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Current attempt: Listening to every single song in my iTunes library (1,437 songs, 3.7 days) – 101 things to do 1001 days

Have you ever visited a place and it’s just reminded you of old times back when you were younger? So much so, that it’s opened a “box” inside of you that stored so many memories and it kind of overwhelmed you when you were reminiscing?

I came home on Thursday and will be staying until Monday. I have no idea why but being back has opened that so-called “box”. It might be to do with the fact that Mutay came to visit me the same day that I arrived and as I was walking her to the bus stop we encountered this boy that used to go to my primary school and who also went to the boy’s school up the road from ours. I just remember always getting on the bus home and he’d also be on that bus because he lives in the same area as me and I don’t know why but he always made Mutay and I laugh just because of the way he acts, dresses and generally speaks. He’s a bit weird and every time we see him he always wears the same exact hoodie with the same exact top – it’s quite funny, actually. :]

But, seeing him also reminded me of times spent with Mutay back in year 10, 11 & 12 where we mucked around ALL the time. It reminded me of the time when I was high on sweets, or something equally as sugary, and harassed this random boy on the bus, insisting that he was to be my friend and commenting on his arse. I was a randy mare, wasn’t I? (argh)

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There was a time where I was “in love” with a boy that used to be at the bus stop every morning during Year 11. Mutay and I dubbed him “157 boy” because that’s the bus he used to get on but, as usual, I was always too shy to talk to him, which irked Mutay. Apparently he was younger than us anyway. How embarrassing.

More memories flooded back such ones in primary school, especially one memory that will forever haunt me for the rest of my life. Basically, in Year 5 I was an angry child – don’t ask me why – and one day I decided to take it out on my teacher who, in my defence because I was just doing this in the interest of others, everyone hated. She took my ink eraser. Which, now looking back on it, was a STUPID reason to be angry with someone but I honestly think I was just having a bad day, really. I threw my pencil case at her in a fit of rage, and screamed, “I HATE YOU!” Euhm, I should mention that they had scissors in them and that it was open… Of course, my actions had consequences and I was isolated from the rest of the class and sent to the blue table. I couldn’t say that I’m sorry for doing it because I don’t even remember the feeling I had when I did it, whether it was regretful or whatever, I don’t know. But that particular incident followed me until secondary school where my friend gleefully related the story to our friends and I was from there known as the tiny one with a massive temper and that you shouldn’t mess with me. (punch)


That temper got me in troubles two more times (well, several if I choose to tell you guys about them…), both times being in Year 7 where I once had a fight on the bus with an older boy because he wanted to sit next to me (I don’t know, I’m just an angry person really) and the second time being when one girl that I didn’t particularly like called me a name that I can’t remember and so I proceeded to shout and scream at her and throw a stone at her face… Yeah, I was pretty violent back then. I’m mellow now, promise.

I’ve always had troubles listening to teachers because the way I see it is, that if you treat me with respect and not speak to me like an idiot then I will return the favour, right? My English teacher back in secondary school didn’t seem to understand and constantly treated my friend as if she were a little kid and it got to a point where I just snapped and just thrashed his whole classroom and got extremely angry at him. It was the first time in ages that I had lost my temper like that at someone and afterward I felt so horrible – I still believed that he shouldn’t have treated my friend like that but did feel like a prize idiot for losing my temper like that. Sometimes, I can’t control it.

I was the leader of the Hardy Haters in Year 11, all the girls practically loved this substitute teacher named Mr. Hardy just because he looked a little like Shayne Ward and spoke, looked, and walked like he had swagger. I, of course, was NOT impressed and I always found opportunities to express my dislike toward him like the time he walked into my English class, I mouthed off and was like, “Oh, for f**k’s sake!” really loud. I was told to stay behind, for that. He said my name wrong as well, the cheek. Male teachers annoy me, generally. D:

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There were SO MANY memories that I remembered and some made me feel happy and yet some made me incredibly sad just because I feel like, “Why did I have to do that?“. There was a time when I liked that American boy who I used to talk about ALL the time in my previous posts. I always get into situations like that – trust me to have liked someone who living a whole flipping ocean away. I sometimes think; what is he doing now? Does he remember me? But then I remember that he was the one who cut me off, so whatever. He was a tosser, to be frank.

Anyway, enough of bringing up old things – I’ve finally completed my 101 things to do in 1001 days list! You can view it here. I feel there are some quite ambitious things on the list but I’m sure I can do it!

Day 27: Something that inspires you

I can’t say there are too many things that inspire me, really. My mother does, however, just because the fact that she does so much for the family and yet seems to always be standing strong and not let anything get in her way. I like the fact that she is a determined woman and I strive to be like that one day.

Chynna x

PS. I have a new set of Glee icons *dances*


  1. February 18, 2011 / 11:40 pm

    I read your last post but I didn’t have time to comment. But, I’m glad I’ve inspired you to do the 101 in 1001 days. I’m gonna have to look at your list and maybe steal some because I’m a procrastinator and still haven’t finished my own. D: Either way, good luck with your list!

    Whenever I see people that I went to elementary school with, I kind of get that way. I always think about how silly we were and such when we were kids, and gosh, how naive.

  2. February 19, 2011 / 6:48 pm

    My toe hit the door frame more than a week ago. >.< I have been applying medicine for more than a week and it has not recovered fully.

    Wow. Your 101 things inspired me to do a list too. However, I doubt I can complete the 101 things I set within 1001 days.

  3. February 20, 2011 / 8:50 am

    What’s a ink eraser?
    You are so lucky the teachers in my country are abusive. You would have been beaten severely or thrown out off school permanently.

    I love you 101 list thing. Someone sounds likes she’s an alcholic. 🙂
    In your country are you allowed to drink when you 18? Here you have to be 21.

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