Let’s get stuffed.

Shopping in China is definitely an experience in itself. I have never felt so harassed in my life when going shopping. Usually, back at home a sales assistant will ask if you want some help and if you don’t then theyll leave you to it. In China, it’s a different story or it might be different partly for the fact that we are foreigners.

As soon as my friend, Ayo, and I approached the stall of tshirts, two Chinese sales assistants instantly started babbling in Mandarin and shoving random tshirts in our faces, proclaiming they were ‘cute’. I finally decided on this cute Doraemon tshirt and then they shoved me in the direction of the trousers/jeans. I tried on one pair didn’t like it and as soon as I came out of the changing room, she shoved another pair into my hands. I did actually like these ones, so I chose that and one other top.

The problem came when I wanted to pay, these two girls kept persistently coming up to me and waving different tops, shorts, hoodies, anything to try and get me to buy it. It took 15 minutes of shaking my head and finally proclaiming ‘BUSHI!’ for them to get the picture and finally scan my purchases and have me pay.

That was only one shop, and after an hour in there we decided we’d save ourselves the hassle of going to another one and decided to grab something to eat. Sushi. Damn, I’m addicted to the stuff – well, to be honest only the sushi at my favourite restaurant. We’ve already made friends with the waitress who works there and we’ve only been here roughly 2 weeks.

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Here’s another story, as we were walking on our way to get our clothes, etc. three guys on motorbikes went past us and kept looking back which was freaky in itself. As we arrived at the shop, one of the guys had parked his motorbike and was watching us – again, freaky. When we got to the stall, I had picked up a tshirt and proceeded to turn to Ayo to ask what she thought of it and who the hell do I see? This damned guy… again! He was standing really close and it scared the shit out of me, you wouldn’t believe. Goodness.

Classes have been interesting. I had my first evening class on Wednesday which was weird because I mean that’s going to school is the freaking dark and it gets dark around here really quick as well. Got a bit scared walking back from my lesson because it was just like some East Asian horror or something and was half expecting a zombie or a possessed being to jump out, haha. They are a bit long as well because they’re roughly two hours long, it’s hot and I’m sweating like a motherfucking pig… surprised I can even concentrate on the damn lesson to be frank.

One lesson we’ve been learning about Chinese Traditional Culture. Who knew Chinese characters were so hard — there’s so much information to know about it like pictographs and associative compounds. Quite difficult. We’ll see how I do 4 months down the line.

Chynna x



  1. September 19, 2011 / 1:02 pm

    Yeah, I have been very busy with my school work. Oh well. That’s the life of a student.

    Wow. I think the sales people are very eager to get you and your friend to make more purchases. Maybe they will get a higher commission if you buy more?

  2. September 20, 2011 / 10:41 pm

    Hahahaha in Asia, sales assistants have quotas to meet every month. That’s the reason they follow you and stick to you until you buy something. They’re basically your shopping basket >_> If you don’t like it tell them “wo bu xi huan” (I don’t like it), and to stop I guess you could say “gao la” (enough! – bit more rude if said once, say it twice to tone it down.) XDDD (I’m learning mandarin myself but Taiwanese dramas do help picking up the language @_@)
    I love Doraemon though, he’s so cute! I want him irl *___*

    Erm as for the guys on motorbikes I think they’re the motobike taxis. They try to catch your attention and offer you a ride to your destination for a couple of yuan. I don’t really trust them though >_> I’d use the dollar bus 😀 Just don’t give them eye-contact!

    And yes Chinese is the hardest language to learn yet so many people speak it! x.X Hahaha Best of luck with the studying! 😀 Jia you ar!

    Awwwh it’s such a shame you didn’t like clowns! Yeah I did had a lot of fun thanks ^^ Hmmm I guess people will always have a fear of clowns…. I blame films >_w<

    Yes, yes I do! Hate the British weather though. Always so dreary! ;-; I'm in the South East, near Brighton ^_____^ Many thanks for the congrats! :3 Really happy on graduating but really sad on the job seeking front D:

    Will check out Karaoke when I next visit China but I do need some so-called 'friends'… lol!

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