Last Day: 24.09.10

Day 9: A photo of the item you last purchased.

My laptop case. Nothing much to say about this – bought it in the Apple Store after I picked up my laptop from repair. It’s Diesel, baby!

Day 008/365: Last Day

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It’s my last day in London today! *cry cry cry*

I met up with my friend this morning to say goodbye; and she had to go our old school to pick up her certificates. Turns out I had some as well – popped in to say bye to my Media Studies teacher; my friend fancies him. It’s weird because it’s like… The Dobbin and you just don’t fancy him. Haha. He told me that when I get to uni, I’ll have the biggest arguments over the stupidest things like someone eating my last sausage. I can actually see it happening. HA!

I have Orange Rockcorps tonight with Mutay. Going to be last time I see her *heartbreaks* This is just mental; too many things I love I’m leaving behind. Excuse me, whilst I go get my tissues.

Chynna x


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