It’s been too long, hasn’t it?: 12.11.10

I feel really bad, right now. It’s been what… nearly a month and a half since I last blogged. My gosh, where the fudge have I been? I know that I’m at university and all that but I really did think that I would still have enough time for this.

I have so many things to tell you guys. University has been so hectic though. People told me before I came that, “Oh yeah! First year will be so easy – you’ll breeze through it!” Uhm… they clearly lied. I’m not saying it’s hard, but it’s certainly not so easy that I can “breeze through it”. I mean, I have two groups and for one group we have to maintain a group blog and then I have to have own individual blog for my work and then my other group we have so many assignments due it’s ridiculous. Recently we had this 72hr Project that was due this morning. Luckily we posted it up just in time. This project was a nightmare though because my group is A3 and then you’ve got all the other groups like A1, 2, etc. There are about 6 people in each group and there are 5 groups – so altogether that’s 30 people. Basically all 30 people had to get together and make a video. 30 PEOPLE. It was a disaster. We managed to do it in the end but my Lord, it was hard.

I have to admit it was a lot of fun to make though. Well, you can clearly tell I’m having a lot of fun. I look like a mad woman, if I’m honest… But let’s not dwell.

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I have a boyfriend now. *gasp, shock* Haha. His name is Rob. He’s a 2nd year doing Electrical Engineer. He’s a real sweetie and I really like him. Compared to previous boyfriends, he is THE best. Definitely a keeper ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been a month and a bit since we started going out and it’s going really well. We’ve had mini tiffs over the stupidest things like me getting annoyed with him over something or the other, haha. But yeah, woooh ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve been back home once already to see Mutay – it was a last minute decision to go and so my parents didn’t know I was coming and I just turned up on the doorstep like – “YO, I’M HERE! LEMME IN!” Haha. And then I went to visit my grandparents and the look my granddads face was PRICELESS. I should have captured it on camera really. I’m going back down the 23rd and then watching Harry Potter with Mutay and another friend on the 24th and then it’s back to Coventry in the evening. Going to visit my granddad that same day as well because it’s his birthday. Then I have to go back down to London again beginning of December because it’s my godsister’s birthday and then I’m back home for Christmas on the 17th until the 10th of January. Good times (Y)

Man, I have missed blogging so much – I’m typing so fast right now because there’s so many things to say but for now I think I’ll wrap it up and then return some comments. I’ll be back soon though!

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Chynna x


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