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Ok / Coconut Man / Moonheads / and P / You ready?

I’m feeling miles better! All I needed was a lot of rest and drink plenty of fluids. I hate being sick though because it means no kissy time with Rob because I just feel down and I can’t even go out to visit friends if I’m really ill (cry)

I haven’t seen ANY of my university friends since I got back from Reading Week… They’ve been busy going to lectures and things, whilst I’ve been stuck in bed fighting for my life resting my day away.

Good news! I won 3rd place in Aashni’s banner contest [my entry here], which is totally awesome! She’s got another contest at the moment that she has just started – it’s a Sheldon Cooper icon contest. Don’t know who he is? That’s your loss really! Joke. He’s that totally amazing man from The Big Bang Theory who is totally OCD and has a cute pin-head as I like to describe it. Anyway, go enter – I already have. On another note, go enter my icon contest as well?

My Polaroid One600 came in the post yesterday! It’s cool… but no film (argh). Of course, it did say in the description that it was only the camera. The film for it is expensive because Polaroid ran out of business and sold it to some digital camera company (I think) and so, they stopped producing the films for the vintage Polaroid cameras. Luckily, I found some on eBay, and though they’re a little pricey it’s better than Amazon where I saw a 10 pack for… £5,000! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! My mouth dropped open when I saw it… I immediately closed the page, ha!

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I’m going to be starting my own little projects – I think that’s what I should call them – which will link into me finishing my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. I’ve bought a photo album, which I intend to fill with all the postcards I receive (I now have a total of 11/101), start AND finish a short story and do my day-in-a-life photography with my One600 as soon as I get some film.

I always have this habit of starting a story and NEVER finishing it D: I am determined to actual finish one this time, though. I’m planning to do it bit by bit and hopefully not leave it neglected for ages :]

Day 30: Create a collage of your pictures you take in 1 day and post them up.

My day consisted of doughnuts, a Top Gear puzzle and Smarties ice cream (squidge)

Rob’s gone home for the weekend… I’m lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely, I have nobody, to call my ownnnnn (8)

Chynna x



  1. February 27, 2011 / 11:11 pm

    POP (cocktail) CHAMPAGNE !

  2. February 28, 2011 / 2:29 am

    I hope you`re on the road for a quick recovery! :)!

    Congratulations on winning Aashini’s contest! :)! Good luck with the new contest you are entering! I don`t even know who these people are x___x. Sometimes, I want to enter these contests whether its for sotm or icon contests but I`m always thinking if I`m going to waste my time just to lose and stuff O:!

    Congratulations on getting the Polaroid camera in the mail :)! I thought they still make these films! I thought you can use any film for the polaroid cameras :O! I hope you`ll eventually find film for the camera D’:! I always find it useless when there`s no film for the camera D’:! Unless you’re collecting em :P!

    Good luck with your 101 in 1001 :)! I always think its easy, but just wait til you have to list what you want to do in 1001 days :X! it`s like nerve wrecking! You can do it! Get it done with your postcards :P!

    I haven`t finished a puzzle in ages! D:!

    Take care :)!

  3. February 28, 2011 / 3:42 am

    hmm yeah you should drink a lot of fluids to avoid getting sick.. :))) hmmm congratulations on winning.. I would love to join your icon contest but too bad I aint that good in making one.. Im still starting to learn .. lol

    waaaaaah $5000 for polaroid? No freakin way..

    to finish what you’re doing you’ve gotta stop procastinating.. LOL

  4. February 28, 2011 / 10:48 pm

    I know! I’m trying to have at least one contest a month – nothing too hard… Simple things like icons 🙂 hehe. Though I *may* make it more complicated in the future 🙂 hehe

    I loved your entry for the icon contest 🙂 just thought i’d say it again 🙂 hehe – i’ve got two entries so far 🙂 Hoping to get at least 10

    it’s definitely worth checking out 🙂 and i’m hoping i pull through! it’s insane how much work we have… but meh.. i’m working through it 🙂

    and it really was! but overall, I kinda enjoyed it 😛

  5. March 1, 2011 / 5:17 pm

    Yeah, Alex and Dianna were both pretty good in the movie. You should see it. 😛

    It’s good that you’re feeling better. Being sick is such a drag. D:

    Congrats on the contest win! I’ve never had the interest to watch The Big Bang Theory, so just from seeing the name I wouldn’t have known who that guy was. Buttt if I would have seen a picture I would have known that he was off that show, but that’s all I would have known about him, haha.

    Anyways, good luck on finishing your story!

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