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I went to Bluewater yesterday. Obviously, it was well good for me because I hadn’t been there before. Rob was laughing at how much fun I was having in a shopping centre that was probably like any other shopping centre I’ve been too. There’s a Hello Kitty shop, though! I love HK :3

Mutay came around today; ย I’m gonna miss her when I go back to Cov. She’s been over quite a bit during the break and it feels just like old times. I love it because I’ve missed hanging out with her and I have someone to taste my cooking. I made Chinese Curried Beef Stew and guacamole today. We were both VERY full when we finished (yum) The curry was well spicy but still nice but I think next time I make it I’ll put a little less curry powder. I bought jalapeรฑo peppers for the guacamole and when I was cutting, it smelt like normal peppers and so, I tasted it and well – there was a mini explosion in my mouth, let’s just say that. The guacamole was well tasty, because it wasn’t too spicy once I put in the rest of the ingredients. There’s only a little bit left now – Mama said I should leave some for Dad >.< I want it all!

I gave Mutay my old domain,, because I wasn’t using it anymore – so, now she’s back to blogging you can go and visit her! She’s doing a new 30day challenge which makes me want to do one as well. Haha. I found one on Tumblr, you can check it out if you want to do it yourself.

Day 1: Write about your best friend

My best friend, as you guys know, is Mutay. She is amazing. She’s been with me through everything that I’ve been through. I’ve known her since we were 11, which is a ridiculous amount of time, if you think about it. She is funny and love that we have so much in common and can easily relate to each other. I can talk to her about anything and everything and she’ll listen. I love gossping with her and watching YouTube video together in my kitchen. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her ๐Ÿ˜€

Mutay has sucked me into 90210. This is not good for my life (cry) Glee is back on the 10th, though. YAAAAAAAY(!)

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My sister is having an exam to get a scholarship into a private school tomorrow! Wish her the best of luck. I know she’ll do well, she’s a smart cookie. I’m also having my first driving lesson on the 17th. :3

  • What did you get up to in your Christmas break?
  • How has your New Year been so far?
  • Do you think 2011 will be a good year?

Chynna x

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  1. January 8, 2011 / 3:11 am

    Lately reading your blogs have been making me extremely hungry.

    Yaaay, Mutay’s back (:
    I’m going to start my 30 day challenge soon. It should be interesting, hopefully I can successfully complete it.

    OMG, I looooovvveeeee 90210. I swear it’s my favorite show. I’ve been missing episodes lately though but I’ll catch up. I finally watched a full episode of Glee too when I was on break. It was pretty good. My school actually started their own Glee Club last year. They have yet to perform or anything though.

    1. I didn’t do much of nothing during the Christmas Break.
    2. My New Years has been simply bittersweet, but next week I think it’s gonna be better (:
    3. Yes, I do think 2011 will be a good year.

    In reply to your comment, I’m sure cooking is easy. At the moment, my only specialty is breakfast.

  2. January 8, 2011 / 6:45 am

    :O! I love shopping centers! :P! Girls are always havin fun at shopping centers ^__^! HELLO KITTY IS AMAZING!!

    I hope you`ll spend your time with Mutay the best way possible before you leave D’:! I love guacamole! I hope everyone enjoys the food :)!

    And you are too sweet (:! For giving your best friend a domain ^__^ !

    Good luck to your sister for her exam, and For Christmas break, I was lazy. On New years, I was still lazy :P! 2011 will be a good year as long as I want it to be good ^__^

    Good luck with your upcoming driving course! :D! You can do it!

    That is a great idea! I was about to do that :P! And then later end up with my own style :O!!

  3. January 8, 2011 / 7:36 am

    Hey! thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve gotten one so far.. we’ll see how many others I get ;D hehe
    and i’ll apply for advertising in a minute if you’d like ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe

    man! I LOVE 90210!!! I can’t wait for the next episode… Mr. Cannon… CREEPY! O.O

    and your best friend sounds awesome! i’d love to do a 30 day challenge, but i always forget, or dont get enough time ๐Ÿ™ oh well…

  4. January 8, 2011 / 6:49 pm

    Yeh their sites are both awesome, I love them ๐Ÿ˜€
    Love your site too, css is cute :’)

    – beccaa

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