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This post is a bit overdue, but at last I’m getting round to writing it.

The past week has been way busier than I thought it would be, and although I did say it was the month of turn up… I am knackered.

As I mentioned in the last post, Mutay sent me a link to an event called the Do-Over. As I also mentioned in the previous post, I had no idea what it was, but I went and signed up for it anyway. Anything that’s free, I am all over like mustard on a hot dog.

Whilst getting there was no issue, and was not without bitching from me about various thing because Mutay is always there to listen to my bitching, it was when we were queuing up that the heavens opened and we got poured on. A lot. Think mega-storm scenario.

Luckily, the venue was indoors as well as outdoors, and after much perving over the security guard, we managed to get inside and get dry.

Had to queue ages for food, but jerk chicken, rice and peas, coleslaw and salad was worth waiting for.

Several drinks later, you could find Mutay and I busting a move in the corner. Looking so sexy dancing to bashment.Ā So sexy.

There was also a wishing tree outside, so we wrote our wishes on labels and hung them on the tree. šŸ™‚

Would definitely go again.

Tuesday found us at Bookslam, through pure luck. When we went to book tickets they were completely sold out, but Mutay found they were looking for volunteers. I emailed them on the off chance, not expecting to hear back but I did!

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Bookslam was amazing. So many authors gathered to read excerpts from their book and poet Kate Tempest blew the house down with her poems and rapping. It was the best thing I have ever been to and I seriously need to go again because it blew my mind. To be among people who were as equally excited about books as Mutay and I nearly brought a tear to my eye.

York Hall | Events Galore

Bookslam venue – the place was hugeeeee. (click to enlarge)

I even got a signed copy of Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. Tears.

Midweek found us yet again partying at the sneak preview of the new Adventure Bar in Clapham Junction.

We felt so fancy having our photos taken outside the place and walking on the red carpet and getting asked if we were on the guest list. (Which we were. Obviously.) There were freeĀ cocktails for the first hour.Ā Free food for the first two hours. Really, it was quite glorious. There was even live music, but I didn’t manage to capture a long enough video because we hadĀ to secure our place at the bar to not only get our free drinks, but also ogle the fit bartender.

You can see where our priorities truly lie.

Whilst I only went to a few events this week, paired with getting home late and leaving early for work in the morning, I am shattered.

Lets just say this weekend, when everyone else usually parties, I have been recuperating inside with Netflix and Hemlock Grove. Don’t know how I’m going to cope next week…


  1. August 18, 2014 / 12:07 am

    Despite of the storm, at least you both got into the venue and dried yourselves. Jerk chicken sounds delicious right now! Especially since it’s BBQ season over here :P. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves there!

    It’s awesome that you got to volunteer at Bookslam! If plan A doesn’t work, there’s always plan B :P.

    For free food, the chicken and drinks look amazingggggg! Hope you had a great weekend~

  2. August 18, 2014 / 4:44 pm

    Those trench coat photographers remind me of detectives who are protagonists of some mystery case shows! This certainly looked pretty eventful, with all the things going on [getting free cocktails and free food is always a plus!]. I can see why you’d be tired by the end of all that. Perhaps recuperating inside with Netflix isn’t a bad idea after all. xD

  3. August 19, 2014 / 3:02 am

    Wow, even with the storm, it looks like you had fun. Man, those pictures are particularly awesome, especially those guys in those trenchcoats. Reminds me of old time detectives even though they are photographers. Hahaha, murder mystery, anyone? I guess I’m not the only one that thought that. Lol Man, I’m just getting back into Netflix, watching Cosmos and enjoying the heck out of it. <3 It never is a bad plan!

  4. August 20, 2014 / 6:45 am

    Those sound like fun events! That’s too bad you got rained on while waiting for the Do-Over. Good thing it was an indoor event at least.

    The Bookslam sounds awesome. I think it’d be really cool to hear a lot of book excerpts. It seems like a good way to be introduced to new things to read.

    Yum, the food and drinks look good at the Adventure Bar too!

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