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I’ve been browsing through my old posts and I’ve come to realise that I write… A LOT. I found one particular post that just went on for ages. It makes me wonder, what in the hell did I talk about? ๐Ÿ˜ As the blog posts went on though, I realised that they got shorter – I think it’s because I felt I didn’t have much to write about because the longer posts where about my ongoings at school and escapades with my friends and such, haha. I have much to talk about now though, what with university life and having a boyfriend (still feels weird to right that even though it’s been a little over 2 months since we started going out, haha). Of course, not every single post that I write will be about my boyfriend and such – ’cause really, I’m not a sappy person. Most of the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob came over last night. It’s nice that he comes to visit quite often. I’m also glad my mum has accepted that I have a boyfriend now. I was really worried that she’d be all like, “NO, CHYNNA! YOU CANNOT HAVE A BOYFRIEND UNTIL YOU’RE 40 YEARS OLD!!” Pahaha. My dad is being all bleurgh about the situation though. He hasn’t out rightly said he disapproves but when Rob comes over he’s all quiet and shit. It’s actually quite hilarious because Rob will be like, “Hello, everyone!” when he comes into the living room and my dad will just mumble some quite, “Hello” that my mum can’t hear and so my mum will be all like, “Did you say hello?? Don’t be so rude!” Funstuff. I wasn’t even the one to tell my mum that I was going out with Rob, though, which pissed me right off because obviously I am the one who is supposed to tell her, right? Not in the case of my god-sister, unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ Because I’d changed my relationship status on Facebook and then I was planning to tell my mother right afterwards BUT, NOOO. My god-sister, who’s eighteenth birthday was coming up at the time and my mum was making her dress, decided to pop over to my house and be all like, “Oh, Ate* has a boyfriend now!”. She is so rubbish. Her eighteenth birthday wasn’t even all that anyway, from what I heard from her family and my mum she wanted a birthday exactly like mine but bigger and better but because her family doesn’t know how to organise properly, it didn’t happen. I, of course, had a smug face. Haha.

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Moving on from annoying relatives, I had two pieces of coursework to complete for this term. Previously, back in 6th form, I ALWAYS used to stress about coursework and used to worry so much that I sometimes didn’t even start until like 2 days before. However, since meeting my friend Brogan, I just sit down and do it. She basically said that I should pick any day a week before it’s due in and go to the library and just sit down and do it and then after go over it to make sure all the spelling is correct and such and it’s done. Which makes perfect sense really, because there’s no point in stressing so much. I’m glad I didn’t because for my first piece of coursework I got 66% which is equivalent to a 2:1**, and my tutor said it was very good piece of work submitted especially for my first piece. I’m so glad I passed considering that the module leader said that a third of the class hadn’t passed and that one person had even submitted only 700 words (it’s supposed to be 1,500 words) with no references. Pfft.

I’ve got quite a bit planned this Christmas break. I have now acquired a bit of money over Christmas, thank God because I am officially broke until I get my next loan in January. Rob and I are planning to go Bluewater (shopping centre which I haven’t been to yet. Poor me.) and Westfield (another shopping which Rob hasn’t been to yet. Poor him.) and just hang out as much as possible and I plan to meet up with old friends in the New Year, as well and spend lots of time with my bestest friend, Mutay ๐Ÿ˜€ She’s alive, I promise, she said she’s going to do a blog post very soon! I can’t believe it’s going to 2011, already! My mum just mentioned that one of my cousins in the Philippines might be getting married in about 2 years time… SO, WE’RE GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES! Mum said I have to start saving but it’ll definitely be worth it! I haven’t been to the Philippines since 2006 – that is frigging AGES!

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I’m going to wrap up this post now because I’ve run out of things to say, haha.

Chynna x

*Ate –ย  Big Sister in Tagalog

** 2:1 – Upper second-class Honours

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  1. December 27, 2010 / 5:34 pm

    Welcome back :P! Its been like since September that you have posted :O! !!

    I hate it when dads gets overprotective over their daughters. I mean, I`m sure they don`t want their daughters to be single forever. Hopefully :P! But its just how nature is at time XD! IT just means he cares about you :O! But in a rude and unmannerly way D’:!

    I hate it when family gets into your business. Thats why I don`t add family members (except for 2) on facebook. :O!

    I hate stressing out over school. !!

    Hope you have had an awesome Christmas and hope you`ll enjoy going to the Philippines in 2 years or so :P!

    Take care~

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