2 years ago: 20.09.10

Day 5: Post a picture of yourself two years ago

I can say that I have less acne than I did two years ago. It’s so weird looking at photos of yourself like a couple of years ago and you can see like a real significant change. Check out my sister, ain’t she a purddy. This is taken after I came back from holiday – the heat in the US made me break out -_-

Day 004/365: Packing for Uni

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I have so much ironing to do today, it’s ridiculous. You know when you think you don’t much clothes, so end up buying more and then you look in your wardrobe and you’re like, “Shit, I have a lot of clothes”. I have way too many t-shirts but I love them too much to leave some of them behind. I’m also debating which books I want to bring – obviously, I’m bringing all of my Harry Potter books and then I’ve got my Doctor Who books but there are so many of them and I want to take them all! Ah, frustration!

Chynna x


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