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I am now on a train on my way to London.

It’s only been two weeks since I was last there and already I am going back. I mentioned in another post that I was kind of sad to leave London already and be going back to Coventry, but right now I’m sad to leave Coventry and be back in London so quickly. Plus, this train journey is almost two hours. Bloody brilliant. :<

I went to a club called Kasbah last night with Rob, my friend and a few of his mates. We went over to his mate’s first for a small house party. I was afraid it would be rubbish but surprisingly it was alright – except for the fact that they kept the lights on, but whatever, I can look past that – I mainly thought it was going to be rubbish because it was just going be all guys. I had this preconception that all his guy mates only knew guys but this mate knew girls as well! Which is bad of me, because of course not all guys are complete retards when it comes to girls.

Most of his mates are Arabic, though, which is fine except for when I have to repeat myself several times because they understand what I’m saying. They are well friendly, though, so it’s all cool. So, we went to his house and we had a few drinks and danced around to some music and then we went to Kasbah. (8)

The queue was ridiculously long. Of course, that’s because it’s Friday night and everybody goes out on a Friday night in Coventry. I saw loads of people that I knew from my course, which is cool because I could circulate around the club between them if I got a bit bored of just hanging with Rob and his mates.

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Bare drama between one of my friends and Rob’s mate, though. For their sake, I won’t name them but we’ll call the girl “J” and the dude “D”. I don’t know exactly what happened between them but from what I could make out D was making moves on J because he’s liked her for ages but J already said to him before that she doesn’t like him in that way but it doesn’t seem like D got the picture.

I think they both pissed each other off and because D was drunk he became increasingly angry, I think, because he kept sending J texts saying stuff like, “You’re a slag! F**king b*tch, never speak to me again!” etc. Which is well out of order because just because she doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you have to call her names and such. Of course, maybe something else happened as well for him to call her such rude names but J didn’t really want to talk about it. I felt bad for her because by the end of the night she was all quiet and you could tell that whatever else D had said to her bugged her. D sent the text to Rob by accident as well and he showed me it, I was actually shocked at how someone can be so rude. I mean I’ve been angry before but to an extent like that.

Also, D wasn’t initially going to come out but J kind of persuaded him to. He sent Rob some text about how he can’t come out because he’s going to become a healing evangelist. I don’t know what that is exactly, so I can’t really comment but it seems weird because one minute he goes out all the time and gets wasted and then the next he becomes all religious. I mean, just because you’ve become all religious doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have fun. You don’t have to be drunk to have fun, you know. Ah, some people confuse me. (argh)

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Other than that, though, it was a pretty good night especially when my friend proceeded to steal me away from Rob and Rob said she could have me for five minutes and then he’s taking me back. Haha 🙂 They also had a garden in Kasbah and they were selling burgers and hotdogs. Rob and I shared a burger, which had cheese and onions in it – it was so damn tasty. (yum) Like, ridiculously tasty. I could totally do with one right now.

Day 16: A picture of your cellphone/iPod/camera ** Or altogether!

My iPhone 4. I cannot live with it – seriously. Click to enlarge

  • Do you know what a healing evangelist is?
  • What do you think of house parties?
  • What are your thoughts on the J & D situation?

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  1. January 22, 2011 / 11:35 pm

    Oh drama. I guess it doesn’t help that D was drunk. But
    either way, it was wrong of him to send her those texts. I feel bad
    for J too and I don’t even know her! I guess it’s all just a matter
    of what you believe. Some religions consider it wrong to drink,
    while others don’t. Shrug. I think there’s a happy medium between
    being religious and having fun. But he seems a little bipolar about
    both. I honestly have no idea what a healing evangelist is. I’m a
    baptist, and to be honest, a bit naive about other religions. I
    don’t really have an opinion on house parties. I can’t say I’ve
    ever been to one like that, just like gatherings with friends and
    stuff. and alcohol free, as I’m under age still. Haha.

  2. January 23, 2011 / 1:06 am

    tutorials are always what draws people but i never know
    what to do tutorials on / about. hmm.. thanks for your input
    towards my Q’s, i appreciate it 😀 I love london england! I went
    there in 2008 on march break. I would love to go back 🙂 . House
    parties are always hard to determine if there going to be good or
    not. I’ve been to a few tacky ones and just left lol. Plus I didn’t
    know many people there anyway. Oh well. Cool that your classmates
    were there 😀 Its always nice to go around and and socialize with
    others instead of being with one set group; ugh, drama sucks. and
    who cares if a girl doesnt like you, theres plenty of girls out
    there! lol. Guys think they can get anyone and everyone though, so
    thats probably why. Plus the embarassment of being shot down, but
    still.. no reason to react like that ! IPHONE!!!! I sooo want one.
    But sadly the blackberry plan with the company im going to go with
    has better plans than iphone, and for the same price. I gues maybe
    in the future I will get one 😀 Im gonna go with a Torch, its touch
    screen as well (a hint of iphone) + slide out keyboard 😀 -house
    parties can be alright, I guess it depends on the person whos
    holding it. I enjoy them much more than going out to clubs. – I
    think the guy should give it up. The girl clearly said she doesnt
    like him in that way, so just be friends. Who knows, maybe in time
    she’d give it a shot. But I guess that chance is gone (if there
    would be one in the future) due to his reaction.

  3. January 23, 2011 / 2:59 am

    I have voted for you (: Seems like you had a night at
    Kadash :O! The dude, D is crazy. I just blame him for getting drunk
    in teh first place. When people get drunk, they become.
    Unpredictable. :O. So yeah. :P. I don`t like how people act cause
    of drinking. I mean drinking is cool and all, but it`s all fun and
    games til someone gets a breakout. I feel bad for J. She didn`t
    like him. Then D calls her jerks and stuff. That`s like. Worse. I
    hope he gets his act together. :X I don`t even know what a healing
    — is. I think he just wants to bless people and baptize them or
    something :O I don`t pay attention. House parties are fun 🙂 Only
    if you know the people who are attending. If anyone is going to be
    like. Outrageous and be an attention freak, they gotta get out

  4. January 23, 2011 / 5:25 pm

    Yup. I bought new bed sheets for my bed. 😀

    Wow. You have a iPhone 4. Cool!

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