wii in which I proceeded to beat her arse. Regrettably, not all the time.  I walked her to the busstop and some guy walked past, I commented that I thoughr it was a woman, “It is,” Mutay said. I burst out laughing when she realised it really was a guy. We were laughing for a good 10 minutes. Oh, the things we laugh at. Lol.

Chynna x

PS. I’m getting my David Tennant calendar soon. Humm, happy bunny indeed.



  1. January 5, 2010 / 1:54 am

    The trailer looks cool. I don’t know but it reminds me Harry Potter and Xena.

    “floods of tears, tissues laying everywhere”, lol!!! you kill me.

  2. January 5, 2010 / 1:57 am

    Chynna, I clicked the link at the bottom that say “tokyo punk”
    The link had naked pictures on it 🙁

  3. January 5, 2010 / 3:01 am

    You are happy for being hacked? O.o

  4. January 5, 2010 / 6:58 pm

    The new layout is lovely! I remember that episode! The one with the Wire, am I right? Haha.
    I’m in mourning too, I cried so much when he regenerated, and I cried all the way through the Confidential episode as well xD Especially when Tennant made the speech at the crew and nearly broke down D:
    David Tennant will also always be my Doctor too! 😀

    I think the new Doctor could be okay, but I’ll just always be sat there like “I wish David Tennant was still the Doctor”. He needs to grow eyebrows though haha, I heard someone say as well that he looked like a shoe. x) I can’t really see that but.. Lol xD

    I have all the box sets! I always just stick them on, I’m watching Series 4 as we speak x) I really want to buy the specials disk too, my mum says she’ll get it for me, because I was so distraught on New Year about him leaving but I dunno if she’ll remember. XD
    Do you know when they come out? Will the Christmas/New Year specials be on there?

    That trailer looks pretty good! Not a fan of the geronimo, or the gun usage. But then again, he’s not the same Doctor as Tennant portrayed- though, I think that’s more like the Doctor, trying to use little violence but, we shall see when we see the actual episodes! I’m excited to see what they’ll be like, with a new writer and everything 😀

    Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be many of us Whovians around, there really need to be, Doctor Who is amazing! x)

    Oh yes, the memories indeed! Did you know that Time Lords only live 13 regenerations? Do you think they’ll stick to that with Doctor Who?

    My obsession is really unhealthy, my friends all think so. Lmao, but yeah, he is definitely a man! Mmm, he’s yummy! I love my David Tennant calendar! Mmmm x) haha

    Awww! A little baby Rose/Doctor 😀 😀 😀 That’s really cute!

  5. January 5, 2010 / 7:00 pm

    Oh, and I love that chapter you wrote! I really want to read more of what happens next!
    I loved the ‘OH MY GOD- YOU’RE GINGER’ line! I love ginger people (my boyfriends one so I kind of have to haha) but that line made me laugh so much!

  6. January 6, 2010 / 7:05 am

    how’s the fansite coming along?

  7. January 6, 2010 / 11:08 am

    Hey Chynna! I’m going to read this entry for good later on, and write a proper comment.
    For now, I only wish to tell you THANKS for the wonderful gift :D, for the visits, and for your friendship! Something happened to me lately, I’ll write it on blog later. It’s gonna be surprising, ahah.

    Take care!

    – Ratty

  8. January 6, 2010 / 1:11 pm

    david tennant isn’t Doctor Who anymore? why did they changed him? i mean his David Tennant’s look has more of a Doctor Who Type while the other one , yeah that matt smith looks, uh, i just can’t imagine him as DW -_-

    anyway i seeeriouslyyyy love your layyyout! it’s like wow, super wow 8D
    congratulations at the demented awards! ^^ your site name was reaaally cool !

  9. January 6, 2010 / 4:22 pm

    NOOOOO!!!! <.> Dr. Who will never be the same again without David Tennant in the role!!! that sucks x( I want him back *sigh*… Even the Doctor in the comic books was taken after him… gah.
    The new actor seems good but yeah… you know…

    P.S. the new layout rocks!! 😀
    P.S.(2) you’ll get to do well with your coursework, don’t worry; it’s always like that after vacations, heh. Oh, I’ll read your new story chapter in the next days 😉

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