I Don’t Know About You…

Now, let’s begin.

Well, guys. I made it to the ripe old age of 22, somehow. I’m not even exaggerating when I say it’s been a hell of a year since my 21st. Nevertheless, you live and you learn. I had a really good birthday and it was much more toned down from last year. Must be a sign I’m getting old.

I opted for a family dinner with the inclusion of Mutay and another one of my closest friends. We all went to a Filipino restaurant called Lutong Pinoy for a Kamayan dinner. Kamayan means to eat with your hands and that’s exactly what we did. You reserve ahead of time and choose what food you want – I chose: lechon kawali, BBQ chicken wings, tocino and Filipino beef steak. It also comes with sweet corn, vegetables, rice, spring rolls and sinigang.

Just look at this picture and you’ll understand why I had to unbutton my jeans after I finished eating.

Lutong Pinoy

It was actually the first Filipino restaurant I’ve been to in London. Definitely going again. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the awesome presents Mutay got me. She’s such a sweetie and actually saw my tweet about wanting Hannah Hart’s new book because Hannah is amazing and cute and I love her. So, Mutay got me just that and a personalised Coke bottle :D

Coke bottle, Hannah Hart

I also got a Cheshire cat t-shirt and Pharrell t-shirt from friends at work. Definitely wasn’t expecting anything from them, but it was nice anyway!

Friday night I gathered my friends from secondary school, university and work and we partied the night away at Be At One in Shoreditch. Best night ever. The bartenders were hilarious, the music was amazing and I was just so happy that my friends were there to celebrate my birthday with me. I drank one too many cocktails, but then again can you blame me?

Got complimented on my teeth, as well, which was a first. I also got more cool presents including shot roulette, two Marvel comics, a Harley Davidson t-shirt and magnet and bookmark. Present round up = top notch!

Thank you to all the people who wished me Happy Birthday on Twitter. Y’all are cute :)

Here’s to many, many more years.

War Kids Book Blitz & Giveaway

War Kids Book Blitz | Banner

War Kids Book Blitz | Cover

Quote #5

‚ÄúSuffering has gone beyond all boundaries. There is no safe place left. Syria has become a battlefield. Every aspect of human rights, freedom, and citizenship, are lost from view and no one cares. Entire villages have been cleared off the map. Innocent children are being massacred, and a whole generation is being erased. For what? I pray every single moment that the government and all political parties around the world will engage with the rebels. The rebels are capable of engaging in dialogue, because if they do not, the blood of the innocent is on their hands. All of their hands.‚ÄĚ


When fourteen-year-old Jada wakes up in a hospital, the last thing she thinks is that her life has completely changed forever. But when the very real civil war forces her to flee from every open space, she must use the firearm skills her father taught her to reunite with him and protect herself.

Armed with a single gun and a key to an unknown locker, Jada crosses Syria on a journey with a group of children called the Fearless Freedom Fighters.

With the leader, Zak, they mount a plan to rescue their fathers while they try to cope with the merciless murders of their families. As Jada and Zak lead the group together, love blossoms, but with soldiers hot on their tail, they need to stay vigilant in the face of war.

Genre: YA

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Author Bio

War Kids Book Blitz | AuthorHayley Lawson is the author of War Kids. She has written a young adult contemporary novel set in Syria; a story about the Syrian Civil war though the eyes of children.

She was born in Lancaster, England. Growing up in a single parent household with five other siblings; was hard, and also character building.

As a young child she found a passion for drawing, and continued this into adulthood, graduating from the University of Central Lancashire, England with a BA(Hons) in fashion design.

At aged twenty seven, Hayley and her husband packed up their belongings for a lifelong dream to move to California. Her America dream was complete with the birth of her daughter. Her love for traveling, continued after the birth of her daughter traveling around America with the family, and the best travelled dog.

A new job positioned opened up New York, and the family decide to relocate to Long Island, NY, which is where she currently resides.

On August 21 she was moved by the images of the Syrian conflict, and embarked on an unlikely journey of writing her first novel.

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Twitter – @hjlawson1





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Additional Swag: one ladies tote, signed book, and one tablet case ‚Äď please visit this site to enter: http://www.theindiejourney.com/giveaway/

War Kids Book Blitz | Giveaway



Events Galore

This post is a bit overdue, but at last I’m getting round to writing it.

The past week has been way busier than I thought it would be, and although I did say it was the month of turn up… I am knackered.

As I mentioned in the last post, Mutay sent me a link to an event called the Do-Over. As I also mentioned in the previous post, I had no idea what it was, but I went and signed up for it anyway. Anything that’s free, I am all over like mustard on a hot dog.

