I miss my mummy.

I wrote on Twitter that if I spent half as much time on my blog as I do on Twitter then it would be thriving. Unfortunately, due to deadlines and heavy stress I have been unable to write a blog post (despite finishing my coursework last Thursday, that is besides the point) in a while. Hopefully I will get the chance to write more about my oh-so interesting life. You might have noticed the password-protected post from a couple of days ago. It’s just something I needed to write and get off my chest but wasn’t all that comfortable for everyone to see. No worries, mon amies, I am perfectly fine now… ish.

I’ve finally finished all of my coursework and it feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders only to be replaced with the fact that I need to find work experience, a job and possibly a life. If I don’t find work experience, I pretty much fail one of my modules and I definitely need a job because otherwise I’m some broke-ass girl living in debt until I finish university and who knows if I’ll find a job straight away. Student problems.

Speaking of coursework, last week was the most stressful of my life (and that’s including all of that group drama I had last year!). Basically, my lecturer, for lack of etiquette, is a shit head. We got the date of our deadline a week before it was due in, he hardly explained what we had to do and then disappeared for days on end and replied to none of our emails until the day before it was due in. A bunch of us literally spent about 10 hours in the library trying to pull 2,500 words out of our arse despite not having a clue what was really going on. It doesn’t really help that we had to make up our own question.

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All of that is over now though, which I am so very glad of. It’s another thing to cross off my list – as well as finally finding a place to live for next year! I’m moving in with Mutay. Our apartment is literally 10 minutes away from our buildings, making it oh-so handy. I think I’m not in that much next year though because it’ll be dissertation year so my hopes of a life are probably going to be dashed in the dust.

I’m going home on Friday, because it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, and I’m actually so happy to be going home. All of the stress from university just got to me, plus I think I’m coming down with the flu, so I definitely need some mummy loving. I miss my mummy, mucho. I am also slightly broke because I spent most of it on food, clothes and tickets to the Wireless festival. What? Drake and Nicki Minaj are performing – I am not missing out on that! I’ve also started buying DVDs and boxsets – probably because of a certain friend of mine… – I still download TV shows but I hardly download films anymore (apart from ‘The Virgin Suicides’ the other day. Kirsten Dunst is such a sex monkey.)

I watched ‘Submarine’ and ‘The Lovely Bones’ the other day. Literally fell in love with ‘Submarine’. I never really was a fan of British films before but then I started taking Media Studies at A Level and was shown all kinds of different British films – made me happy that Britain has made some pretty good films. I love British romcoms. ‘The Lovely Bones’ made me cry as well. It was so weird seeing Stanley Tucci as the killer in the film though, because he plays the really cool dad in ‘Easy A’ and the fabulously gay dude in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. At least he’s versatile unlike some actors/actresses, *cough*Johnny Depp, no matter how much I love him*cough* . I like the fact that I’m kind of slowly becoming a film buff. Ha.


  1. March 18, 2012 / 7:38 am

    School can always get you busy, but it’ll get better. And as soon as that happens, you’re perfectly fine ;D! Sometimes, we have those moments where we want to rant without anyone else seeing ’em. It’d understandable and I’m glad you’re fine now :D.

    Good job on finishing off the classwork you had to do! It feels good to be accomplished, doesn’t it? 😛 I hope you’re not getting too stressed out! Because too much work can really take a toll on people :I.

    Moving in with your best friend sounds like a pretty fun plan :D! Good luck with the things you gotta do :D! I hope you don’t have a flu for reals :/. It’ll suck because it just brings you back to bed :P.

    You definitely had a lot of free time to watch all of those cool movies! Though.. I’m familiar with those movies, but I never saw them completely before :/.

    At least now, I can lay the yearbook to rest… Until I get the actual yearbook, of course! :P! I’m hoping the yearbook will turn out well becuase I noticed that there’s some low resolution pictures in there!

    Cheap domains are fun to purchase, but they’re horrible to renew! D:! Though I don’t need to worry about them much considering how I planned out my renewal timeline :D.

    I applied to 5 colleges… 2 rejected me so far. I’m losing so much hope :/.

    Take care 😀

  2. March 19, 2012 / 8:54 am

    Lately I’ve been too busy to write for my blog, too, besides on the weekends. I guess I could have time during the week if I wanted to, but I don’t get a lot of free time during the week and I usually spend it with my boyfriend, playing video games, or knitting. I kind of spend a lot of time on YouTube too. :/

    Congratulations on finishing all your coursework!! I think you should focus on finding work experience first before worrying about looking for a job. Taking things one at a time is usually helpful when it comes to stressful situations like that, and I’d say work experience is definitely higher priority than a job right now. Good luck in both, though!

    Man, I could never become a film buff. I actually hate watching movies because they are such a big commitment if I don’t like what I’m watching. 😛 It’s a bit hard to explain, but yeah.

    I hope you had a nice weekend at home. 🙂

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