We’re gonna party HARD: 27.09.10

Day 12: A photograph of the town you live in.

It’s the only picture I could find of Coventry. When I saw this picture I was like, “Wow, Coventry is actually pretty big!” Where I am, Stoke, everything is within walking distance – so it’s a pretty cool place to live; no wasting money on buses or cabs (despite the fact that they are cheap, haha).

Day 011/365: My room (well, part of it)

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Watch, I’m saying this now and then in a couple of weeks I’ll be like, “I bloody hate it here, take me home!”. So far, it’s been SO great. I went to the Freshers’ Welcome Party last night which was pretty damn good; dancing the night away, laughing with my friend at the other people dancing the night away, migraine skanking – you know the usual. I had a headache when I got up this morning though, it was ridiculous and I had a 9AM start 😐 But, I managed to roll in on time with my red-stained lips because of the vodka cherry from the night before (very embarassing…)

My course seems pretty exciting so far; we’re going indepth into the digital world and there’s so much that’s going to be happening on this course – it’s so long to explain. But it’s going to be so FUN. I met some pretty cool people on my course; we’ve already made plans to meet up and go to the UV Bubble Party later on tonight. Got a 10AM start tomorrow – darn, it’s Freshers’ Week, you’d think they’d let us start like next week! Ah, well. Haha.

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