Ping Pong Pang

It’s nearly 4AM in the morning but I felt the need to blog, so I’m going to go ahead and blog. How’s China, you may ask? It’s FANTASTIC – I’ve made a great addition to the Chinese population with my crazy self. I’ve actually been pretty this past week because of classes and stuff, but […]


Imagine spending your birthday over 5000 miles away from your home — your friends and family, etc. and yet you have the best fucking time of your life. It was Ayo’s birthday on Monday and it was actually much more fun than I expected from just going out to eat and KTV. I mean, it […]

Let’s get stuffed.

Shopping in China is definitely an experience in itself. I have never felt so harassed in my life when going shopping. Usually, back at home a sales assistant will ask if you want some help and if you don’t then theyll leave you to it. In China, it’s a different story or it might be […]