Whilst getting there was no issue, and was not without bitching from me about various thing because Mutay is always there to listen to my bitching, it was when we were queuing up that the heavens opened and we got poured on. A lot. Think mega-storm scenario.

Luckily, the venue was indoors as well as outdoors, and after much perving over the security guard, we managed to get inside and get dry.

Had to queue ages for food, but jerk chicken, rice and peas, coleslaw and salad was worth waiting for.

Several drinks later, you could find Mutay and I busting a move in the corner. Looking so sexy dancing to bashment. So sexy.

There was also a wishing tree outside, so we wrote our wishes on labels and hung them on the tree. :)

Would definitely go again.

Tuesday found us at Bookslam, through pure luck. When we went to book tickets they were completely sold out, but Mutay found they were looking for volunteers. I emailed them on the off chance, not expecting to hear back but I did!

Bookslam was amazing. So many authors gathered to read excerpts from their book and poet Kate Tempest blew the house down with her poems and rapping. It was the best thing I have ever been to and I seriously need to go again because it blew my mind. To be among people who were as equally excited about books as Mutay and I nearly brought a tear to my eye.

York Hall | Events Galore

Bookslam venue – the place was hugeeeee. (click to enlarge)

I even got a signed copy of Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. Tears.

Midweek found us yet again partying at the sneak preview of the new Adventure Bar in Clapham Junction.

We felt so fancy having our photos taken outside the place and walking on the red carpet and getting asked if we were on the guest list. (Which we were. Obviously.) There were free¬†cocktails for the first hour.¬†Free food for the first two hours. Really, it was quite glorious. There was even live music, but I didn’t manage to capture a long enough video because we had¬†to secure our place at the bar to not only get our free drinks, but also ogle the fit bartender.

You can see where our priorities truly lie.

Whilst I only went to a few events this week, paired with getting home late and leaving early for work in the morning, I am shattered.

Lets just say this weekend, when everyone else usually parties, I have been recuperating inside with Netflix and Hemlock Grove. Don’t know how I’m going to cope next week…

The Month of Turn UP

I’m not really sure how it happened, but I’ve¬†somehow managed to get most of August booked up doing absolutely everything. It started with a Mexican Food Fiesta cooked by yours truly, in which I tried my hand at making watermelon agua fresca¬†using this recipe. Not trying to boast, but it was delicious.

Next thing I knew I was filling up all available spots with things to do.

To be fair, it IS my birthday month, so you can excuse me for wanting to turn up every single day. Although 22 isn’t exactly a big milestone, it is still a pivotal moment in our lives (I’m quoting Mutay, here, btw). Mutay and I also have a big trip coming up next April, so I’m also looking forward to that. I’m hoping to have a series on the blog dedicated to that trip, in fact.

So without further ado, I unveil ‘August – the month of TURN UP’:

Rooftop Film Club: This is the second time I’m going to Rooftop Film Club, and I¬†loved¬†it the first time. The weather is way better than last time (it was raining – typical London), and I have significantly more money to indulge on food and drink. We’re going to see Some Like It Hot. Never seen it, heard it’s good, I’m excited.

Boyhood: Finally going to see this on Friday.


The Do-Over: Mutay messaged me one morning with a link to this event telling me to RSVP. I had no idea what was going on, but I did it anyway.

Shaker & Company: Every Monday, Shaker & Company host Monday Movie Cocktail Club. You can get 2 pizzas and 2 cocktails for ¬£20 AND watch a film. Bargain? Yes. So, next Monday I’m hoping to be there to watch ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Johnny et Leo <3


Kamayan: Despite having to work on my birthday (21st), I’m looking forward to going to this Filipino restaurant with my family and some friends in the evening. The night will probably end with me having to unbutton my jeans, as I usually do¬†when it comes to Filipino food.

Be At One: Birthday drinks with the rest of the homies. It’s a Friday. No work on Saturday. You know what that means.

Bounce: Mutay’s birthday is 8 days after mine, and she’s chosen to do her celebrations at Bounce. Bounce combines ping pong, food and cocktails. I am too excited. TOO excited.

The Science of Hedonism: the Science Museum holds Lates,¬†a free night for adults that takes place on the last Wednesday of the month. Lates have a different theme each month, spanning issues as far apart as sex, alcohol and climate change. Mutay and I went to last month’s, which you can read about here, and we had so much fun we’re going again this month.

Come September, I’m going to be a zombie.