Christmas Quiz

Hi all! It has been a while since I’ve done a blogmas post, my life has been very hectic with work. My colleague and I planned our Christmas Party and it was a huge success, I can’t believe over 70 members of staff turned up and everybody had a great time. I promise to do […]

Shoreditch Nights

Let’s just say, this weekend has been a bit crazy. I went out on Friday night and got stupidly drunk on half a bottle of vodka… Saturday was not a fun day. Today I managed to get myself out of bed and back into some sort of routine.  I recently connected with a very old […]

An Ode to Christmas Joy!

I should have started out on a more lighter post but due to the current decisions made by the British government my thoughts have turned into sour grapes, not the Merlot kind. This time of year really makes us think about others but more often than not we make plans in our minds rather than […]