If there’s no subtitles…

It’s a little known fact that if something is foreign and it has no subtitles, I will hardly pay attention. This happened the other day when we were invited by my Mandarin teacher to go to the opera. Look, it’s not completely my fault – the Chinese girl sitting next to me tried to explain what the story was but, whilst her English was good, she spoke a little bit slow.

I tried to get the gist but when most of the play consisted of high-pitched singing and duck sounding voices, I kinda zoned and started playing Fruit Ninja on my iPhone. From what the girl said, in the opening scene a woman dreams of the man she loves and then the next scene they meet and he loves her and when they try to get married, they might get killed and blah, blah, blah…

I won’t lie, I’m not a big fan of opera but I thought I’d give it try because 1) I’m in China and, 2) I seriously need to get out of my hotel room and stop watching Cougar Town because that is just anti-social. Western opera is definitely different from Chinese opera, mainly because the Chinese opera has more colourful costumes and painted faces and all that jazz.

I’m meant to be updating my university blog like everyday or something, but honestly with me not doing nothing fun whatsoever, what am I supposed to write? Apparently, one guy in the group is doing like two posts a day. Good Lord, motor mouth much?

Tuesday and Wednesday (today) we had the day off classes because of the Paralympic games which is all well and dandy but yesterday I wasted a whole day on watching Cougar Town and scrolling through endless posts on Tumblr. I have such a thrilling life. Then, today I woke up feeling REALLY sick. I mean nearly falling out of bed and rushing to the toilet to throw-up kind of sick. Terrible. I’m feeling better now (partially because I watched more Cougar Town and started reading Clockwork Angel) but I’ll be glad to get back to classes because I literally do nothing when we are off. I hate when my schedule gets thrown off D:

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We are moving to the student dorms on Friday which I’m actually excited about ONLY because we got to view the dorms before we moved in and, *drum roll please*, we have Western toilets! No hole in ground! The whole hole in the ground thing is too much of a hassle anyway. Grr. Plus, we get a wardrobe each and a desk each which has cute little wooden shelves on top of it. I’ll miss the hotel because the maids come and clean, make our beds and replace the towels but you know, the new place isn’t so bad.

We were meant to be going to Shanghai but we got snaked. I mean, I’ve heard of people snaking and being snaked but it’s never actually happened to me. We were meant to go with one of the guys in our group but he went ahead and went without us. The worst thing is that we saw the day after he apparently went and he was all, “Oh, I’m still up for it!” and then what, 10 minutes later I check my Facebook to find he’s uploaded pictures of when he went Shanghai. Men are the worst. Spineless gits.

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  1. October 12, 2011 / 4:54 pm

    I hate things that don’t have subtitles or something when there’s something foreign going on. It’s not like we’re all geniuses and can figure out what’s going on! Operas are awesome! But it’s if you know what’s going on or just appreciate the aspect of everything even though we have no idea what’s being talked about :P.

    I have Fruit Ninja on my iPhone too! It’s really addicting :(! I love how there’s like a lot of colorufl swords ot choose from :O!

    Hopefully, you’ll be back from your MIA/hiatus whatever and keep on blogging! Tumblr isn’t as fun as the real thing 😛

    I’m a bit confused with the dorms and housing things. You use the toilets that… Are just holes on the floor? o__O?! No real toilet thing? :O What is this snake thing that you’re talking about? China just sounds like a mysterious place to be at!

    Money won’t always be there for you, but you gotta do something to save money and enjoy yourself.

    I just get annoyed by people not responding to me. I don’t know, but mehh. I just don’t like it! It bothers me somehow, whether they want to or not. It’s good to socialize, it brings you further in life.

    Take care(:

  2. October 14, 2011 / 4:06 pm

    I just uninstalled Fruit Ninja free version since I didn’t buy the paid version. There’s this app called Veggie Samurai which is very similar to Fruit Ninja. Have you play it before?

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