You Won’t Be Alone: 23.09.10

Day 8: A song to match your mood.

Hmm, this one is kind of hard because I’m not sure what kind of mood I am in at the moment. I’m like, nervous and excited at the same time obviously because what will happen in the next couple of day. Big move! Aahhh.

Okay, so it’s not English. But have no fear, there are English subtitles. I know it’s a love song but the title is “You Won’t Be Alone” and basically I know that I won’t be alone when I go off to uni because despite the fact that I’m leaving most of my friends and family behind I know that they will always be there to support me in every way. This is the only song that could possibly fit my mood at the moment… It’s weird -_-

Day 007/365: ID Pictures

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Saturday is inching closer and closer, guys. I’ve been having trouble sleeping at the moment because I keep thinking about things and dreading that something will go wrong and blah, blah, blah, you get the picture. It’s frustrating. Hopefully once I get up there I will be able to sleep properly -_-

Took my ID pictures for uni today and now that’s the last bit of things I need to be done for uni. Finally! I can actually relax and stop stressing that I haven’t this and this yet. It’s gonna be an uninteresting day, today. It’s raining – this thus sucketh.

Chynna x


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