happy new year!

First three days of the New Year have been SO hectic for me. It’s unbelievable.

Went to see the fireworks with Rob and his mates, which was so good! Except for the getting back home that is. It was only Rob and I who saw into the New Year because we lost his friends in the crowd. It was still nice anyway seeing into the New Year with my boyfriend <3 There were SO many people though. The amount of drunk people as well… well, let’s not go there. Fair enough that you want to drink a little but I, personally, wouldn’t drink so much that I don’t even remember anything the next morning especially if it’s the New Year; I’d want to remember counting down from 10 until midnight and screaming with all the other people. Getting back home was such a chore though.

All the roads were blocked going to Central London, so to get anywhere you’d either have to walk or get a train. Unfortunately, they decided to close most of the train stations, which is utterly ridiculous, so the only way for Rob and I to get home was to walk all the way to Victoria. I tell you, that walk I definitely burned a few pounds. From Victoria we had to take the N136 but the traffic coming out was like, woah! It was total gridlock. We were stuck there for God knows how long. I finally got home around 3.30AM and I was sooooo tired. It was still fun, though, but next time I think I’ll be watching the fireworks from the comfort of my living room, thank you very much.

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My mother then proceeded to wake me up the next morning because we had to go visit her uncle which we do every New Year’s Day. Bearing in mind that I had only had a couple of hours of sleep I was one cranky bunny :< . It was still nice though visiting family who I hadn’t seen in ages and watching films and eating way too much food than I should have but hey, it’s the holidays, Lord knows I won’t have that much food when I go back to university. Haha. We watched Alice in Wonderland, which I think is a pretty good film. Anne Hathaway kind of freaks me out though with the black lipstick and chiz. As soon as I got home I immediately conked on my bed even though it was only 7 o’clock.

Yesterday we went to visit my mum’s cousin. Disaster struck. We arrived there for lunch around 1.30PM and they had all these really nice dishes that my mum’s cousin cooked including kare-kare, which is a Filipino dish that includes vegetables, meat and peanut butter. My mum didn’t know it was kare-kare because it just looked like normal vegetable and meat soup, so, of course, I ate it. I started getting itchy lips and slightly swelling as well as tightness around my chest but I still felt okay, so I just took the tablets that I was prescribed if I ever had an allergic reaction. After that, I threw up most of what I had eaten and started pretty ill and my throat started swelling up as well. My mum, being the calm person that she is, gave me my Epipen, which is basically a drug that calms the reaction down. I have to inject it in my thigh and the needle is so freaking big! My mum then called the ambulance because I was having difficulty breathing and I was panicking as well because of it. The doctor later said that was normal and so all I had to do was take deep, calm breaths. They stuck this tube thing inside my arm so they could give me the medicine that would help me.

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Had to ride in an ambulance to the hospital and they had to take my blood pressure and everything. Then they had to observe me for about an hour to make sure I still wasn’t having a reaction. Tell you what; it was a bloody tiring day. I fell asleep as soon as I hit my bed because I was so tired from all the drugs they had to give me. 2011 has just started and I’ve already had an allergic reaction. Lovely. D:

Feeling much better but still a little tired. I watched Stepford Wives today. Creepy film; imagine being turned into a robot and having to cater to your husbands every whim (or wife, in the case of the lady who thought up the whole idea. Crazy, old witch  ^o^ ). Fuck about if you think I’m going to be doing that (punch) I definitely want to read the book, I almost guarantee it’s going to be better than the film. I’m going to watch Forbidden Plant in a bit. I love my sci-fi I do. Rob is coming over tomorrow and I’m making chicken tikka masala. Nom.

I also joined punk-rose’s icon contest; vote for me here. I’m not allowed to tell you which is my icon, though! Haha. (peace)

Chynna x


  1. January 4, 2011 / 3:02 am

    Welp, Happy New Year! What a way to start yours off. I could say that mine was probably much worse but I still have high hopes for 2011.

    Oh. Little shrimp…the name prawns did sound a little familiar.

    I wonder if they have allergy tests over here? I wouldn’t know because so far I’m not allergic to anything but there are a lot and I do mean a lot of things that I don’t like that stop me from eating certain foods :p

  2. January 4, 2011 / 1:33 pm

    Wow. I don’t like to take public transport with a big crowd. However, during new year’s eve and new year day, it is still better to take public transport, such as trains, rather than get stuck in a traffic jam. >.<

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