Merry Christmas

That’s the presents unwrapped, the turkey eaten, the pigs in blankets devoured, all of the films watched. That’s Christmas done for another year! Can’t lie, I’ve definitely eaten enough to feed a small army today, not mention drank so much Moscato that it’s practically pouring out of my ears. I hope you all had a […]



Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is officially Christmas — are you ready?! I literally just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Since finishing work up for the holidays, I have eaten a ridiculous amount that it’s no wonder that I don’t look like a small whale, right now. I mean as I am typing this, I am […]


Christmas Tree Reveal

My mum is always in charge of the Christmas tree and I just realised that I havenโ€™t posted any pictures of our tree anywhere on social media! This year she went for a silver and red theme and as always it turned out amazing ๐Ÿ˜ I also mentioned that I decorated a mini tree for […]


A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I can’t remember the last time I wrote to you. I vaguely remember writing a few letters when I younger asking for the usual kid things like toys, but this year I’m not wishing for anything like that. As you know, this year I’ve been alright… mostly. 2017 has been so up and […]