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I actually do have quite a bit to tell you, readers! Well, it may not be that interesting but bare with me – some parts will get sassy, I plan to rant my ARSE off. I severely dislike people. Like, really. People in general because they are so f&*@ing annoying – get me?

So, anyway – I had my first lecture in 2 weeks yesterday! I seriously need to buckle up now because I know there is quite a lot that I have missed (cry), My lecture was about prosumers and copyright. Copyright is such a touchy issue, nowadays. My lecturer was talking about this thing called palimpsest, which is a manuscript, which has had the text from previous, scraped off and can be used again. It was really quite interesting to see the way she applied it to different texts in the media, for example, I’m sure everyone has had of the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, right? Well, there’s also a book called Wide Sargasso Sea by an author named Jean Rhys, which is basically like Jane Eyre – the only reason it didn’t run into any copyright laws is because Charlotte Bronte had died and it had been over 70 years already. Another text that suffered the copyright law was the film Alien (1979) where the director was sued by an author who wrote a book called Voyage of the Space Beagle who claimed that the director had basically copied his book and made it into a film. He was taken to court but they just paid the author out and everything was fine and dandy.

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Personally, I would have rather not had the money only because I’d want people to know that this director was phony and I mean look at it now, the film is famous and I’m sure most people will have heard of it but wouldn’t know that it was copied from somewhere else. Sigh, what people will do for money.

We have a presentation for next week due which is about the lecture yesterday. Also have a presentation for tomorrow. Isn’t my life fun?

In other news, ROB IS BACK! This means more kissy time. Haha :]

Ugh, don’t people just annoy you? I’m referring back to what I was mentioning at the beginning of this post. So, basically I was invited to go out last night which is all nice and great except for the fact that I didn’t WANT to go out. Like, I’ll admit I am a party animal (Mutay had to agree with that, ha!) but as a student I do not have unlimited funds nor do I have a job so it’s really difficult to be able to go out every week like some of my friends can because they have jobs or they don’t care they’ve gone into overdraft (argh)

My friends, S & B, kept nagging and nagging me to come out last night so much that it got to a point where I just had to snap and be like, “LOOK! I already said f&*@ing NO! What do you want from me?!” and then S was all like, “Alright, no need to be all moody,” Well, I’m sorry but if you’d just listened to the fact that I had said no from the beginning then I wouldn’t have snapped at you! And B was like, “Everyone’s going to be there!” You are telling me this, because…? If everyone’s going well that’s good for them, that’s their choice, right? I’m just asked you to respect my choice, please.

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Gosh, people just can’t take no for an answer. :<

Moving on… in an attempt to become girlier I have started wearing earrings and necklaces and get this… I bought two skirts the other day /shock/

I wore this yesterday and I felt proper girly with my necklace and gold earrings. This is where it begins…

White vest top: New Look

Skirt: Primark

Blazer: Primark

Unseen Jewellry: Love necklace, New Look | Gold ball earrings, H&M

Chynna x



  1. March 2, 2011 / 5:33 pm

    Was it proven that the book was copied? I’m just a bit of cynic when it comes to this stuff because people are always suing other people for infringement whenever something popular comes along.

    I like the “girly” outfit. I’m not a girly person either, but I do have a number of skirts in my closet… All of which I’ve only worn once. LOL.

  2. March 2, 2011 / 6:37 pm

    Yeah, I totally agree. Copyright is such an issue nowadays, the teachers at school are always on about it when we are about to do an essay. It sucks. Oh well, I guess it is important.

    YES, because kissie time is very important.


    OMG! Such a pretty outfit, I would never buy anything from primark though.

  3. March 2, 2011 / 7:37 pm

    i’m glad 🙂 And i cant wait! I think the person who joined yours is someone I sent 🙂 hehe
    and feel free to enter with another icon if you’d like 🙂 hehe

    i don’t have time to read your whole blog, but i read the stuff about you’re outfit 🙂
    I LOVE IT 🙂 hehe. wish i could pull that look off! short skirts do not look good on me! lol
    and man.. i miss primark! i haven’t been to london in such a long time!

  4. March 3, 2011 / 3:06 am

    Sometimes, you need to rant to get some stress off of your head 🙂 thats what a blog is for!

    I hate it when people try to publish things that they call “a book” when they took ideas off of something else that existed before. For some reason, I thought Twilight was a ripoff of some other novel, but so far, no one had said anything and I don`t even know which book it probably rip off from. If anything, I`ve seen a TV show being ripped off from Twilight– I think. x___x. Something bout Humans trying to fit in? But still. I know there`s one thing about inspiration and motivation, but to make a mock-off of that thing is awful. :/.

    And I don`t know if I rather make a fool out of someone or get some cash 😛 I`m like.. What if I had a terminal illness unless I have the big bucks to pay for the cure? :O But otherwise, I rather enjoy myself making a fool out of someone that copied my stuff. Serves em right!

    I hate it when I can`t go to some event and people nag me for it. Sometimes, I just end up saying yes and not go so they can just shut up. :O. But yeah :/.. Just tell them straight out, “Stop bugging me about this. You’re annoying.” But then that will just make you one less person to invite next time. :/.

    I love the outerwear for your outfit :)! It fits in well :D!

    Take care~

  5. March 4, 2011 / 5:45 am

    I’m always hearing about cases in the entertainment industry that have to do with copyright infringement. It seems like it’s everywhere nowadays.

    I just read a “modern” version of Jane Eyre, titled Jane. I looooved it and it may be my favorite book at the moment. I read it in like one night. I have not read the original version, though… but I’m thinking that I probably should. 😛

    Eek. I hate presentations with a passion. Good luck on yours!

    I always say that I’m going start dressing more “girly” but I never do, haha. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. 😛 The only time I really dress up is if I’m like going to a wedding or something.

  6. March 6, 2011 / 6:38 pm

    Copyright is such a difficult topic! My dad’s an author and runs a database, and he’s had a lot of copyright issues over the past couple of years. Copying is such an annoying thing, especially when it can’t be proved >_>

    I hate it when people want me to go out, and I don’t just because I don’t really like the person. I have someone bugging me over my phone as we speak, and I don’t even know him >_< I've been changing the way I look, too, because of my limited funds. I've always been pretty concerned about how I look, but now I'm just wearing some cheap stuff from like Wet Seal and Papaya just to have some new stuff in my closet. --- Thanks 🙂

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