Freshers’ Week: 15.09.10

This was supposed to be posted earlier but I was having troubles connecting to the internet on my Macbook -_- I thought I was going to have to send it back for repair again. How stressful.

I’m leaving for Coventry next week, Saturday! My next couple of blogposts will probably have me saying, “I’m leaving next week, blah blah” – so advance sorry for that but it is really exciting yet sad because I’ll be leaving most of my friends and family behind. Plus side, I can make new ones and if anything goes wrong I’ve always got my grandma’s brother who lives like an hour away from Coventry to visit 🙂

I went to H&M and instead of just buying the tights I was supposed to, I ended up buying a jumper, three tops & a waist belt. I WILL NOT BE SAVING A LOT OF MONEY IF I KEEP GOING ON LIKE THIS. I have to pay for my accommodation next week before I actually move in (I know, me too) and I’m kind of dreading if I don’t have enough – what will I do? I mean it’s my last working weekend on Saturday/Sunday but even with that money… someone really needs to take my debit card away from me. Sheesh.

I have met two people who are going to Coventry as well via the yougo forums (a place where you can meet other people who are going to your university and possibly studying the same subject as you) and one of them is also on my course. They both seem really nice, so at least when I get up there I’ll at least know two people.

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I’m also quite excited for Freshers’ Week. This is what Coventry has planned for their week and at the moment you can get Freshers’ Passes for ÂŁ30 but I’ll probably be strapped for cash by then, so hopefully they’ll put up the individual prices soon…

Sat 25th Sept

Freshers’ Bar Crawl (pick-ups from Halls from 6pm) Your first chance to wear your Freshers’ T-shirt

9pm – 3am – Finale Party – FiftyFour

Film Night – Two Tone Central Cafebar and Venue

Sun 26th Sept

2pm – 4pm – The Freshers’ BBQ – University Square 

9pm – 3am – Freshers Welcome Party – FiftyFour 

Mon 27th Sept

10am – 4pm – Freshers’ Fair – SU Priory Street

9pm – late – The Freshers’ UV Bubble Party – FiftyFour

9pm – late – Lounge Lizard Games night – Sports Bar – FiftyFour

7pm – 10pm – Detox Acoustic Cafe – SU Priory Street

Tues 28th Sept

10am – 4pm – Freshers’ Fair – SU Priory Street

9pm – 2am – The Annual Freshers’ Ball. This is the big one! This year’s Freshers’ Ball acts will be announced soon!! – Freshers’ Marquee, University Square

Wed 29th Sept

10am – 4pm – Sports and Societies Fair – University Square and SU Priory Street

9pm – late – The Launch of WKD Wednesdays – Boxfreshers Presents
Reverend Sound System & Ocelot – FiftyFour

Thurs 30th Oct

11am – 3pm – Volunteering and Community Fair – SU Priory Street

9pm – late – Big Quiz and Pool Competition and The Freshers’ Fun Casino – FiftyFour

Fri 1st Oct

11am – 3pm – Express Yourself Day – SU Priory Street

7pm – Big Font, large Spacing – Outdoor Film – University Square (bring a chair or cushion)

9pm – late – Freshers’ School Disco Flirt! – FiftyFour

Sat 2nd Oct

3pm – Big film showing with free popcorn + pop – FiftyFour

10pm – 4am – JITTer Launch night – FiftyFour

Dubstep, D&B, Grime & Electro night, find out more at 

ÂŁ9 entry (entry not included as part of the Freshers’ pass)

 Sun 3rd Oct

8pm – late – The Freshers’ Comedy Club – FiftyFour

Sounds exciting, non? I might get my mother to make a dress for me for the Freshers’ Ball. I hope I’ll find someone to go with >.<

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Chynna x

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