Let’s get some wonton soup.

I have only been in China for a few days and yet it feels like I’ve been here for at least a week. As soon as I stepped off the plane, it still hadn’t sunk in the fact that I am actually in China. To be frank, I don’t think it will until about 2 weeks along the line because it feels like I’m on holiday rather than here to study. I suppose the fact that we have a week off because we start actual lessons isn’t helping but we do have to integrate ourselves in somehow.

I’m loving every single moment that I’ve been here, everywhere I look it’s just so busy and lively and the night life is amazing because there are so many bright lights and rows upon rows of restaurants tempting you with their amazing smelling food. The fact that tonight I just came back from eating out at an extremely fancy looking restaurant and we ordered about 12 dishes and drinks, and it only came up to just under £3 for all of us still amazes me. Just yesterday we ate in the school campus and it cost roughly 70p. Just the mere fact that it’s so cheap is like, wow.

Like I mentioned before, it does feel like I am holiday. We are staying in a really nice hotel, at the moment, but I think once we move into student dorms we’ll be hit with such a culture shock, I suppose. I think the others are having more of a culture shock than I am, to be honest. The fact that they are amazed by the amount of rice they were given the other day made me laugh. I mean, with me being half Asian, it’s practically compulsory for me to eat rice everyday — So, I’m loving the amount of rice we’re being fed.

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I feel that by the end of the 4 months we’ll be living here, I’ll be so skinny because we literally walk everywhere. These people actually eat so much, and I’m wondering why aren’t they fat? It’s because they either ride their bicycle or they walk. Not that I’m complaining, I want to get rid of these thunder thighs.

Being allergic to several hundred things, including nuts, fish and eggs, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything at all but surprisingly there are plenty of dishes that I can eat. I am particularly fond of these steamed buns called mantou. Did you know, today I ate pig’s face? I never, in a million years, thought I’d ever write that sentence but, there you go. I’m excited to try some other foods, especially the street vendors selling their snacks should be an interesting venture.

Overall, my experience has been amazing and I’ve only been here since Sunday. I’ll be blogging more over the next 4 months and I’m so excited to tell you guys how it’s going. Look out for some vide blogs, which will mainly be for the benefit of friends and family who want to see my face. New post by Saturday/Sunday!

Chynna x

PS. There are quite a few sites blocked here in China, so some of your blogs I might not be able to access. Just leave your email and I’ll definitely email you back!


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