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I am thoroughly surprised I haven’t written a blog post about this sooner, to be honest. I mean, it IS a big part of my life. I mean a really big part – so much so that I own an endless amount merchandise, own a RP* Twitter account, RP on forums, reread the books and replay the films time and time again and think that I’m a witch and that I should be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin because of it. You’ve probably caught on the end of what I’m going on about now, right? If you haven’t, AVADA KEDAVRA.

Harry Potter is my childhood. There I said it even though it is the most clichéd thing to say because everybody says it but truthfully, it is — and I will miss it like crazy. The excitement of a new book or film coming out… gone. I love Harry Potter like a fat boy loves cake. It was one of my inspirations to join the writing world because of the magic JK Rowling created. Oh god, I sound like such a sap being all gushy like this. I can’t help it, though! I’m still in Post Potter Depression [PPD], I spend endless amounts of time liking all these HP Facebook pages, watching YouTube videos and reading HP fanfiction. Don’t hate me, ’cause you ain’t me…

Now let’s move onto something else that is supposedly keeping Harry Potter alive, not that it ever really died but you know. This motherfucking Pottermore business. Do you know, I stayed up until MIDNIGHT, like a fool, because I thought that it’d open that time for registration but alas, no. It decided to open at 9AM [BST], so I’m here all clicking up on this stupid quill and registering only to receive my email 3 HOURS later and then telling me that I may have to wait several weeks for my Welcome email. They’d be sending them from mid August to end of September. IT HAS NOW BEEN 5 DAYS SINCE MID AUGUST AND HOW COMES THESE MOTHERFUCKING BITCHES WHO REGISTERED ON FUCKING DAY 7 HAVE ALREADY GOT THEIR EMAILS AND I HAVEN’T?! Le stress on my life. I totally think that it should have been first come, first serve — so the people who registered on Day 1 should have gotten their emails first. Right?!

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Le shake my head, big time. I’ll just sit in the corner with my Draco Malfoy wand forever wishing that I was a witch. Waiting for my Hogwarts letter since 2003. Word.

Chynna x




  1. August 21, 2011 / 2:12 pm

    I love Harry Potter movies and book series too! I just gotten out of the PPD. Oh well… I am still waiting to get into Pottermore. >..<

    I don't know any good fashion blogs but I just started following some fashion twitter accounts. @facehunter seems good so far.

  2. August 21, 2011 / 4:14 pm

    The Potter Generation was not cliche , it was pure fact. We grew up besides that characters and the actors. It was part of our child and had a massive influence on us. There is no doubt about that. Anyone who tries to deny it clearly hasn’t yet seen the media’s influence on people.

    And I am SO in Ravenclaw. WOOH! Slytherin is my least favourite house, to be honest, but I bet you want to be in it just because Tom Felton was. Haha “__”

    Anyways, it is sad that HP is over after all of this. It almost hasn’t dawned on me that there is no more. But I also think that if someone were to try and re-make it or continue it on, it wouldn’t be half as good or worth it. So this is really the end. 🙁

    In response to your comment, I bleddy well wish I was doing my A levels. But no, I’m first year of GCSE’s, and get my results next Thursday. Then I continue to complete all the remaining GCSE exams and get those results next year. Then I’m in Sixth Form. I feel like I’m stuck 2 years behind though, even though I’m not by far good enough to do any AS or A2 exams. And I don’t want to imagine what my results are going to be! >_< Oh god.

    Soph x

  3. August 24, 2011 / 10:18 pm

    Hey Chynna,
    Sorry I disappeared :c I love Harry Potter.

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