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Hi and welcome! I’m Chynna aka Dayman, Fighter of the Nightman.

All right stop… Collaborate and listen.

I realise looking at this page that I haven’t updated it in over a year (noted in the fact that I still said I am 23), so it’s obviously time for a revamp. So, here we go:

– I am, first and foremost, a writer. I have been writing since I can remember and it is my biggest passion in life.

– My goal is to have a book published within the next 5 years. TBC but I am in the process of working on my manuscript, which I am so excited for

– I started this blog as a way to express myself, and it has since become my little place on the Internet where I can escape when real life is just ~too much~

– Current status: Trying to find all the best places to eat in London (and possibly world), and documenting it in my ongoing series: The Food Diaries

A little about me:

I am a 24 year old living in the wonderful city of London. I am a foodie, writer and blogger. My main pastimes include reading, writing and watching too much television. I can also quote Mean Girls almost line for line. My biggest weaknesses come in the form of three things (or the Holy Trinity, if you will): Mexican food, Leonardo DiCaprio and Netflix.

What is The Invisible Child?

The Invisible Child is the personal blog of Chynna Webley. It started around 2009 when all my classmates were getting into Matmice, Piczo and Freewebs and making their own websites. I was a tad ambitious back then and wanted something that I could customise myself, and I was really into the idea of writing down my personal thoughts, etc. I had kept diaries in the past, but you know how that goes, it never really pans out. I had just discovered Livejournal and found that it was a really good space for me to let all my 16 year old angst out. Since then I had moved onto wordpress.com and then when I discovered I could get my own domain, I jumped around a while starting with my stoprightthurr.info domain to saranghaeyo.info, and then finally settling on theinvisiblechild.info.

Why The Invisible Child?

Funny story, that. During my second year of university, I partook in an exchange trip to China which lasted 4 and a half months. Whilst out there, we attended the uni there, took classes, etc. One particular class, my classmate thought it would be an excellent idea to let my teacher read my blog. Out loud. In front of the entire class. I was aged around 19 at the time, so I was still a little angsty on my blog, so there was some things on there that should definitely not be read out loud. The age old “But you put it online for everyone to see, anyway” means jackshit to me. If I put it online, okay. I don’t mind you reading it in your personal time, but for it to be read out loud amongst my peers is a whole different story. I don’t feel people will really understand it, but whatever. Since that incident, I hotfooted it over to another domain and became ‘The Invisible Child’ because that’s what I really wanted to be when my teacher read my blog out loud that time.

Would you ever change your blog name?

Honestly, I’ve thought about it several times… but, The Invisible Child is a part of me and I like that it’s ironic now. I don’t mind the fact that my blog is out there in the open for my peers, family and friends to read. Not anymore.

Where else can I find you lurking?

Gooorllll, I’m lurking everywhere. Find me on Twitter where I tweet an insane amount about It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia. I can also be found on Instagram posting all of the photos of food. Lastly, I can also be found on Facebook and Snapchat (sn: chynnashley)!