Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Lets talk about…

I feel like sex is still a taboo subject to talk about – in a candid way, anyway. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place, but I can’t seem to find a lot of bloggers that openly talk about this subject. I want to be that person who opens the door to this discussion. Aside from textbooks and doctors, I feel like there isn’t someone who I can turn to and read about how they feel about sex on a personal level.

I’ve been watching Shannon Boodram’s videos lately. She’s amazing and so inspirational. Her videos have opened my eyes up not just to sex, but also to love and loving oneself.

My own opinions on sex have changed over the years. I was very sheltered growing up, so I was never given the sex talk. Coupled with the fact that I went to an all girls’ school run by nuns, you can bet I never had a great sex education. That’s one thing that bugs me. I understand that as a Catholic school, it probably isn’t proper to talk about sex, but at the same time not all of your pupils are Catholic. It’s better to be teaching people to have safe sex, than no sex at all. Curiosity leads to pregnancy. Just saying.

Living in a country that has free contraception, I still don’t understand why people don’t take advantage of it. Why be unsafe and risk being pregnant, when you can be safe and HAVE FUN. Yo, sex is fun. Hella fun when you don’t have to worry because you’re on birth control.

Anyway, I digress. Despite my mother being Catholic, she never actually told me that I should wait for marriage. I remember with my first boyfriend the only thing she said was to be careful. I don’t even know if that was alluding to sex or just being in a relationship in general, but I just took as both. My mum loves to dance around the subject. She’s not so uppity, now, but I kind of wish she could have been more open but I totally understand that not everyone can be open.

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I came. I conquered.

Waking up in the morning after a night out is always the worst. If you’re lucky enough to not suffer from hangovers, then f**k you. Despite having to wake up early and feeling like absolute crap, I still had a fun second day in Amsterdam.

(Warning: there is a photo of me on a giant penis sculpture at the end of this post)


McDonalds is the cure to everything. Sore throat? McDonalds. High fever? McDonalds. Hangover? Most definitely McDonalds. I am not a doctor, but I can tell you now that McDonalds will make you feel a trillion times better. Trust me.

Thankfully, McDonalds was only around the corner from our hotel so we feasted on their breakfast before heading off to the Anne Frank House. The Anne Frank House was only a short walk from there, so we actually got there a bit earlier than our slotted time. It located on a canal called the Prinsengracht, close to the Westerkerk, in central Amsterdam.

Fun fact: They have really loud bells that ring early in the morning that gave me an ear-splitting headache; I thought I was going to die. (That might have been the hangover, though.)

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When in Amsterdam

Every time I visit a new place, I fall in love. There hasn’t been a place that I’ve travelled too, and haven’t fallen in love with at least one aspect of the place. Amsterdam is no exception. As soon as I arrived, I fell deeply and irrevocably in love with the city. A tad dramatic, perhaps, but the truth.

I wish I were back there now.


Plans from the night before were dashed aside, as I had an early flight. Despite our flight not being until 11, we had to get to the airport early because 1) I’m an early person, and I hate rushing and 2) I wanted breakfast. I was really counting on a McDonald’s being at the airport, but that’s okay. We settled for Garfunkel’s and I enjoyed a hearty full English breakfast. Can’t beat that. Also found out that Wagamama now do breakfast?

Me being me, I slept right through take off. Ha.

I remember the times when my family and I would go to the Philippines, and our stop over was in Amsterdam because we used KLM. Longest airport I’ve ever been to. Just getting from our gate to the exit to get to the station was long as heck. I wanted to look cute that day and wore my high-heeled boots. Bad idea. We all learn.

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