Relationship Truths

I haven’t been completely honest.

The dating game is a hard game to play.

Some of my readers will know that I was in relationship, which has now since ended. Relationships are a funny thing. You never know if you’ve jumped in too quickly, until after it has ended. In the beginning there is always a honeymoon period and you think the sun shines out of their arse. Everything is all rosy and peachy and it feels like nothing can go wrong.

Then it does.

Relationships have always been tricky for me. I’ve never been one to hold a relationship for more than a year. I don’t know what it is or who jinxed me. I know that shouldn’t be in a hurry because I am only 23, but I feel like I am running out of time. Imagine an hourglass and you can see the sand grains passing through, but it’s going too fast and you can’t stop the grains because there’s a barrier. That’s how I feel about finding someone to spend the rest of my life with.

Let’s be honest, guys. No one wants to be alone.

I was dating someone at the start of the New Year. It was wonderful and new because he was someone I wouldn’t usually go for. He was intelligent and funny and someone I could actually hold an intellectual conversation with. He was into history, something that doesn’t really interest me… but I found myself becoming fascinated in that topic because of him. He opened my eyes to new things and a different perspective on life.

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Inspire Me Korea | Part 1


I hope everyone is well :) I’m really excited about this post because I actually decided to shoot a vlog for it. I haven’t done a vlog in ages – as in speaking in front of a camera – so, I thought I’d do a review of one of the Inspire Me Korea boxes I received. 

I just need everyone to know that I freaking LOVE Inspire Me Korea. I’ve had two boxes, so far, and I’ve loved all the things that I received in them. Choco-pie’s are my jam ;)

Inspire Me Korea:
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Prices start from £13.99 and you can different boxes: Guy, Girl & Unisex!

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The Bloggers Hangout’s Tea Party

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Bloggers Hangout’s Tea Party!

Held in the Popup Patio in Finsbury Park on what was a lovely cool evening, loads of brands gathered together to show their wares. I had a lot of fun, and dragged my friend along to who I’m hoping will get into blogging some time soon because I’m always dragging her to events like these.

I didn’t visit all the brands because some of them were products with nuts, which I’m allergic too. Sucks, but  I’m sure those brands are pretty cool!

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