Blog Everyday in February

I partook in the ‘Blog Everyday In February’ challenge. It was long and it was hard, but I prevailed. You should definitely give it a try!

I feel like I should be playing End of the Road – Boyz II Men whilst you guys read this post. You know what? Here, have the video.

So, it’s finally the end of February and looking back I can’t believe what a roller coaster it has been! I have done so many exciting things in just one month and I’m glad you guys were there whilst I documented it.

Here are a few February highlights:

1. Got to see Childish Gambino in concert
2. Joined OkCupid
3. Went on a date with someone I met on OkCupid
4. Started a new internship
5. Started a new blog with my best friend
6. Had some crazy, fun times and met some awesome new people!

I’m looking forward to what next month brings me, even though it’ll be tight money-wise for me. I probably won’t be posting as much next month, as I feel that I need to take a break but it’s been fun getting back into the flow of blogging. Doing ‘Blog Everyday in February’ made me realise how much I missed blogging and made me remember how much I used to blog when I was younger. That makes me sound older than I actually am, but you know what I mean 🙂

I’m hoping to still do Wreck This Journal Wednesday but that depends on how busy I get. There’s one page where it tells you to hand the book in public and let people doodle on the page, so I definitely want to do that and possibly record it.

Anyways, until the next post, it was fun writing for you guys everyday this February. Hope you have a wonderful March!

Who’s ready for a Throwback Thursday? I don’t mean throwback to last week – I mean throwback to way back when. Enjoy! I’ll back tomorrow with a February highlights post.

My official title at Move Digital is Social Media Strategist. It sounds so fancy and my new boss is really pleased with the work I’ve done so far. He treated me and the other guy to Nandos, yesterday!

We’ve got some really cool new clients whom I’m excited to get cracking with it. The more clients, the more heavy my workload gets. Being a graduate is so grand.


Passed this really cool office space today! No idea what they do, but I would love to work there – ha.


I’ve been really swamped lately, so haven’t had time to write any proper blog posts. I’ll be back soon, guys. How epic is this trailer for Godzilla?

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My night was spent standing at the bar being harassed by the goon in the above picture. Lovely drinks, though. My best friend’s date went well. They might see each other again. I, myself, am on my way to a date and actually have a sushi date on Saturday as well.

As promised I will air mail you the leftovers, Nancy.