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*ducks from flying tomatoes*

I’m sorry! Well, kind of — I mean, well yeah, I suppose that I should say sorry because I’ve been away for how long now *doesn’t bother to check the date* and now I’m just going to swagger back into your lives as if nothing has happened. Ha. It’ll be 16 days exactly until be off to the land of China. Oh my God.

What have I been up to this summer holiday, you may ask? Apart from stressing that I may have to pay extra for my trip to China or panicking over what the hell I’m going to bring with me for a 4 and half month. Seriously, if you guys could help me. I mean, it’d be so much easier if I was just going away to university back here in England but NO, it’s in China and I’m only allowed a certain amount of baggage.

2 people dropped out from the trip which I think is absolutely ridiculous because there is actually no reason to drop out. I mean, at first, I was having doubts because the lady in charge of keeping us informed was saying different prices for the trip and everybody was in uproar because we were informed we only had to pay £150 and then suddenly an extra £200/300/400 payment was being thrown in our direction. Luckily, we only had to pay £50 extra which brought the total price to £200 which is still okay. So, I don’t know why those to dropped out. Ah well, they’re the ones missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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The fact that I’ll be away for 4 and half months from my family… friends… Rob is hitting me hard now. I am scared shitless. I’m excited, yes but I scared for what China will bring me. Who knows what will happen once we get out there. Essentially we’ll be on our own, 8 students on a study placement in China and we’ll only have someone from Coventry to see us at the airport when we arrive and then bam, we’re on our own. I’ll be the youngest out of all of them so I am going to make sure that they look after me.

Mutay got her A2 results yesterday. It was a very hectic day, that’s for sure. She didn’t get into Sussex (which was her first choice) because they didn’t have her missing result from Psychology and when they did they could’ get her in because they were oversubscribed, she got a place in Anglia Ruskin and at the moment she’s trying to get a place in Coventry. OMG, imagine both of us at Coventry. Good lord, help us. It’ll be fun, though, that’s for sure. Fingers crossed that she gets in!

It’s my birthday on Sunday. I will be 19. Don’t you think 19 is such an awkward age? It’s like the nowhere stage between teen and adult. Rob’s birthday was last Saturday — it’s 21 now. Officially an adult, an old man, yadda yadda. We went for a birthday lunch with his family on Wednesday which was sweet and he blew out his candles. N’aww. I’m not too excited for my birthday but I suppose as you get older you don’t get too excited about it, do you? I just want money, so I can save for my holiday next year.

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I may set up a travel blog for when I go China or just keep this one, I’m not sure. Help me pack?

Chynna x



  1. August 19, 2011 / 2:17 pm

    OMG YOUR BIRTHDAY’S ON SUNDAY AM EXCITED FR YOU!! But it is such an awkward number, one of the best years of my life though coz I was adjusting to 2nd year college and I loved that year but third year is the best, junior term abroad!! OH IT’S A STUDY PROGRAM!! hahahaa I went to Hangzhou and MAN IT’S AMAZING! I mean it’s a really beautiful place, you have to go to the place and watch that fantastic lake performance! I think they’re still doing it. And you have to eat at a small restaurant in the countryside, one of my BEST MEALS EVER! Their shrimps were HEAVENLY!! hehee.

    OMG I know what you mean about baggage problems! I stayed in France for 4 months and panicked over it. I was SUPER SUPER lucky I wasn’t charged for my 10kg overweight charge. How much can you bring? Bring more tops of course and less pants. If you want you can even buy some clothes there instead. Have you heard of Balikbayan box? Of course when we were in France, we bought even more stuff so going home was a problem. But good thing the balikbayan box, a HUGE box that Filipinos use to give to their families back hhere can be used to ship your stuff at a cheaper price if there are a lot. I’m not sure if they have it in Hangzhou D: OMG I feel so excited for you! Yes it is scary coz it’ll be the first time away from your family, it’s independent life for you really! Man I want to talk to you more though if ever you have problems on chat or something. I tried to do a travel blog but I couldn’t. I still have overdue photos and stories omg XD Do you have skype or something? You can email me if you have any other questions 😀 Have you learned Chinese? I think it’s really helpful if you know how coz am not sure if everybody knows how to speak English there. I can help you too! 😀


  2. August 19, 2011 / 2:19 pm

    I can show you around Pottermore by the way if you want 😀 I can give you the password to my guide haha!

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